Rustic Kitchen Decor – Tips And Advice To Revamp The Space

rustic kitchen enjoys a superb special appeal and no one can deny it. The atmosphere that reigns there evokes memories of childhood and happy moments, shared with family, in the warmest and most convivial place of the house. However, a wooden kitchen that went out of fashion a long time ago must finally be a thing of the past. There are many reasons for resorting to renovation and there are many possible approaches. Whoever plans to embark on a rustic kitchen decor, will undoubtedly need ideas and advice to go about it without missteps and without lack of taste. As usual, is at your side to guide you through this experience.

Rustic Kitchen Decor: what you need to know

It is important to emphasize that, before anything else, it is possible to achieve a rustic kitchen makeover without necessarily changing everything. It is therefore out of the question to get rid of all the furniture and acquire new ones. Sometimes a few light renovations are all it takes to give the room the boost it needs. Follow our advice and you will have no trouble revamping your space.

Fancy a little rustic kitchen decor? If so, repainting wood furniture (with special paint, obviously) turns out to be the most “logical” approach to try. Choose a paint that lets the grain of the wood show through to retain its charm. Before taking the plunge, it is important to remove the doors, drawers, cabinets, plinths, and handles. Then clean everything well and sand and dust, before applying your paint.

Sometimes, a few light renovations are enough

If you’d rather skip the painting step, all that’s left for you to do is change the doors and drawers on your kitchen furniture. Replace them with new ones that will bring a breath of fresh air to your space. On the other hand, MDM and plywood panels will allow you to cover old-fashioned facades while keeping your elements. A clever idea for those who want to save.

In most cases, the rustic kitchen makeover involves the replacement of the worktop. This is inevitable in cases where the countertop in question is badly damaged or too old-fashioned. The other possible approach is to cover the plan with brushed aluminum plates or with any suitable thin coating.

Some Smart Ideas To Consider For Rustic Kitchen Decor

The tiled splashback fashioned is one of the common problems that a country kitchen. However, there are solutions that help give the backsplash a makeover and therefore give the room a fresh boost. As far as the tiled splashback is concerned, there is nothing easier than repainting it, with special tile paint. The other solution is to dress the section of the wall with a decorative panel (vinyl, glass), to put suitable wallpaper or modern tiles on it. It is possible to bet either on a splashback that goes well with the color of the kitchen furniture/wall paint or on a model that contrasts with the rest of the decor.

A rustic kitchen decor also involves refreshing the walls and the floor. First of all, one can replace the old-fashioned interior carpentry or just undertake some light renovation work. To do this, you must remove the frames and check their condition. A stroke of paint will suffice to give them a new look. If you prefer, skip this step and move on to assembling brand new frames. As for wall painting, the ideal would be to choose a color that will bring light to the room. When it comes to flooring, old-fashioned tiles can simply be covered with decorative self-adhesive tiles.

Any kitchen deserves a well-thought-out layout adapted to the lifestyle of the residents

In summary, like any other renovation project, a rustic kitchen makeover inevitably involves some work, either light or heavy. It basically depends on the idea the owners have in mind, as well as the existing situation. Small cosmetic or in-depth work, renovation is a process that must be carefully planned and organized. The kitchen being the heart of a house deserves a well thought out layout, adapted to the lifestyle of the residents and in harmony with the current times. With this in mind, when we think of a rustic kitchen makeover, first of all, we must think of the ergonomic, comfortable, and functional layout and, secondly, the aesthetic rendering.


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