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17+ Stunning Ideas For Christmas Table Decorations You Must Know

You are planning a wonderful Christmas party and have you ever been to the table? So, it is a romantic atmosphere with lanterns, with silver accents. There are plenty of ideas for a successful Christmas table decoration that will guarantee you a bunch of compliments. shows you some festive DIY projects as well as chic ideas in different styles to make arrangements that are out of the ordinary. Let us inspire you and choose your favourite look.

DIY Christmas Table Decoration

The do-it-yourself Christmas centerpiece is the focal point of the festive decor that deserves special attention. And if you do not have time to create floral compositions, we present you two DIY ideas that will win the sympathies of everyone. It’s all you need to choose your favourite vase, pot or glass bowl and fill them with it Christmas.

Christmas Table Decoration In Rustic Style

Inspired by the rustic style and inviting the outside inside, this Christmas centerpiece is realized in two stages and three movements and promises to become the star of festive decoration. Chestnuts, walnuts, cranberries, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, arrange them as you please in a glass container of your choice and put on a log of wood.

Decorative tip: the decoration with citrus fruits does not cease to seduce lovers of decoration in winter by guaranteeing a fresh and scented atmosphere. Do not hesitate to incorporate some slices of dried orange into your centerpiece.

Gourmet Christmas Centerpiece Idea

Unique flavor, irresistible fragrance, friendly atmosphere … Christmas cookies are essential for the end of the year celebrations. How about turning them into a gourmet and 100% edible Christmas table decoration? Then for white sugar into your glass container to mimic snow. Then put your treats and decorate according to your preferences. That’s it, nothing complicated.

Divert Your Little One’s Toys Into a Playful Christmas Centerpiece

Do you have a grown-up but still hang around the house? So, we suggest you recycle them by transforming them into a playful Christmas centerpiece that will amaze young and old alike. For example, take an old van, paint it and let it dry well. Then have them decorate festive decorative objects such as candles, fir trees sprinkled with fake snow and so on.

DIY Christmas Table Decoration: Snowflake-shaped Napkins

Need a deco idea super easy and ready in one minute? No problem ! Give a fancy touch to your table by creating pretty round minimalist napkins. To do this, you will need the following equipment:
1: Scissors
2: White cloth towel
3: Red ribbon
4: Wooden snowflake
Wrap the towel and the ribbon as shown in the example above. Put the snowflake on the ribbon, make a nice bow and you’re done.

Ideas Of Table Runners For a Natural Atmosphere

Another essential of the festive decor, the table runner allows the creation of all kinds of compositions to meet the desires and preferences of each. Eucalyptus, pine cones, fruits and all kinds of greenery – there are many possibilities. Discover below some simple and elegant ideas that smell good nature.

Eucalyptus Table Runner Embellished With Pomegranates

Fast, fresh, pretty and cheap … nothing like the eucalyptus table runner for an elegant and sophisticated Christmas table decoration. Durable and easy to handle, this star will set the style and adapt to all styles. Get some eucalyptus branches, 5 grenades, scissors and get to work.

It’s enough to put the eucalyptus on the table by making small arrangements here and there. Then drop the grenades and that’s it. Take into account that the green plant will dry in the next few days but will remain beautiful.

False Fur Table Runner And Cypress Branches For a Natural Christmas Table Decoration

Purist and simple and yet very elegant and glamorous, the following table of decoration advocates the white fake the table for which the ideal basis for a trendy composition. Pleasant to the touch and enjoying an attractive look, this fabric guarantees a 100% friendly atmosphere. Create decor with natural materials by incorporating branches of cypress sprinkled with artificial snow. Here, porcelain vases are preferred because of their refined appearance and their ability to marry with any style. Combine models of different sizes to achieve a more dynamic set.

There are only a few things left to give the final touches to your festive table decoration. Plates in white porcelain with golden cutlery are added to the table runner to polish the whole. Finally, to achieve an even more neat look, the Christmas towel fold is a must.

Decorative tip: consider incorporating keys of poinsettia – the star of the winter glittery glittery Christmas bells for an ultra-glamorous look.

Table decoration for Christmas: What Is The Winning Color Gamut?

It is essential to take into account the color combinations if you want to create a festive look full of pep. And in order to better help you in your choice, the editorial team unveils the six winning palettes that go through the ages without getting wrinkled. It’s up to you to choose the one you like best.

1. Red And White Christmas Table Decoration

Embodying the best Christmas, The most preferred classic duo. And if you want to respect the tradition, we offer you a perfect example. Christmas balls, artificial red berries, snowflakes, greenery, decorative objects like gifts: there is something for everyone! Also, do not underestimate the decoration of the flesh.

2. Red And Gold Christmas Table Decoration

This is another classic duo that deserves special attention and continues to seduce us for decades. Let your creative talents speak for themselves and make your own. Think of checkered napkins and golden food utensils as well.

3. Silver Christmas Table Decoration

The silver Christmas table decoration brings a unique glamour touch to your four walls. And if this idea tempts you, we recommend you to focus on such decorative elements as deer and angel figurines, a garland of fir branches sprayed with silver spray, decorative fir trees and so on.

4. Gold And Silver Christmas Table Decoration With Metallic Accents

The Christmas table could not have been so nice, but it could not be easier. Arrange fake Christmas trees of different sizes in silver, gold, copper, and brass. Make sure the metallic shades are in harmony with each other. Visually connect the various elements with a lantern of fir branches and add some candles and lanterns for a cozy atmosphere.

5. Christmas Table Decoration With Candles

6. Golden And Black Christmas Table Decoration

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