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Space Theme Birthday Party – A Party Straight Out Of Another Galaxy!

Your child’s birthday is slowly approaching and you are looking for a decoration idea to organize his party? The theme, birthday cake, guest list, gifts… you have to think of so many things. But there is no place to panic! No matter if you have a little girl or a little boy, let yourself be tempted by our ideas on the Space theme birthday! 3, 2, 1… watch out for takeoff, let’s go!

Space theme birthday party – ideas for small and large cosmonauts

With the galactic food trend and the return of Star Wars to the big screen in recent years, what could be better than being inspired by the cosmic saga to surprise your toddler with a space-themed birthday decor? Because basically, there is nothing nicer than hearing comments, such as “Woahh, this is awesome! “And” Mum / Dad, you manage! Of your little future cosmonauts. You can therefore opt for a fancy dress party. To do this, you must pay special attention to the making of your guest cards so that your guests have a clear idea that it is a themed birthday.

A space-themed wall decoration

To make a success of the space birthday decoration, we put on a wall decoration in galactic tones (blue, purple, white, black). In front of the buffet with all the delicacies, install a black background, and make several white, golden, or silver spots to give the illusion of a starry sky. Another variation? Create your own cosmic garlands and pendant lights. Balloons, decorative ribbons, rockets, stars, and cardboard planets… there’s no shortage of choice! For a top Star Wars party, you can opt for a garland in letters illustrating the title of cult phrases from the film.

Ideas, such as planets, rockets, and unidentified objects suspended from the ceiling, will be just perfect to delight your little cosmonauts and to give a boost to the final rendering. In addition, these decorative elements can very easily find their place on the buffet or around the festive table among cakes and sandwiches. In writing, we love balloon bouquets, which do not neglect any festive decoration! A good alternative to balloons will be to decorate the room with blue, purple, pink, or white honeycomb balls.

Space theme birthday: how to decorate your table?

After choosing the wall decoration, it’s time to set the table. If you have therefore opted for a dark wall, the colors that will dress your table must definitely contrast with those of the walls. So choose shades like gold, silver, light blue, and white. If, on the other hand, your decor is white or pink, a black or navy blue tablecloth with a pretty table runner will be simply ideal for your cosmic party. And because it’s the little details that matter most, don’t forget to sprinkle your table with shiny glitter and confetti!

When planning a space-themed birthday party, make it big without neglecting the details. So, after you have personalized your invitations, you must take care of everything that is on the table and is intended for the guests: plate gifts, place cards, folding napkins, personalized mini bags filled with treats, etc. The dishes, too, should be chosen in conjunction with the theme of space. To decorate your plates and cups with astronauts, rockets, and cardboard stars, arrange confetti and little honeycomb balls, and voila!

Cosmic activities and games to keep the little ones busy

When a group of children spends the whole afternoon together, you have to find a way to keep them occupied. And because the editorial staff of, we are big children, we offer you some creative ideas for activities to borrow. The galactic birthday theme is the perfect opportunity to set out to conquer the Moon or a distant planet by creating various missions for your little cosmonauts to accomplish. But just before taking action, you need to determine the number of children as well as the place of entertainment. If you find galactic costumes for young and old, it will be even more fun!

Galaxy Cake, the perfect thermomix space birthday cake!

What’s a galactic birthday without a Galaxy Cake? Sometimes reminiscent of the nuances of a nebula, sometimes illustrating the Milky Way, the flagship cake of 2020 promises to become your child’s new favorite birthday cake. And although it looks relatively complicated, you are assured it is not. What’s more, the interstellar cake has failed to scare some foodists, who have already concocted several tutorials to make our job easier. So here is how you can prepare it to surprise your little one this year!

Ingredients for the sponge cake:

  • 4 eggs
  • 120 g sugar
  • 120 g flour, sifted
  • 1 little salt


The sponge cake for the cosmic cake is like any other sponge cake. There is nothing special about it, except that it is a Thermomix recipe. So start by putting the eggs and sugar in your thermomix and set 6 min / Speed ​​3/37 ° C. In the meantime, preheat your oven and after these 6 mins, set again 6 min / Speed ​​3. Add the flour and a little salt. Whisk 8 min / Speed ​​2. Butter a baking ring and baking sheet or line with baking paper. Pour in the resulting dough and level it with a spatula. Put in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 ° C. Then turn out the ready sponge cake and let it cool on a rack. Once the sponge cake has cooled, it must be opened. In order not to go wrong, use a circle 2 cm high. The latter will only guide your knife when cutting.

After you have cut your sponge cake, it is then time to move on to preparing the fascinating ganache and galactic icing. To do this, has unearthed for you a small detailed article thanks to which the realization of the gourmet decoration becomes as simple as a child’s play! And finally, to take the concept even further, consider pairing your cake with other galactic delicacies, such as personalized cupcakes, succulent pop cakes, donuts with mirror glaze, mini boxes of popcorn, etc.

Now you can check out the rest of our ideas in the gallery to follow.

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