32 Matching Worktop And Backsplash For Enlarged Metamorphic Kitchen

Marrying the worktop with its kitchen splashback is not a task to be taken lightly! And while this is the last choice when restyling the gourmet room, it is certainly the least easy. The kitchen backsplash and the worktop are the two critical points of the whole kitchen. Grease and water projectiles require durable and resistant material to protect the walls. Likewise, the material should be smooth enough to be easy to clean and maintain. Not to be mistaken, here are our best associations for a work plan and a corresponding cupboard.

Design Kitchen: Our Best Worktop Ideas And Matching Splashback

If the primary function of the worktop is to resist shocks, that of the backsplash is to protect the walls from stains. Finding a good association between the two is therefore crucial to give the kitchen a harmonious and elegant appearance. No need to dig your head to find the right duo of materials. You can actually bet on the same coating to create both your cupboard and your work plan.

It is quite simply a refreshing effect that will only unify the decoration of your kitchen. The materials used to make the worktop are also authorized to build the backsplash. The only exception is wood, which has a decorative purpose. In this case, we prefer laminate!

Matching Laminated Wood Worktop And Backsplash

When it comes to saving space in the small kitchen, it is better to bet on sobriety, to avoid clutter. We, therefore, prefer light furniture. If the worktop is in wood laminate, we opt for a backsplash in the same finish in order to give the illusion that the plan envelops the wall and that space is longer. Made of chipboard covered with a decorative sheet and protected by a water-repellent resin, the laminate is very resistant to water, stains, and impact. However, it does not tolerate heat and acid stains. Attention: never cut directly on a laminated wooden surface.

Slate For Creative Cuisine!

A slate backsplash is a perfect solution when you find too ordinary tiling, too expensive marble, too difficult to maintain glass and too cold stainless steel. Why do we love him so much? The slate credenza turns out to be a fantastic blank canvas! It allows all members of the household to create any temporary art to personalize the space as they please. Without even mentioning the shopping list, menus or recipes that can be written there to facilitate daily tasks. In terms of work, slate is not very popular, however. It becomes porous and requires special and regular treatment!

Cupboard And Matching Glass Worktop: Bold Or Not?

The glass also slides into the kitchen to cover the worktop and the splashback. Thick, shiny and super trendy, the glass will allow you to bring a touch of originality to your kitchen. If the latter has a darker decor, such a worktop will revitalize and enlarge the small room. Put it on the wall, and the glass makes a nice smooth backsplash and easy to clean.

Plexiglass is a material with a melting point of 160 ° C. If it is subjected to excessively hot splashes of grease, it can be easily damaged. It is, therefore, better suited for the backsplash behind the sink than for the credenza. Our advice is to opt for a tempered glass splashback. Slightly more expensive, it withstands high temperatures and can, therefore, be used even behind gas hobs.

Ceramic Backsplash And Worktop

The undeniable advantages of ceramic make it the ideal candidate for use in kitchen worktops. The material does not fear water, and therefore, the adaptation of an integrated sink will be possible. We could match the design of the worktop and that of the credenza to give a harmonious and contemporary finish to the kitchen. In short, if it is necessary to define the most durable and economical material, it is without a doubt ceramic.

Marble – The New Hardware For Modern Kitchens

To give a chic look to the open kitchen, nothing like a marble credenza! A noble material par excellence, it also adorns the work surface and thus makes it possible to create a pretty, high-end monochrome corner. The only drawback? Unfortunately, it is not too practical and easy to maintain. In fact, it is fragile in the worktop due to its porosity. It is also sensitive to scratches, shocks, wine stains and especially acids (Coca-Cola, vinegar, lemon). If you spend the majority of your time in the gourmet room preparing and serving dishes to your family, opt for Corian instead!

Corian, A Great Alternative To White Marble!

Super trendy, Corian is a contemporary material and very popular for the layout of modern kitchens. Thanks to its aesthetics and its great resistance to shocks and bad weather, it is particularly easy to live with. Robust and completely hygienic, it is used more and more in the kitchen to enhance the splashback and the worktop. Note: although it is resistant, the Corian gets dirty very easily and some stains require professional cleaning.

Synthetic Stone Worktop And Backsplash

Unlike natural stones, such as marble, granite and lava stone, synthetic stones have too long a lifespan and are known for their resistance. As a bonus, they are perfectly resistant to heat and all kinds of thermal shock. Generally composed of quartz and coloring pigments, they offer excellent performance. In addition to being resistant and hygienic, synthetic stones are non-porous and therefore very easy to clean. They do not require any special treatment. Their major asset? They are easy to cut and come in several shades. However, its price remains relatively high.

As for the other fashionable materials from which you can choose to match the worktop with the backsplash, these are brass, concrete and stainless steel. To find out more, visit the photo gallery!

Brass Also Creeps Into The Kitchen.

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Cupboard And Matching Worktop In Gray Marble

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Quartz Worktop

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Central Island With Sidebar And Cupboard In White Marble

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Black Kitchen In Black Waxed Concrete

Shiny Black Granite Worktop + Black Concrete Backsplash

Wooden Kitchen Cabinet + Credenza And Marble Worktop

Granite Worktop And Backsplash

Slate, Brass, And Concrete

White Marble And Brass

Black Granite And Brass

Gray Kitchen In Marble And Concrete

Total Black Appearance, Tiles For The Worktop And Backsplash

A Bold Design In Striped Effect Marble

Blackwood Kitchen

Matching Stainless Steel Worktop And Backsplash

Matching Backsplash And Worktop In Brass

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