21+ Amazing Walk In Shower Ideas For Trendy Bathroom

The walk-in shower is becoming one of the big trendy bathroom essentials. Modern, practical, and ultra aesthetic, it has everything to please. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this open shower which is becoming increasingly popular? Is it really for you? In order to give you a detailed answer, has selected around twenty designer models so that you can find your way more easily. Whether installed in a minimalist, Zen, or rustic bathroom, decorated with tiling or mosaic, this walk-in shower will create a feeling of grandeur typical of ancient Roman baths.

Can we all claim a walk-in shower?

A walk-in shower is a fully open shower with no doors, although there are many modern showers that feature a glass wall or door for aesthetic or space reasons. Designed in tiling or mosaic, it also has a tray placed flush with the ground, completely integrated into the floor and almost invisible, ensuring that impression of visual continuity so pleasant to contemplate.

What are the Advantages of a Walk-In Shower?

But can we all claim a walk-in shower? No. If you want to swap your cabin for a fully open shower, know that your bathroom must allow an inclination of 3 cm per meter to promote the flow of water, since the evacuation is done only through the slots of the bac.


What materials should be used for the creation of a luxury cabin?

However, there are interesting alternatives that will allow those who do not recognize themselves to afford a walk-in shower, in particular thanks to an extra flat shower tray or the installation of a raised basin. If you want to preserve your privacy, you can equip your shower with a glass wall to delimit the space, or even mount a cabin.


Favorite for this bathroom with warm tones

The walk-in shower blends into the decor of the bathroom to create a natural extension of the wall cladding and flooring. It offers a wide range of possibilities and a new field of aesthetic creation. You can mismatch the facing on the floor and on the wall to highlight the different components of your bathroom.

Luxury bathroom with an onyx sink

The walk-in shower also allows you to further customize the bathroom. We, therefore, choose design accessories that would easily adapt to the color of the wall and floor covering. Regarding the tray and the showerhead, try to respect these principles so that your bathroom becomes a real jewel of interior design!

Walk-In Shower with Glass Walls 

This cabin blends discreetly into this subdued atmosphere highlighted by the art deco mirror and the valet judiciously placed in front of a large abstract canvas. Ideal for both large bathrooms and a small water feature.

Here is a model in gray and red for a trendy bathroom! 

Here is a walk-in shower that seduces as much by its high-end equipment as by its harmonious colors, the gray-red duo being a timeless modern interior. To be completed with a red or anthracite gray knob.

Shower with glass wall and girly atmosphere for this bathroom all in pink!

What we also love about Italian showers is that they comply with all our decorative desires! Such is the case of this superb bathroom fitted out in a girly spirit, which highlights its modern shower and its wall mosaic which comes in shades of white and pink.

Vintage Bathroom with Blue tiles and Glass Cabin

Here is the perfect layout of a large bathroom. We want to divide in two to better separate the shower space and the bath space. Glass walls protect vintage stools from dripping water. While a brass pendant lamp sits right above the showerhead to ensure good lighting while you shower.

Walk-In Shower Covered with metro tiles and cement tiles with oriental patterns 

Lovers of oriental patterns and vintage style, this bathroom is for you. With its cement tile and metro tile coating, it has everything it takes to match a retro bathroom. To create a 100 percent vintage atmosphere, consider installing a freestanding bathtub and decorative accessories in golden brass!

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