Twin bedroom Ideas For Girls To Manage With Each Other

Blessed families of 2 or more daughters enjoy lots of laughs, creative games, and fun times. However, when the little ones have one thing in common, it can turn into a real horror flick for overwhelmed and sometimes downright desperate moms and dads! The twin bedroom layout and decor is therefore a matter not to be taken lightly. Mainly, because little girls often change their minds about what they like. This is why the editorial staff of will try to make your task a little easier through a gallery of inspiring atmospheres.

Everything to succeed in the arrangement and decoration of the Twin Bedroom!

In a good number of families, children (regardless of their gender or age) share the same room. The shared room should be a space for games, relaxation, and reading at the same time. And to reconcile all this, we must respect the taste of each one without neglecting the common needs. A real challenge, isn’t it? So, before setting up and moving on to the twin bedroom decor, first of all, determine your requirements: save space, create a fun corner, and maintain their privacy.

Planning advice For Twin Bedroom 

Logically, the floor area is the first thing to take into consideration when planning and decorating your binoculars room. When this is sufficient, the most advantageous solution is to opt for 2 or 3 single beds arranged identically. If, on the other hand, the square meters are severely limited, one must become very inventive. In this context, the bunk bed accompanied by a pull-out bed is one of the most suitable variants in order to achieve a successful twin bedroom layout and decoration.

Note: naturally, this option is not without risk: it is very likely that one of the children is not quite happy with this arrangement.

Twin Bedroom Decor: play on the details!

So that each of your binoculars has its own corner, choose neutral or pastel shades. You can also opt for the same furniture, but, on the other hand, play with the different decorative accessories while maintaining visual harmony: rugs, cushions, bed linen, lanterns and garlands of various colors. Another possible scenario: if your daughters are old enough, you can allow them to participate in the storage and decoration of their own room by choosing the shades of the beds, the patterns of the adornment, etc. If you have a height to exploit, do not hesitate, and add a bed canopy!

Twin Bedroom Decor: point on the walls

Just like the choice of furniture and accessories, that related to the wall twin bedroom decor is also important for your twins to feel good in their room. So, to dress the walls of the latter, wall stickers are a superb solution: from fairies to magical landscapes, including animals or flowers. In short, there is something to delight your princesses.

Tables, frames, and posters are also perfect if you want to spice up the twin bedroom decor. You can hang several paintings on it, one of which can be from birth, a wall mobile, garlands, or even posters. To keep track of your children’s growth, don’t forget to add height gauges.
Regarding the covering of the window and the door, you will find curtains, blinds, or doorplates. Hang the names of your twins on the heads of their beds. This will undoubtedly be a good idea that will surely please them. And to complete it well, you can also add a clock, shelves, or a pretty swing to hang in the middle of the room.

How to keep everyone’s privacy?

As we have already mentioned, the privacy of children who share the same room is of great importance to ensure their well-being. This is why the bed canopy is a superb idea that blends wonderfully with limited spaces and which will allow your little girls to isolate themselves when necessary. For the older ones, the mezzanine bed will be just as suitable. The proof in our photo gallery where you will still find plenty of inspirations on the layout and decoration of the twin rooms.

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