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Wallpaper Headboard – 17+ Ideas Inviting Sweet Dreams To You

Always in order to move the head away from the cold and hostile wall, we opt for a headboard to make yourself. In any case, you will be amazed at all the good reasons why this element for comfort is recommended. Protect the wall from possible scratches. Prevent pillows and bolsters from falling. Ensure the enjoyment of reading and watching good movies, ensure a comfortable position of the back during a breakfast taken in bed. What type of bedside to choose? If a pallet headboard tempts you, we’re going to make your jacket return by showing you our wallpaper headboard ideas.

Wallpaper headboard: decoration or functionality

Tackling the walls in the adult bedroom is perhaps the most difficult part of home renovation. For this reason, using wallpaper presents a fun and easy way to create a statement wall. But have you ever thought of other ways to apply this decorative element, including covering the headboard with wallpaper?

Since wallpapers are versatile in terms of utility and come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs, this is a perfectly affordable way to add some oomph to your decor. Even if you cover your walls with them, a creative approach to where and how to place them can change the look of your home.

Wallpaper is a liar! 

First, it is not painted, but printed and from its origins, it seeks to fool us and make us create illusions. Being the prince of pretense, he continues to seduce us over the years, disguising himself to make us mistake bladders for lanterns. Everything is allowed, even if in practice, we show too much caution in the choice of wallpaper.
Make sure that padding the bedside with a pattern with different patterns paired with the bedroom paint and your linens will be a trick well done. In addition, by imitating everything: wood, leather, velvet, silk, moire, taffeta, lace. We transform the little bit of place above the head into a breathtaking decoration.

So, if the goal is to get you into a comforting sleep, why hesitate.

What is the best type of wallpaper? 

Primarily, home wallpapers come in two basic types – paper and vinyl. If you are looking for durable, easy to clean, and smudge resistant wallpapers, vinyl ones are your best choice.

As this solid material is considered high quality for your home, it is resistant to moisture, which is ideal if you live in a hot, humid, or dry environment.

On the expressive side, the bedroom wallpaper headboard can be graphic, panoramic, of the “trompe l’oeil” and “jungle” type. Such decoration can imitate wood, leather, bricks, and, very importantly, can be repositionable.

The wallpaper headboard: a unique DIY project 

Either mid-wall or rising towards the ceiling, a tall headboard is meant to become a focal point in any bedroom. To adding drama or romance to your decor. Sure, you can find dozens of styles of headboards at most specialty stores, but why not try something unique and personalized. Headboard wallpaper is like a canvas that protects you and watches over your sleep. So you decide on the style and model according to your own feelings.

Without a doubt, on a low budget and with less effort, you can apply a great print or pattern on the headboard or directly on the wall to achieve a calming look.

How to create a personalized headboard? 

If there is no bedside, do you want to make a DIY one? Honestly, this is the simplest job that literally only takes an hour and you can do it using things you already have on hand. Remember that roll of wallpaper you no longer need for the bathroom? What to do with wallpaper scraps? Use them as a headboard to instantly bring pattern and interest! Follow the steps below and take a step back from your project. To get started you will need two or three strips of wallpaper, special glue, scissors, a ruler and a pencil.

Step one: plan the shape and size of the bedside 

Armed with a pencil and ruler, plan the size of your wallpaper headboard. Obviously you can get creative with the shapes, but we think a classic square or rectangle works best. This makes it easier if you use the width of your wallpaper roll to plan the total width of your headboard. So you don’t have to make tedious cuts. Draw your shape on the wall with the pencil, then take the measurements on each side.

Step two: cut your wallpaper 

It stands to reason that you should use the measurements of the shape you created on the wall to cut out your wallpaper pieces. We recommend that you lay your wallpaper flat on the floor to do this.

Third step: get the result 

Then you treat the stripes as you would any wallpaper job. If you’ve never applied wallpaper before, it’s really not as complicated as you might expect.

First, put a layer of glue on the wall and another on the back of each strip. After priming in this way, accurately apply the lengths of the wallpaper to the wall and remove any air bubbles with a clean tea towel.

If you are working with an uneven wall, don’t try to cover it up, but highlight it. Apply floral or jungle print wallpaper, place your bed against it and get ready for a restful night.

Find your wallpaper headboard in our gallery of examples 

Apparently you will get a bold style expression if you add a little extra appeal with gold stripes on a “mandala” wallpaper.

If you’re creating a room on a budget, but still want to inject some style, skip the headboard and just do some wallpaper. This look is perfect for a small space or rental.

When sorting through all of the wallpaper options, start by selecting one that is your favorite color. To bring the pattern closer to the circle, remove one color from the wallpaper pattern, and paint it on the adjacent walls.

Surely, a perfect suggestion to get you to sleep quickly is a cloud print behind your head. A gray and white cloud wallpaper is perfect for the bedroom, as it provides a tranquil ambiance. To bring home this warm and comfortable atmosphere, keep materials to a minimum and colors neutral.

Cover a frame 

Regardless of the shape of the bedside frame, a chic, neutral floral print makes it a great sleeping space. Accessorize with glamorous lighting and you are sure to have a pampering bedside.

For more aesthetics, if you have bet on floral or jungle patterns, be reluctant with the color of the bedding. It must be neutral, single-colored, or pastel in color so as not to disturb the harmony of the room.

Nature can invite itself into your dormitory if you opt for a tropical wallpaper, imitating wood or for a forest landscape, a waterfall, or a panoramic view. It is a well-known fact that these images positively influence neurons and that Morpheus arrives quickly.

A nice wallpaper headboard in sea blue

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