11 Smart Solutions To Better Optimize Your Small Bedroom Storage

Having a small bedroom can pose several layout and storage problems. Location of the bed and dressing room, storage spaces, color, and decoration of the room … All means are good to avoid clutter. So check out all of our smart ideas for small bedroom storage and find out how to best optimize yours!

Decorative Ideas To Stitch For Successful Small Bedroom Storage

Avoiding the bazaar and the feeling of crowding is difficult when you have a small bedroom. However, it can become a cozy and comfortable room if you adopt the right tips. Some smart storage ideas are enough to enlarge small spaces, whatever their size. You too do not have enough storage in the room? So, create some! Whether on feet or hanging on the wall, do-it-yourself storage is certainly one of the essential elements of the organized interior.

Create A Decorative And Clever Headboard

In urgent need of book storage for your small bedroom? Hard to store, books and magazines tend to hang around the bedroom. Don’t have a bedside table or is it not very suitable for your reading? To improve the design of your sleeping corner by incorporating a headboard with additional storage space. Demonstration!

It’s no secret that smart storage is essential for limited space Optimizing your bedroom while making it more harmonious is already possible. We, therefore, opt for clever self-storage and practical organization in order to save each precious square meter and save time. Because, if there is a room in your home that still lacks space, it is undoubtedly the bedroom. Under the bed, next to the bed or in the headboard, Ikea shoe cabinets can be used not only to shelter your boots but also to build a practical storage unit for all kinds of business. Pajamas, bed linen, books, magazines, cosmetic products … this headboard becomes a real space saver and allows you to do without a bedside table.

Bed With Drawer

There are quite a few lost areas in a limited room: behind a piece of furniture, under the bed or even under the bedside table. To take advantage of these unused spaces, invest in smart furniture and accessories such as a bed model with drawers or built-in storage boxes. You will be able to store bed linen, your old magazines, and books, underwear or plaids. In short, everything you want to keep, but takes up a lot of space in the cupboards. Your best bet? Opt for a clever 2 in 1 piece of furniture: storage and sleeping!

Installing a standing mirror with a built-in coat rack and jewelry storage is another space-saving idea to consider. In addition to creating small storage space to hide your favorite clothes and accessories, the mirror gives the impression of enlarging the room.

Multiply The Baskets

They are decorative, they are in vogue and they are super practical! The storage baskets invade the contemporary interior and have everything to optimize the small space! Both stylish and inexpensive, they are a great way to store everything you want in a small room where you don’t have dozens of options to furnish. Choose several baskets of all sizes and all styles. When you are fed up, you can easily change them, slip under the bed or hang on the wall.

Clever Storage To Slide Under The Bed

There will never be too much storage in the bedroom! Even if you have dressed the walls, worn out the nooks or filled the cupboard, there are still areas below the furniture to invest. The first place under which you can slip pretty boxes and beautiful baskets? The bed, of course! Unless you have opted for a bed with a drawer to save space, this area is a must to invade in order to create your own custom storage. What is more, many are already the brands offering flat boxes, specially designed for low beds.

Space-Saving Bedside Table

We all need a little place next to the bed to put the alarm clock, the lamp, a good book or a packet of tissues. However, the surface of the room does not always allow fancies in terms of decoration. Whether on the floor or hanging on the wall, the wooden crate is certainly one of the simplest and cheapest ways to keep the minimum at hand. Being able to put a few small things in it is a plus! Another variant? Choose a hanging model to make yourself with a simple wooden board or adopt a kitchen trolley on several levels to replace the bedside table.

Take Advantage Of The Angles

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small bedroom or a small kitchen, by exploiting the corners of the room, we are able to create storage space that is both decorative and space-saving! The best variant? Take advantage of the angles by installing shelves, storage cubes or functional and original shelves. For a design side, juggle with the different sizes, shapes, and colors. Thus, you will create unique storage for your bedroom!

Opt For A Reasonably Sized Cabinet

The goal when planning the bedroom is not to overwrite the volumes. Preferring the right size furniture is therefore essential. The following storage idea will not only save you a few square meters in the bedroom but also save you a lot of time early in the morning! To spice it up, paint the clothes rack in a color of your choice. Finally, it only remains to choose the clothes that you will exhibit there. Note that by installing small shelves, this wardrobe will allow you to store shoes, bags and other accessories. So let your creativity speak!

Ikea Storage Baskets To Optimize The Space In The Cabinet

Although we want it to always be kept tidy, the dressing room requires a lot of attention in order to optimize the space available! Your mission will, therefore, be to ensure that everything stays in its place. So, in order to optimize and organize the interior space of wardrobes, bet on the steel boxes, cases and storage baskets that will quickly reign in order. And even when there is nothing in them, they remain very pretty!

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