18+ Wooden Garden Fence And Privacy Screen For Your Garden

Are you looking for ideas for your outdoor space? Do you need more privacy when you are there? is pleased to present some ideas for screen and wooden garden fencing that will help you get inspired.


Garden Fence For More Privacy In Your Relaxation Area

Wood, as a material, is very suitable for the garden. It is always in fashion and you no longer risk having an old-fashioned garden fence or screen. In addition, its maintenance is very easy. It is enough to pass a layer of varnish to protect it from bad weather. Yes, you can also paint it in your favorite color.

Garden Fence: Wooden Option

Spruce and pine are popular options for landscaping. They are weather-resistant and very suitable for long-term projects. When choosing your wood, take this into account.

Wooden Garden Fence

Douglas fir and larch are also great options. They have a very natural appearance and will integrate without any problem in the garden. It should be noted that beech, ash, and maple should be avoided with regard to the garden fence. The oak and the locust are quite expensive; therefore, they are rarely used for fences in the garden.

Garden Fence With Exterior Wooden Flooring

Tropical species are also suitable for the construction of the fence in the Garden. You can find in the market, which will impress with its beautiful red-brown color. It is one of the highly recommended species for outdoor projects.

Wooden Privacy Screen For Your Outdoor Space

You can also opt for plastic solutions. Yes, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the fence yourself. Plastic is weatherproof; in addition, you have a very wide range of colors.

Dining Room Protected From Prying Eyes With The Help Of A Garden Fence

Another great idea you can take advantage of is to use the privacy screen as a space divider. Yes, you will have more privacy in your outdoor space, which will at the same time be well divided into a few areas. A corner for each member of the family, thanks to a privacy screen! What do you think? Do you like the idea?

A Layer Of Varnish To Protect Your Wooden Garden Fence

Beautify Your Garden Screen With Blue Color

Yes, do not forget to decorate your privacy screen or fence in an original way. Look at the photo below! You have a beautifully decorated bamboo screen with wooden ornaments. The boxwood in the middle brings so much freshness. How about the well-paved floor covering?

Garden Fence Decorated With Wooden Circles

As for the shape of your fence, you can choose it according to your personal preferences. With rounded or rectangular shapes, the choice is yours! Look at the photo below! You have a super original screen with decoration with circles. What do you think? Do you like the idea In addition, a wooden screen can offer you better sound insulation. Yes, don’t forget that it will also be an impeccable windbreaker!

Garden With Wooden Fence And A Superb Fireplace

Privacy Screen Decorated With Plants

Well-Protected Outdoor Kitchen With A Garden Fence

The Decorative Idea Of ​​The Garden Fence

Raw Wood Is Always An Option

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