Walk-In Showers For Small Bathrooms To Make It Cool

In order to organize walk-in showers for small bathrooms, everything is a question of organization and creative thinking. In order to help you do it more easily, we invite you to consult our beautiful gallery of inspiring photos. You no longer have to choose between a shower and a bathtub, because you will find several examples of bathrooms equipped with both at the same time which will help you to save space in yours. Why not take advantage of it?

Walk-In Showers for Small Bathrooms with Graphite Subway Tiling

If you still believe that dark colors are not a good variation for your small bathroom, you just have to look at the photo above to change your mind! As long as you aim for a balanced combination of dark and light tones, the final contrasting design will be absolutely flawless! In addition, the gray subway tiles are so nice with their retro-chic air! What do you think? Are you interested in such an arrangement or not?

Walk-in Shower Tubs for Small Bathrooms – how to enlarge the space by means of colors

If you still prefer to create the illusion of a bigger space in your quirky bathroom, go for white and generally lighter colors. They bring so much freshness and make any space elegant, regardless of their style of layout and decoration. Also, add a large mirror or other reflective surfaces for maximum enlarging effect. To ensure complete comfort, the transparent wall that does not break the view should not be neglected either. Take a look at the photo, below! You have space well protected from water which at the same time allows maximum comfort of use.

Small Bathroom with pale mauve toilet – high angle view

When the toilet and the bathroom are inside a single room, their design has to become smarter to be successful! Take into consideration even the smallest details so as not to needlessly amputate square centimeters that are too precious to waste. The type of door, its specific arrangement, and the direction of its opening are of paramount importance when the floor space is severely limited or even totally insufficient. So consider a pocket door or at least one that opens outward if you are doing full renovations.

Stylish black and white walk-in showers for small bathrooms

This is a proposal that will come in handy if your small bathroom is rather long and narrow, but you still want to enjoy a walk-in shower. Order a “small scale” tub and install it at the back of the room to save space. The marriage of white and black, respectively for the tiles and the fittings or the accessories is the other solution to consider. Finally, remove all unnecessary details and get rid of unnecessary trinkets. The indisputable truth is that decluttered rooms always seem larger than they really are.

Small classic style bathroom with white subway tiling

Let’s face it, clawfoot tubs aren’t exactly famous for their small footprint. The same goes for pedestal sinks which are currently an absolute must for classic decors. However, they should not be completely excluded from the possibilities, especially if you have already created a traditional backdrop and cannot superimpose modern design sanitary facilities on it. Strictly observe the other planning and decoration recommendations and you will always get a super nice little bathroom.


Imitation natural stone tiles and wood-look walk-in showers for small bathrooms

In the small bathroom with a natural spirit, the “golden rules” are based on organic finishes and sober colors. For example, beige tiles imitating natural stone combined with a vanity unit, a wood-look walk-in shower, and matching accessories are very good solutions if you want to invite nature into your home. Finally, don’t forget to add several potted plants that will refresh the space and become its indisputable decorative tip!

Mosaic mural in black, white and gold as an accent wall behind the bathtub

We have already mentioned that in the small bathroom one should favor white and light colors. Of course, this is on the condition that we want to visually expand its surface. But what to do when you want to create an optical illusion of greater height? The ultimate solution is to decorate with vertical stripes! Painted, self-adhesive, or shaped into mosaic tesserae, the erect lines make the eye glide and thus enlarge any room. Decorating tip: use them on a single, so-called accent wall, so as not to completely suffocate the miniature room.

Save space with a practical and pretty shower tub

Finally, don’t forget the adapted lighting which is the so-called icing on the cake in the small bathroom. A pair of recessed spotlights just above the tub with shower is normally completely sufficient for this area. But the sink must be well lit for our hygienic rituals to be comfortably practiced. For this purpose, you can always use a spot, but also a pair of wall sconces on either side of the mirror. By the way, lighted mirrors are another very good variant of illuminating the sink area.

Small white bathroom with walk-in shower and transparent shower screen

Small bathroom with very practical shower bath

Very small bathroom with a shower bath

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