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17+ Tips For Designing A Kitchen: Practical And Aesthetic Kitchen

The madness of cooking shows is making people more and more want to go back to the stove to adopt a healthier and more balanced diet. Today, everyone would like to have a perfect kitchen for practical and aesthetic reasons. In this article, we will not necessarily talk about trend or decoration, but rather about all the questions that must be asked before considering making your plans. Because tips for designing a kitchen that is as functional and practical as it is aesthetic cannot be improvised.

To Arrange A Kitchen As It Should Be, Think Of The Functional Aspect!

This is the first criterion that you must respect. No need to install the kitchen of your dreams on the catalog if the place does not lend itself to it, you may regret it. Before you consider accepting a plan, you should ask yourself if the kitchen is functional. Start by checking that you have delimited your triangle of activity. It is a space that guarantees secure circulation between the refrigerator, the sink, and the cooking zone. Next, it’s important to check that the location allows you to quickly find what’s important, depending on where you find the kitchen and what you do there. It is not necessary to place dishes near the hob, but rather pots, pans or other cooking utensils, for example.

Check Security

Many domestic accidents occur in the kitchen. The first reason is that there is cooking equipment: oven, gas or electric stove. It is important to verify that the installation complies with safety standards and that the work will be carried out with the necessary professionalism. Then the other major risk in a kitchen is water. Beyond the plumbing, it is necessary to install a backsplash to protect the wall at the sink, the worktop and the hob. In addition, they have a decorative role as you can see by going for example to my-credence-deco.

To Look Forward

Designing a kitchen that is as beautiful as it is practical is a very big investment. It should be strong enough to last for years without having to change furniture too quickly. Drawers and cabinet doors must be designed to withstand many openings and closings and have a damper. Then check that the cabinet allows you to insert standard appliances, otherwise beware of problems when changing the dishwasher, oven or washing machine.

The Importance Of Aesthetics

Finally, it is clear that the kitchen must above all please you and integrate perfectly into your decorative universe. In specialty stores, there are all types of furniture in the current trend. On the internet, you will find all the current trends of inspiration. Just look at specialized blogs or on social networks like Pinterest. However, the most intelligent will opt for a simple and refined style. It will be decorated with objects and beautiful cupboards. In this way, it is easier to change the decor as you wish. Because it will be enough to renew the elements separately, such as the backsplash for example.

Tips For Designing A Kitchen In Home


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