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Tie Dye Home Decoration Ideas – New Trend For Your Home

In the modern wardrobe, it can be found in dresses, jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts. Its unusual look gives a boost to every outfit that’s too basic. And after having marked the fashion trends, it is now tackling the interior, piece by piece. Who / what are we talking about? The tie-and-dye trend, of course! Straight from the 70s, this pretty mix of faded colors is now featured on textiles and decorative objects in your home. Even the walls are not spared by the tie-and-dye decoration! So here’s how to fully embrace the leftover hippie fashion trend!

Tie-Dye decoration or when the interior is inspired by fashion

The tie-and-dye print has been washing away all its nuances for quite a while. Slowly establishing itself as a predominant trend this year. In fact, if we must define the novelty that has upset the world of fashion and that of interior design, it is undoubtedly tie-and-dye! Although it appeared in small touches in the contemporary interior this spring, it is now the whole house that goes through it … and we love it! First used to enhance textiles (cushions, bed linen, rugs, towels, curtains, blankets), this print is now quick to dress up accessories (vases, plates, candles) and walls. In short, this is a trend to be placed in every room without exception, including the bathroom.

A little reminder of the famous fabric dyeing technique

Often when we talk about tie-and-dye, we mostly think of the famous hair color where the ends of the hair are dyed in a lighter shade. But what exactly is tie-and-dye? Well, this is a top trend of the moment that has been gaining followers since 2019 and which, contrary to popular belief, is no longer a privilege reserved for the hippie community. As already shown in the article dedicated to the DIY tie-and-dye, the iconic ’70s print is usually formed by the action of tying and dyeing. And while the process is a bit tricky, it’s super fun and simple to do. As a general rule, there are two variants for recreating the “knotted and tinted” effect: with bleach and with colors. In short, everyone has their own way of giving a faded effect to their textile objects: curtains, bed linen, towels, sofa covers, etc.

All the objects in the house are suitable for the game of Tie Dye

As you will have understood, all the textiles of the house lend themselves to the game of the technique of hanging the fabric. However, the fabric is not the only option to embrace the new decor trend. The washed-out effect is also very easy to adopt unusual materials such as tissue paper and ceramics. Except that in this case, you should use paint instead of bleach. With just a few brush strokes, your ceramic objects take on a new look. Embroidery, too, can recreate the tie-and-dye effect on a simple towel, tablecloth, or cushion cover. In short, it is the patterns and not the technique that we are trying to imitate to give a chic touch to the interior decoration.

Tying Dyeing Decoration on your Walls

While several areas are inspired by tie-and-dye (fashion, beauty, decoration), we invite faded colors on the walls. To create a sort of headboard in the bedroom, the faded effect can easily be used to spice up the wall behind the bed. The total washed-out look is also possible. Thus, the piece gains both character and style. When featured on walls and furniture, this decor increases a space’s sense of depth and visually expands the room. This is why it goes particularly well with limited surfaces. In this context, you can take the opportunity to make your small bathroom visibly larger.

Now, here are some more ideas for the home that takes inspiration from the tie-and-dye decor

Tie-and-dye chair covers to give a whimsical touch to the dining area

Faded pattern base table

Tie-and-dye wallpaper in the bathroom

Colorful Pattern rug for a playful nursery

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