15+ Elegant Small Garden Design Ideas to Try This Year

While most of us love gardens not everyone has the room for a large elaborate one. The good news is that no matter size space you have, you can still create and enjoy a beautiful garden. Whether you are looking for colour, ground cover, scents or functionality there is a small garden design that will fit your personal needs.

If you have any large trees in your yard you may have noticed that your grass is either sparse or non-existent in the shade of the tree. This can be less than attractive in the midst of your lush green yard. A functional and beautiful way to correct this problem is to plant a small shady island garden. Using stones or bricks create an outline for your garden. You can either outline the existing bare patch or you can extend the garden. If extending the perimeter of the garden, remove any remaining grass inside the outline. When placing your stones or bricks, place the bottom ones a minimum of four inches into the soil to create a natural weed barrier. This will make garden maintenance considerably easier and create a more pleasant looking garden.

When choosing plants for your shady island garden be sure to select plants and flowers that can survive and flourish with minimal sunlight. Hosta plants, Coleus and Caladium are excellent choices for shady areas. You may want to select a small tree or shrub such as a dwarf evergreen or a Japanese Yew as a focal point for your garden.

One of the most common uses and areas for gardens is entranceways. Whether it’s a small warm and welcoming garden at your front door or a tranquil garden for relaxing on your back patio, possible design ideas are endless. If you wish to make your space look slightly larger opt for curved lines along the outside edge of your garden. This creates the illusion of extra space without actually taking up much more room. You can either leave the garden borderless or can create a border with stones or bricks. Be sure to use a weed barrier to lower the amount of required maintenance. Choose a variety of colors that you both enjoy and that work well together. Create a focal point using a small tree or shrub or get creative and use statues, a bench or a pond.

Gardens can sometimes be used to camouflage problem areas in your yard. Many yards come with low spots or even have holes or dips left behind by a previous structure. This can create an uneven look to your yard. Using these areas to plant a garden can help create the image of a more level yard and add additional beauty to your property. If you are dealing with a shallow dip or hole in your yard, remove the grass and level. Choose plants that complement each other both in colour and in height. If you have deeper holes in your yard consider tiers. This not only helps blend the dip in with the rest of your yard but also creates the illusion of a larger space.

Small gardens do not have to be as limiting as you may think. There are several plants to choose from different colors, heights, textures and smells. Focal point options are also plenty. Remember that pathways and patios can also be a part of your small garden design.

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