Small Garden Design – Clever Tips For Success For Garden Decor

It is in the smallest boxes that we find the prettiest things! To prove it, we will present our gallery of inspiring images that we found during our search for landscaping ideas for small gardens. How to succeed in transforming the outdoor space into a place conducive to relaxation?

Successful Installation Of A Small Dry Garden With Contemporary Design

Whether small or small, having a garden is a luxury that many cannot afford. This is why the enhancement of the available space, despite its reduced dimensions, is the essential factor in the success of its layout. It is essential to think of a pedestrian walkway with a personalized design, flowerbeds and green walls, vegetation that adapts perfectly to the conditions offered by your garden, etc.

Development Of A Small Garden To Transform It Into A Real Oasis

Pleasant to frequent, the garden, whether in front of the house, in the backyard or on concrete in town, is a precious place, teeming with life and colors. The small garden requires special care than that which we bring to the large super modern garden. The reduced space requires adequate maintenance in order to create the illusion that it is larger.

Consider Dividing The Space Into Different Areas

Consider compartmentalizing the small garden using hedges, paths, large planters or beds. By dividing the limited space, you will succeed in delimiting a few different zones, dedicated to relaxation and the pleasure of the senses. To avoid the effect of enclosing the space, bet on low boxwood borders or on decorative lawn borders that will delimit the space without fencing it.

Small Pedestrian Walkway With Japanese Steps And Boxwood Decoration In The Small Garden

To give the impression that your small garden is larger than it actually is, we recommend that you build a compact pedestrian walkway, coordinated with the dimensions of the latter. Avoid details that are too large to avoid cluttering the garden. If possible, opt for a diagonal alley that will create the impression of more depth.

Small Garden Layout With Shade Plants And A Beautiful Driveway

A beautiful alley, directed towards the most distant point, will create an impression of length and by playing with the height of the plants, it will cause a feeling of depth. To arrange the garden path, opt for the treasures of nature. The slabs, decorative gravel, and pebbles will give it an elegant appearance, in harmony with the environment.

A Small Garden On The Terrace

To make the most of the limited space, consider varying the levels. Create a small terraced garden. Gather the resinous shrubs, ornamental grasses, and ground cover plants by arranging them according to their height by placing the lowest plants in the foreground, to give volume to the garden and take full advantage of the vertical space. Thus, you will succeed in hiding the border of the garden and the latter will appear larger.

Enjoy The View Of The Surroundings

Does your small garden have a breathtaking view of the surroundings? So enjoy it. It is a smart idea that will allow you to optically enlarge your garden. By playing with the surrounding decor, you will create an oasis of greenery conducive to relaxation, surrounded by a view that will seduce your eyes.

Take Your Eyes Off The Presence Of Neighboring Walls

Or on the contrary, if your eyes are lacking in good vision when you are outside, the presence of walls, high fences or buildings can reinforce the impression of confinement. This is why you will need an eye-catching point which will detach your gaze from this “prison” of stone or concrete.

Small Garden In The Courtyard

Select plants with fragrant flowers and colorful colors as well as species with lush foliage. Combine them with various carefully staged decorative objects. These will make you forget the drawbacks of the place.

The Right Choice Of Plants Plays A Decisive Role

Pay attention to the choice of plants. These should be carefully selected based on the dimensions of your small garden. Larger trees are not welcome. If they do exist, keep them, but use low-growing plants to create a harmonious environment.

Use Natural Materials As Decoration

To properly control the proportions of the small garden, it is also recommended to opt for decorative elements made of natural materials. These, whether slabs or wooden cladding, will contribute to the creation of a harmonious and natural atmosphere.

Planning A Small Garden – Good Outdoor Lighting Should Not Be Overlooked

Despite its modest dimensions, the small garden can be fitted out with a beautiful dining room. Extending the living space, it must be well lit. Immerse it in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere by installing good outdoor lighting. Do not forget to highlight the pedestrian walkway, the flower beds and the artistic decorative elements of the garden, using LED spots and garden bollards.

Small Garden Layout – Take Advantage Of The Vertical Space

A key element of the small garden is the vertical space which must be used to create a harmonious and pleasant environment. To successfully conceal a boring facade, you can do this using a wooden trellis. Let climb the climbing plants which will give life to the trellis and will camouflage perfectly the disadvantages of the place.

Dining Room, Eye-Catching Decor, And Shade Plants For Successful Landscaping

For a successful garden design, you can borrow a little trick, often used in small contemporary interiors. Hanging a mirror on a wall will give the garden a more spacious and even more modern look. Besides its practicality, a mirror can be an excellent decoration accessory!

Planning A Small Garden – How To Organize Plants

In the small garden, the number of plants is often kept to a minimum. A little tip, to have a flowering and eye-catching garden in all seasons, is to select species with successive blooms. So, even small, the garden will always present a beautifully fresh and eye-catching aspect.

Small Garden Layout – Away From The Noise, Away From Stress

To successfully arrange a small garden, it is important to take into account that the surrounding noise can cause stress. This is why you have to isolate yourself. How to do? One of the simplest ways is to create a living evergreen hedge.

The Layout Of A Small Garden – Immerse The Small Garden In Lush Vegetation

Play the natural look card and immerse your little garden is lush, even wild vegetation. Divide the plants in various places to create the optical illusion of a more spacious garden.

Small Garden In Front Of The House

When it comes to landscaping a small garden, it is important not to clutter your heart. It is golden advice, because it is thanks to the liberation of the center of the garden, that you will succeed in preserving the feeling of space. Reserve this place from the garden to the lawn.

Flower Beds And Flowering Shrubs – A Smart Idea For A Small Garden

To give depth to the decor, try to transfer the beds to the periphery. Thus, by freeing the heart of the garden and planting its periphery, you will succeed in developing a garden that is at once elegant, modern and refined.

Small Garden Layout With Pergola And Wooden Garden Furniture

The small garden itself requires a focal point. For its installation, we advise you to choose the bottom of the garden. Such a focal point can be an eye-catching garden bench, a dining room or even a cabin. Let your imagination run wild and the good result is guaranteed.

Planning A Small Garden – Remove Its Limits

To enlarge the small garden, it is recommended to try to hide its limits by means of decorative and practical objects such as raised beds, climbing shrubs, and structures such as pergolas, greenhouses, etc.

Small Japanese Garden Design

The small garden can easily be transformed into a Japanese garden. To build one, it is important to follow a few golden rules. The small alley with Japanese steps is a must in the Japanese garden. You have to bring stones (slabs or gravel), a water source (a small basin, a fountain, etc.) and at least one decorative element such as a Japanese lantern.

A Successful Development Of A Small Vegetable Patch

The small vegetable garden has been very popular in recent times. Creating a vegetable patch is an easy and enjoyable task that can be integrated into the environment of a small contemporary garden. Decorative element of the outdoor space, the small vegetable patch is no longer hidden, but on the contrary, it is proudly deployed.

Square Vegetable Garden – Little Idea Of ​​Garden Design

Creating a square vegetable patch is an ideal growing method for beginners in gardening. It allows a large number of plants to grow on a small plot. Being raised from the ground, the square vegetable garden is easier to maintain. One of the most significant advantages of this type of market gardening is that such a vegetable garden adapts perfectly to gardens that occupy a small area.

Arrangement Of A Small Vegetable Patch In Squares

Today, it is already possible to buy ready-made squares, but you can create one yourself. Some formwork boards will be necessary. The squares can also consist of stones or palisades. In the square vegetable garden, you can grow vegetables or aromatic plants, even flowers and shrubs.

Small Garden Arrangement – A Beautiful Bed Of Perennials And Floral Arrangements

Successful landscaping is a question of organization and optimization of space. The right choice of plants, materials and decorative elements will allow you to visually enlarge the space.

Garden In Front Of The House Divided Into Two Flowerbeds

If it is the small layout of the garden in the courtyard, you can enjoy the facade of the house. If it is white, it will immediately give a larger appearance to the garden because, by reflecting light, white opens up space.

Beautiful Garden In The Backyard Furnished With A Lavender Flowerbed

The garden furniture is your ally which will allow you to enlarge the space optically. Bet on custom furniture and take advantage of the length of the walls to arrange it. Thus, you will succeed in creating an impression of length.

Small Garden Layout With A Bamboo Screen, Dining Area, And Semi-Shaded Plants

Before you get started in a small garden, you should first think about how you are going to use the space. Consider setting up an outdoor seating area or creating a green oasis. Once you have determined your goal, you can already start planning your outdoor space.

Eye-Catching Mini-Garden Next To The Front Door

A small garden is not synonymous with a space that plunges into a suffocating atmosphere, on the contrary. The small outdoor space requires careful planning and decoration. This is why you must give free rein to your imagination and your creativity.

Small Garden Arrangement With Flowering And Perennial Shrubs

One of the basic rules for successfully landscaping a garden is not to enclose it between four walls. This is why the design of the garden fence plays a decisive role in the feeling of space and freedom. Choose a low fence or an “airy” design that lets air and light in freely.

Small Garden Arrangement Divided Into Raised Flowerbeds

The small garden can be more demanding than the large garden. To elegantly decorate and decorate it, you must try to avoid monotony by varying the decorative elements. These will bring a touch of color and freshness to the outdoor space.

Small Courtyard Garden With A Lovely Dining Room

To maintain the impeccable appearance of the small garden, it is important to plan storage. This is necessary because in the small garden you cannot hide anything.

Small Garden Layout Divided Into Several Areas

A final rule of thumb for successful landscaping is to choose your style. It is the latter that determines the type of plants, the design of the furniture and the decorative elements placed there. The determined style gives unity to the garden.

Landscaped Garden With A Paved Driveway And A Decorative Fountain

Beautiful Back Garden With A Dining Area And A Beautiful Fountain

Garden In The Courtyard With A Fountain, Decoration And Gray Pebble Slabs

Installation Of A Small Garden Next To The Gravel Path

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