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12 Amazing Small Laundry Room Ideas For Small Places

Wonderful small laundry room ideas are highly beneficial in organizing this messy area to make it more efficient and functional. Typically, the room has limited amount of space for keeping laundry equipment, cabinets, bags, etc.

Thus, there are plenty of design ideas for a small laundry room that aim at making the best use of the available space in a smart way.

Consider the following brilliant small laundry room ideas

  • In order to save floor space and make room for working comfortably in the room, use the wall space creatively by hanging hooks on the walls.
  • Build a number of shelves (wall-mounted) in the area to overcome the space constraint. This temporary fixture will help create better storage space.
  • Do not place unnecessary decorating objects in the room; it will just add to the clutter and won’t make sense in such a small room.  If possible, keep the laundry hampers in some other room or bathroom.
  • In cases where you have no provision of having a sink in the laundry room, you can keep a large bowl nearby.
  • Keep a folding ironing board or table in your laundry room. You can use this table for folding clothes, placing small laundry items and other miscellaneous purposes to help you manage the laundry work with ease. Alternatively, you can opt for a wall-attached ironing board.
  • Using pre-made cabinets is another great small laundry room idea. These cabinets help hide a lot of clutter. Stack them on top of each other rather than side by side to conserve space. Utilize the space on the inside of the cabinet doors for hanging pin up items such as sponges, rubber gloves, etc.
  • Placing the dryer on top of the washer is one of the most popular ideas for small laundry rooms. Needless to say, make sure both the equipment are front-loaded. Plus, fit in a slim laundry tower or cart alongside the washer and dryer. Besides, you may like to look for washer and dryer combos at appliance stores as an effective solution for saving laundry space.
  • In case you prefer having the washer and dryer side by side then go for overhead closed cabinets.
  • You can create additional storage space by hanging storage baskets on a wall. For this, you will have to nail two pine boards on the wall and fix a set of hooks on them at equal intervals.
  • If your laundry room is a part of the hallway or kitchen with a door, then get rid of the door to make more space. Better still; replace it with a curtain to avoid the fuss created by opening and closing the door every now and then. White or pale-colored curtains with beautiful patterns can also help your laundry room look nice. Those who are not fond of curtains can have folding doors.
  • Replace your dull plastic baskets with the ones prepared from wicker.
  • Small laundry room ideas also focus on creating a pleasant ambiance in the room with bright decor so that you may feel better while doing laundry. Thus, you can paint the walls in pale pink, watery green, sunflower yellow, red and cream, white and tan or any other color combination that you find attractive. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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