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20 Ideas To Decorate Your Home With A Wall Christmas Tree

In recent years, many people are turning to original solutions that replace the natural Christmas tree. And precisely, a wall Christmas tree is one of the beautiful alternatives to classic trees.

How To Decorate Your Home With A Christmas Tree? – Explore Our Ideas For The End Of The Year!

These walls are more likely to increase their popularity. The Christmas tree saves space. To add to this, a tree of this type can adopt various sizes and thus adapt to different interiors. And then, it can be bought or made into a fun DIY project for the whole family. In fact, there are many interesting ways to decorate your home with a wall-mounted Christmas tree. Below, we take a look at some original examples of this kind of decorations for the holiday season.

A Brightly Lit Christmas Tree

The bright decoration is one of the great symbols of the holiday season. And that’s why our Christmas decorating ideas begin with a brightly lit Christmas tree.

Making a luminous tree is one of the most obvious ideas that can come to your mind. And, in fact, such a project can be done easily and will not take much time. All the materials you will need are some light garlands. Also plan something that will help you get your garlands to the wall, like adhesive tape, for example.

Take one or two large light garlands. Christmas tree by giving it the shape you want. For example, you could create a triangular tree silhouette with scotch washi tape. Go for garlands in one color or bet on various lights, according to your desires.

In principle, you could be satisfied with this wall decoration, especially if you like minimalist style interiors or Nordic decor. But if you want to decorate, you could also complete your tree with some additional ornaments.

For this, simply attach some ornaments using small nails. The balls are a great solution in this look. If you are a bohemian person, decorate your bright tree with natural berries and leaves.

A Wall And Natural Christmas Tree

To replace a conventional tree, we often opt for ecological and natural alternatives. The wooden fir trees are a beautiful idea of this type of decoration. If you like the idea of a wooden tree, you could explore our collection of examples in this publication. You may find an idea that will seduce you.

In the same spirit, another good would be to make a Christmas tree made of natural branches. These may be fir branches or another evergreen plant. Of course, you can also bet on artificial leaves. It all depends on the appearance you would like to give to your Christmas decorations.

The green wall pines will appeal to those who love natural decorations. They are also suitable for Scandinavian interiors, modern houses, and rustic decorations. You can also use it as a complement to a Christmas decoration. For example, use your Christmas tree and decorate one of your rooms in your living space.

The bare natural branches decorated with lights and ornaments can help you get an authentic and inviting atmosphere. Feel free to hang pictures and DIY ornaments to this type of tree. It’s a perfect idea for a Scandinavian style space. Take the opportunity to beautify a seaside house.

The evergreen branches will give your tree a lush look. You can even mimic a tree by creating a lush room. It could replace your classic fir tree full. Decorate this kind of wall-mounted Christmas tree with pine cones, ornaments, lights, and any other DIY object that inspires you.

Other Original Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

Want to give the child’s room a special decoration for the end of the year? Go for a wall mount Christmas tree easy to install. Our best idea about this is the tree-shaped stickers. It is very easy to put in place and it does not take any space at all. You could install it in a corner of the room in minutes for a super-fast makeover.

If you wish, you could buy a large wall-shaped Christmas tree type sticker. Otherwise, we suggest another approach: recycle stickers that you already have at home. For that, simply cut strips in the shape of a triangle and place them on the wall of your choice.

Making a Christmas tree for your wall is not difficult at all when you have a blackboard! In fact, all you need for this type of project is a bit of chalk. Use it to draw your Wall Christmas tree. Then, if you like it, complete your drawing with images of various ornaments. Gold, better yet, paste decorations with tape.

Want to try this project? Learn how to make a slate paint at home! For complete instructions and recipe, it’s here

Balls are not just tree ornaments we love. These are also objects that can be used to make a very original Christmas tree. If you have a lot of balls, you could make a DIY Christmas tree.

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