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19+ Solid Wood Dining Table Ideas With Chairs For Dining Room

Have you decided to add a large solid wood dining table to your interior? Congratulations on your impeccable choice! But now, you are wondering which chairs will suit her, which suspension to add to it, or which elements of the backdrop to change to highlight its beauty. Don’t panic! The answers to all these questions and many others are up to you to discover in the following paragraphs!

The Large Wooden Dining Table With A Successful Interior Design

Before starting with the ideas on a harmoniously adapted decoration, it should be noted that each large solid wood dining table is a kind. Therefore, the decoration that suits him is not one either.

Large Solid Wood Dining Table With Designer Acrylic Chairs

In this reflection, we will examine about twenty photos illustrating ideas of decoration very different from each other. There are no better or worse ideas, just different ideas.

Dining Room In An Open Space Dominated By Wood And Fabrics With Beautiful Colors

Also, we are happy to inform you that your interior decoration does not have to be decided in a country style so that you can enjoy the rustic beauty of a solid wood dining table.

Raw Wood Table And Benches In A Mezzanine With Floating Staircase

As you can easily see by looking at the photo below, the large raw wood table and the matching benches are perfectly suited to a mezzanine of modern design and are further reinforced by the sober background.

A Large Dining Table In Wood And Metal Highlighted By The Modern Decor

Indeed, many contemporary interior architects opt for the large solid wood dining table by creating ultra-modern apartments. This contrasting addition is a good approach to avoid having a bad finish with predictable and tedious decor.

Wooden Top And Metal Base In Harmony With The Above Trio Of Suspensions

Here is a large dining table with contemporary Italian design! Its crossed base with an artistic brass look goes perfectly with the metal suspensions just above. If you are curious about other Dining Tables, please follow the link.

The Large Wooden Dining Table As Part Of The Contemporary Industrial Loft

Interior decoration inspired by industrial lofts has become very trendy in recent times. The metal ubiquitous in lofts is a cool backdrop perfectly suited to highlight the warm texture of the large solid wood dining table.

Chic And Industrial Dining Room With Exotic Patterned Rugs And Elegant Wooden Chairs And Black Leather

We, therefore, offer you some successful ideas if this is the case at home, and you want to highlight the design of an industrial table in wood and metal. Logically, the easiest way to do this is to add metal chairs and loft-style pendant lights.

Large Dining Table In Wood And Metal And Black Suspensions In Super Chic Design

However, this is a relatively obvious and more or less unimaginative option. However, please bet on industrial chic and choose industrial lighting with chic chairs, or vice versa. These black designer pendant lights by Tom Dixon are brilliant!

Industrial Table And Other Eclectic Touches In The Traditional Dining Room

Indeed, the fusion of styles is totally in the wind and gradually replaces the sleek design. We see such daring combinations more and more often, and thank goodness it is because variety is what spices up life and makes it interesting!

Set of large dining table with extension, benches, chairs and vintage chest of drawers
Fans of vintage furniture from the 50s will undoubtedly love the idea above! This set of large dining tables with extension, benches, chairs, and matching old chest of drawers is super comfortable on the sober black and white background.

Antique Table With Storage Drawer, Chairs Dressed In Jute Bags And Vintage Wall Clock

It turns out that a large dining table does not have to date from winter to be elegant. How about this “flea market” set of an old, renovated table with storage drawer, chairs dressed in jute bags, and vintage wall clock?

Shabby Chic Style Dining Room With Wooden Table With Chipped Turquoise Paint For An Aged Effect

Frankly, aged effect furniture is also becoming more and more popular. This shabby chic decorated dining room is simply adorable with its partially chipped turquoise painted wooden table.

Large White Dining Table, Chandelier With Pendants And Fabulous Country-Style Decor

As the shabby or rustic chic decor is dominated by white, the large dining table that belongs to him should be no exception. A chandelier with pendants just below will fabulously complement this type of design.

Large Massive Dining Table And Country-Style Decor Ideas

Speaking of wooden furniture, the decoration in rustic style holds few surprises, and we reserved it for the end. But of course, we could not omit this magnificent style, rich in natural materials and original decorative ideas.

Mountain Chalet Style House Dominated By Solid Wood And Brick

It is a beautiful idea for lovers of life in nature and cozy decor! The large massive dining table presented harmonizes perfectly with the authentic parquet. The exposed beams and the warm brick cladding only add to the feeling of welcoming the chalet.

Large Wooden And Metal Dining Table And Rustic Bistro-Style Decoration

Did you find the perfect large dining table in the photos above? Or at least an original idea on the chairs and the rest of the decoration? Continue to follow decorloving.com articles to always receive new inspiring ideas!

Large Antique Dining Table, Superb Medallion Chairs And, Elegant Chandelier

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