Wood Bathroom Vanities For A Stylish Grey Bathroom You Need

Chic and timeless, grey is making a comeback in the bathroom to create a serene and 100% trendy atmosphere. It is no secret, moreover, that the bathroom is one of the rooms whose layout and decoration enjoy particular attention. And so that you can benefit from an extraordinary and worthy decoration, we offer you a refined association which has sparked a real craze with interior design experts. So get to know the grey and wood bathroom vanities and find out how to make the most of this winning combination combined with unparalleled modernity!

Gray And Wood Bathroom Vanities: a timeless trend that’s on top

A versatile and always current shade, grey blends with all styles of interior decor to bring this little extra trick to each space. Allowing to be woken up with touches of various colors, this shade halfway between white and black has the great advantage of accentuating wooden furniture. Regardless of whether it is a light, dark, or anthracite grey, in polished concrete, tile, or paint version, the ways to adopt this decorative trend are endless!

Nothing like a grey and wooden bathroom decorated according to the latest trends in interior design. This is why the decoration and layout of this space require special attention. We, therefore, take more time to carefully choose the furniture, the painting of the walls and to think carefully about the decorative details as well as the harmonious combination of colors and materials. And in this context, our editorial staff sifted through the most stylish ideas to better assist you in transforming your bathroom into an airy and well-kept space!

For your information, the marriage of grey and woodworks wonderfully well creates a Zen atmosphere and what is more, turns out to be one of the trends in bathroom decor which will continue to seduce us even the year next. Whether it is a wooden piece of furniture, a parquet floor, or even small touches here and there, many options are available to you to achieve a space right in the trends. However, be sure to choose a moisture-resistant wood species. Otherwise, find out about the different ways of treatment and protection.

What Grey And Wood Bathroom Furniture?

When it comes to a grey and wood bathroom, it most often dominates over the furniture. Authentic and warm material par excellence, wood also brings a definite natural touch. Also, the latter can be quickly reinforced by adding a few green plants, as shown in the example below.

The wooden vanity unit is an ideal addition to the grey decor of the bathroom. In this way, you can achieve a well-balanced space without overloading the whole.

Decorative tip: if you prefer to opt for a dark grey, opt for rather light wood to achieve a beautiful bright contrast.

As for the furniture, let’s take another look at a grey and wooden bathroom. It combines with a few white and colorful touches to create a sophisticated and ultra-trendy atmosphere. Accentuated by modern lighting, the wood warms the room and harmonizes wonderfully with the concrete floor. What is more, the geometric patterns, as well as the golden notes, energize the grey tiles without overloading the decor.

Light And Grey Wood Bathroom Vanities

As mentioned above, light wood is an ideal solution for discreetly lighting up the dark grey bathroom. A warm tone which not only brings a fresh and natural look to space but which also contributes to the soothing atmosphere. Yes, light wood offers real moments of serenity! Also, a simple vanity unit in a minimalist style can immediately change everything.

Decorative tip: personalize your grey and wooden bathroom by opting for patterned cement tiles, like the ones illustrated above.

To give style to your grey wood bathroom, it is not at all necessary to opt for a whole wooden look. On the contrary, small touches are always welcome and once adopted correctly. They can make a big difference. What do you think of a simple wooden shelf?

Furniture and parquet aren’t the only ways to incorporate wood into your grey bathroom. Vanities, for example, let you change the mood in no time. Think of small shelves, towel racks, and anything else you find useful.

A Wooden Shower In The Grey Bathroom?

Light or dark, wood can also be used as a warm coating for a contemporary design of your shower. A noble and flexible material, wood is exceptionally comfortable for bare feet, and its installation is super easy. However, it is not too resistant and can represent drawbacks linked to the appearance of scratches and reasonably significant treatment.

Anthracite Grey And Wood Bathroom Vanities

In a grey and wood bathroom vanities, all shades of this timeless color are allowed. Whether it is a light grey, dark, anthracite, silver, pearl, or bluish effect, the choice is almost endless and enables many modern associations. But nothing more sophisticated and aesthetic than a charcoal grey and wood bathroom. Where it highlights the modern lighting creating a high-end atmosphere.

Accompany the anthracite grey paint with light wood furniture to create a well-balanced contrast that is always on-trend. Besides, if this shade seems too dark, we offer you an alternative. Bet on a lighter shade on the walls and adopt some anthracite grey accessories and that’s it!

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