Scandinavian Kitchen Design – 27+ Stylish Ideas And Inspirations

Scandinavian Kitchen

We offer you several ideas for kitchen design in Scandinavian style – an excellent combination of functionality and comfort. They are perfect for small kitchens, use the available space in the best possible way and offer everything you could want in a modern kitchen. The charm of the Scandinavian design is due to the color and furniture combinations. They look trendy, but not too shiny, have a minimalistic aftertaste and are characterized by their simple and compact structure, and still contribute to a cozy and warm atmosphere. Scandinavian kitchen furniture is light but very durable and can serve you for a long time.

Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen Furniture

Still not feeling inspired? Here you can find some ideas on what a kitchen design looks like in Scandinavian style, which lighting and carpets go with it and what to choose for the decoration. The color scheme in the kitchen in Scandinavian style is white as the background color, yellow, blue, and green as accents. Stripes on the wall, carpets with interesting patterns, and a small dining area with chairs in different colors are some vowel points in the design. Curtains are rarely used, but if you still want to have a curtain in the kitchen, it should be transparent – so that enough sunlight comes through the windows. The white color on the walls makes the room appear larger and brighter and is therefore particularly suitable for narrow and small one kitchen designs recommended.

Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Style Decoration Of Kitchen 

The kitchen is not just the room where we eat and cook. It is a room where you can show your creativity and imagination. If you choose Scandinavian style kitchen design, you can place statues and figures, pictures, and flowers on the shelves as decoration. The Scandinavian furniture leaves a lot of free space for imaginative furnishings. You can even design a family tree or photo wall, or set accents with a creative paper lamp.


Black and white color scheme

Cooking, eating, feeling good – the kitchen is the heart of every apartment and a place where the whole family comes together. A Scandinavian kitchen is simple, inviting, and simple – and yet it exudes a wonderful elegance and comfort. The clear shapes, friendly colors, and light wood create a unique atmosphere. Whether with rustic details, a charming country house style, or a modern design with a touch of minimalism – the Scandinavian style of living can be combined with many others and is never boring. How you can create your kitchen individually according to your own wishes. Many furnishing ideas can be found in our article!


Scandinavian kitchen

Set up Scandinavian cuisine

The Scandinavian style of living dates from the 1950s and comes from the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Its hallmarks are minimalism, functionality, and formality. The founders of the style are Alvar Alto and Arne Jacobsen, who are among the most important designers of the 20th century in Denmark. Simple is beautiful – this is the best way to describe the living style. A Scandinavian kitchen is characterized by simple shapes and a clear, straightforward design. You will not find any striking decorations and curly decorations here. Particular emphasis is placed on the natural materials that warm the room and, at the same time, give it a special charm. Domestic types of wood such as birch, ash, spruce, or pine are most commonly used and are sometimes stained white.

Scandinavian Kitchen

The right colors for your Scandinavian style kitchen

The choice of colors for a Scandinavian kitchen is more diverse than you might think. A classic is the delicate pastel shades that are often combined with more reserved natural colors and materials, such as marble. From cream to white – the bright colors reflect the light in all corners. It makes the room shine, and create a calm and timeless atmosphere. If you want a kitchen with a classic Scandinavian design, then the color white is the right choice. It widens the room; the sun is well reflected and has a positive influence on your mood. Colorfully patterned carpets or pillows, which are decorated with motifs from nature, spice up the design a bit and look excellent.

Suitable materials for a Scandinavian kitchen

In Scandinavian living style, organic and sustainable materials are really important. In addition to lots of light and natural colors such as white, black, gray, and brown, the right mix of materials also plays a major role. The Nordic nature serves as an inspiration, and it is, therefore, no wonder that wood is the most popular natural material belonging to a Scandinavian kitchen. From untreated oak to old wood, there are many types of wood that are suitable for this. Even fine, lacquered surfaces look unique and outstanding if you combine them correctly. However, other materials have come into play in recent years. Stones like granite or marble can be wonderfully combined with wood. The result can be both elegant and luxurious, as well as rustic and minimalist Scandinavian cuisine.

Simple and functional: furniture for the Scandinavian kitchen

What would a Scandinavian kitchen be without the right furniture? The furniture makes up a large part of the interior and must perfectly reflect the style of the room. The linchpin of every visit is the dining table, which is why it always plays a special role. Large models made of solid wood are perfect for this, but you don’t necessarily have to cover them. With some home accessories such as a beautiful wooden tray, a vase in pastel shades, or a delicate linen tablecloth. You will wonderfully underline the simple, Scandinavian living style.

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

Do you want to make your Scandinavian kitchen a little more modern? Then you are in luck because the Nordic design can be combined excellently with other living styles, such as the industrial one. Large hanging lamps above the dining table, solid iron chairs, or geometric tiles in pastel colors ensure an exciting mix. The functionality of the furniture in the Scandinavian kitchen also plays an important role. Open shelves and cupboards that do not hide the utensils but use them as part of the decoration are particularly popular. Everyday things, such as spices, coffee, and other foods, become real eye-catchers with beautiful cans or boxes and can access them at any time. Why not put the pans and pots in the scene and hang them on the wall with a grid?

Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen In Light Colors

The light colors in the Scandinavian kitchen make optimal use of the natural lighting conditions and allow you to be a little more creative with the accents. All objects must be functional and aesthetic at the same time – the form follows the function. Organic shapes that are based on nature are therefore best suited for this. You can achieve an excellent effect with hanging lights made of metal or wood. Earthy nuances like copper are not only totally trendy right now, but also provide even more warmth and coziness.

Scandinavian kitchen

Expansive worktops or rear walls made of white marble create an elegant and luxurious feeling without compromising the simplicity of the Scandinavian style of living.

Decoration Ideas for the perfect Scandinavian kitchen

Since the Scandinavian style of living stands for minimalism and functionality, you should not overdo it with the decoration. Here too, nature is in the foreground – wooden kitchen aids, a carpet with stripes or tea towels with Nordic patterns find space in your Scandinavian kitchen. Wooden objects such as candlesticks, bowls, or wooden boards give the room the Nordic touch it needs. Decorate your dining table with a beautiful, tall glass vase. With a few fresh meadow flowers, it is extremely inviting, and you can bring untouched nature into the room.

Scandinavian kitchen

Different textiles are a must for every Scandinavian kitchen. These give the otherwise sober interior comfort and warmth. You can also choose natural materials such as skins for the pattern. However, you should limit yourself to simple and clear shapes such as diamonds or stripes. These can be printed on pillows, carpets, tea towels, or curtains.

Scandinavian style kitchen – wood or tiles for walls and floors

The thing that comes to mind when you think of the perfect flooring for your Scandinavian kitchen should be the natural materials such as wood or stone. These provide a special optical dynamic compared to the otherwise minimalist and simple design. But in addition to wooden cladding for the walls or a wooden floor, the tile has recently been making a big comeback. And of course, it does not ignore the Scandinavian living style. Are our classic white tiles too boring for you? Through individual mirror tiles, you get a very special and unique wall covering. Together with a light wooden floor, your individual style can be emphasized, and a fresh and inviting atmosphere is created.

Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian country kitchen

 A Scandinavian country style kitchen design means to reduce the interior and the design only to the essentials. All Nordic kitchens thrive on the simple elegance that creates by the straight lines. The structure of the solid natural materials such as stone, wood, or marble ensures comfort and coziness in the room. So that your Scandinavian country kitchen is beautifully presented, we recommend that you also design the environment accordingly. If your furniture is already reserved and simple, a rustic floor and wall design can capture the atmosphere you want. You can also use modern kitchen appliances here without risking a change in style. On the contrary – elements made of stainless steel or chrome optically fit quite well into the overall picture.

Scandinavian kitchen

Set up a small Scandinavian kitchen

Do you have a small apartment and want to make full use of every centimeter? Then a Scandinavian kitchen is just right for you! Since minimalism, organization, and economy are an integral part of the Nordic style of living. It looks particularly elegant and beautiful even in rather small rooms.

Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen cabinets

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