Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Decoration – Original ideas, inexpensive and easy to make

The three pillars of a successful party are decoration, food, and gifts (if it is an occasion that involves giving gifts). In 2021, we invite you to think outside the box and bet on an original and impressive Valentine’s Day decoration! Using the following ideas, you could easily create the ultimate romantic backdrop. Please take the opportunity to have a magical romantic feast!

Original and easy-to-make Valentine’s Day decoration

The good Valentine’s Day decoration is above all romantic. It gets bonus points if it surprises and thrills your sweetheart. In order to create such an effect on your partner, he will make it yourself, which is the guarantee of decoration unique in the world! Here are some inexpensive and easy-to-imitate ideas, along with instructions and explanatory photos.

Super pretty Valentine’s Day decoration for nothing!

The Valentine’s Day decoration in red, pink, and white is a real classic. If you are looking to decorate in pink, while avoiding the mundane decor, we offer you a project that is easy to imitate, cheap, and super original at the same time! In order to achieve this, you must first of all use empty wine bottles and paint them yourself with a spray, filling them with a little liquid paint and turning them in order to distribute it evenly.

Glamorous Valentine’s Day decoration – wine bottle dressed in golden glitter

An alternative variation of the same Valentine’s Day decorating idea is making a glamorous bottle using gold glitter, this is an even more versatile idea, as it can also be applied to other occasions such as a birthday or anniversary. party for the New Year!

Original Valentine’s Day decoration – a bouquet of branches with pink hearts

A bunch of branches with pink hearts instead of flowers is a good last-minute decoration solution. You can also replace the classic bouquet offered at the party!

Garland of ribbons in pink and red for the mantel

A garland of ribbons with pink and red patterns to hang on the mantel, for example, is a Valentine’s Day decoration idea that even the less skilled among us can easily achieve!

Valentine’s decoration for the front door

Start the party from the threshold of the front door by decorating the latter with an original wreath made of fabric ribbons. The frame can be made of wire and covered with fabric, crepe paper, felt hearts and flowers, etc.

Wall decoration to hang in a gradient of magnificent eyelets

Opt for beautiful wall decoration to hang on the wall and make an ombré color gradient in… carnations! In fact, many other flowers that exist in these color variations will do as well.

Romantic and original Valentine’s Day decoration

These paper flowers seem complex to make. In fact, you just have to make paper fans and put them together 2 by 2 using adhesive tape. What could be easier in the world?

Valentine’s Decoration “lazy”

And if you are among the people completely deprived of artistic skills, you can always choose a nice art object that you already have at home and spruce it up a bit for the party!

Red painted glass and metal lantern as a Valentine’s Day gift or decoration

Otherwise, you can well buy a red lantern as a Valentine’s Day gift. And also use it later as a decoration for the table at the romantic dinner.

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