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Tropical Indoor Plants: ideas to create a summer atmosphere in your home

In times of confinement, you are obliged to stay at home! However, being confined does not mean basking in front of the TV! It is indeed an excellent opportunity to change your decor and invite the freshness and lightness of the summer months into the house. But if you are already fed up with always stumbling upon the same decor ideas, you will be delighted to discover the proposals carefully unearthed by our editorial staff. It is a vegetable decoration, but not just any. Straight out of exotic patterned wallpapers, tropical indoor plants instantly put the house in summer mode.

Tropical Indoor Plants to Turn the Decor into Summer Mode

Which tropical plant for you? Monstera, palm tree, banana tree, pineapple, Silver Peperomia, Calathéa, Maranta… there are many variations for an interior that smells of summer. A perfect mix of warm tones and exotic touches, our selection of tropical indoor plants will leave none of your decorating desires unfulfilled. Don’t you have a green thumb? Do not panic! The species below are easy and very pleasant to live with!

Monstera Tropical Indoor Plants

Fancy an endless tropical trip? So let the Monstera invade your living space! From the jungles of South America, it is a tropical indoor plant that has no equal for immersing a room in an exotic and 100% summer atmosphere. It is characterized by its huge green, holed leaves, which give it a most spectacular appearance. Easy to maintain, the Monstera requires a humid environment to display its pretty tropical foliage. In short, there is nothing better to invite the jungle to your home!

Banana tree

If you love bananas, you’ll be happy to know that you can grow your own bananas very easily. Although they are usually planted outdoors in the subtropics, they can be grown in pots indoors. The banana tree is simply ideal to give an exotic side to the living room or the balcony. Its large lush foliage will take you directly to the heart of the tropical forest! To enjoy its exotic beauty, make sure its soil is always moist. Near the window, he will be the happiest.


Did you know? The word “pineapple” is indeed a word originating from the language of the Tupi Indians and means “excellent fruit”. Like every exotic plant native to Brazil, Bolivia or Paraguay, pineapple, too, loves heat. It is therefore important to provide it with a warm and sunny place. It also needs rich, well-drained soil to thrive. Growing a pineapple is a child’s play. It is enough only to recover its crown of leaves, once the fruit has been tasted, and to plant it in a small pot filled with soil. You need to have patience though, as it can take anywhere from 18 months to 5 years for your tropical houseplant to bloom.

Palm Tropical Indoor Plants

You don’t have to travel to Mallorca to be able to listen to the gentle sea breeze blowing through the palm trees. Indeed, a simple palm tree in a pot will suffice to breathe a summery atmosphere into any room in your home: living room, kitchen, bedroom. Even the bathroom is not spared! Exotic and super easy to grow, it usually grows very fast and has no problem staying in the shade. Likewise, it will forgive you for not watering it for a week. To renew its foliage, place it closer to the window.

The Calathea

Very popular on Pinterest, the Calathea is our latest proposal for a tropical plant that adapts to every interior. Prized for its colorful and decorative foliage, it is one of the patterned plants whose leaves give the impression of being painted by hand. During the day, they unfold to better capture the light, thus bringing a pleasant movement in the room. The different species of Calathea vary according to the shape of the leaves, more or less elongated, the color, generally purple or silver, and the flowering, sometimes colored.

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