Modern Rustic Kitchen Ideas That Will Help You To Renovate Your Kitchen

Do you want to create a warm and friendly kitchen? We have prepared for you a good selection of images that promise to spark your imagination! A successful arrangement of a modern rustic kitchen is easier than you might think and thanks to our astute advice, you will end up planning and decorating the contemporary kitchen of your dreams! We promise you!

Rustic kitchen layout that keeps traces of the past

The modern rustic kitchen is a beautiful blend of authenticity and modernity. It abounds with solid wood elements, as well as stone details. Successful planning of such a kitchen, therefore,q means keeping traces of the past or recreating them in a revisited way.

Successful planning of a modern rustic kitchen

Having a say in the interior design, the modern kitchen invites itself to the contemporary fireplace to bring its welcoming charm and chic appearance. Simply ideal for anyone looking for harmony between conviviality and authenticity, rustic style takes over from modern rustic cuisine.

Favor wood elements for a successful contemporary rustic kitchen layout

Without a doubt, it is wood that predominates in the interior of the rustic kitchen. Today, revisited and refreshed, the modern kitchen is dressed in solid wood, often painted white to make the space brighter. If, however, you prefer to play the card of authenticity, bet on the surfaces of raw, unpainted wood.

The modern rustic kitchen – a combination of old and contemporary

For a successful layout of a modern rustic kitchen, consider combining elements of old and contemporary. Wooden cupboards, a zellige splashback, etc. blend perfectly with contemporary single-colored household appliances to give the room a chic and original look.

The authentic elements giving a unique charm to the rustic kitchen

A romantic and pleasant atmosphere reigns in the rustic kitchen which brings us directly back to childhood. It is the mix of decorative elements in cut wood adorning the cabinet doors and shelves, chicken netting as well as zellige tiles, which creates the irresistible charm of the modern kitchen. By daring these elements, you will undoubtedly succeed in decorating your old-fashioned kitchen wonderfully.

Mix the old and the new in the contemporary rustic kitchen

The decor in the rustic kitchen mixes natural colors, raw wood features, terracotta tiles, and natural stone details. This mix creates an atmosphere that is both authentic, harmonious, and friendly. To refresh the atmosphere, dare the accents of color.

Authentic rustic cuisine where wood is in the spotlight

In the modern rustic kitchen, wood is in the spotlight. The patinated solid wood furniture, the raw wood cupboards, the flooring, the wood can be seen in all its forms. For a touch of color, add a colorful rug and consider the terracotta tile splashback.

Gray cabinet fronts and natural stone accents

To successfully give a rustic appearance to the kitchen, you can bet on the stained cement flooring. The latter will highlight the rustic look of the place. The gray floor can be combined with the gray facades of the cupboards which, apart from adding a touch of modernity, will harmonize beautifully with the natural stone details.

Modern rustic kitchen with Provencal spirit

Provencal-style cuisine is immersed in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. It abounds in details in wood, stone, and decorative ceramic objects. The subdued light brings a feeling of warmth and well-being.

Modern rustic kitchen decorated with wood and stone 

As we mentioned, current trends dictate the combination of authenticity and modernity, which change the mood in contemporary cuisine. With a revisited look, it plunges into a harmonious and friendly atmosphere and abounds in wood furniture and metal and stone elements.

A mix of contemporary and rustic style furniture

Play the sobriety card because that way you don’t risk making a mistake. To modernize your kitchen or to give it a rustic touch, just add one or more key elements that will create the desired atmosphere. Bet on the comfort of contemporary wooden furniture and mix it with an old piece of furniture such as a farm table, for example.

Wood and natural stone decoration in a modern rustic kitchen

Often it is the wooden cupboard doors that bring that old-world vibe to the kitchen. If that’s your wish, consider customizing or replacing the doors to give the closets a refreshed look. Do this with the help of a coat of paint and a few new handles. You can also benefit from custom stickers that will help you give a modern and chic look to your rustic kitchen.

The splashback in plain tiles or decorated with patterns

Installing a splashback in squares with eye-catching patterns – this is, without a doubt, one of the current trends that are inviting the interior of the contemporary kitchen. Whether decorated in a rustic, vintage, or modern style, the splashback in plain or colorful tiles will refresh the kitchen by bringing a touch of modernity and originality.

Modern rustic kitchen in wood and white

And as the rustic style knows no age, today it is still very current. The modern rustic kitchen is characterized by its predilection for solid wood, its warm atmosphere, and its conviviality. Its authentic vintage-style decoration will not go out of fashion because it goes wonderfully with any other style.

Warm and friendly rustic kitchen decorated in wood 

Don’t hide your grandmother’s pretty dishes any more. Show them off in style, using a beautiful vintage-style dresser. Also bet on the installation of several open shelves that will house services, table linen, and all kinds of decorative objects testifying to the past.

Wood and brick marriage in the modern rustic kitchen 

No need to live in the countryside to enjoy a beautiful modern rustic kitchen. These two styles combine wonderfully to ensure the necessary comfort and to make your minutes spent in the kitchen more enjoyable. The modern rustic-style kitchen enchants with its friendly atmosphere and contemporary high-quality equipment.

White and dark kitchen, rustic spirit revisited 

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