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Rooftop Gardening For Making Your Roof More Charming

With a rooftop gardening, the house is not only visually upgraded – plants protect the roof waterproofing from the weather, improve the indoor climate, release the drainage, and attract birds. Perhaps that is why roof greening is in fashion – and more and more building owners are choosing it. We try to give you an overview of the rooftop gardening.

Rooftop Gardening – the roof substrate determines the type of plant

Before green roofs can be used, the roof structure must be checked by an expert. In order to choose the right plants, it must be determined in advance whether the roof will be ventilated or not. The roof pitch and the roof load must also be taken into account in this first planning phase. Only then can a cost calculation be made and possibly several variants compared.

The second phase is the implementation – a root-resistant film, a protective layer, a drainage layer, and then a filter mat is laid on the roof waterproofing. In the case of a pitched roof, additional fall protection must be installed. The substrate is scattered on the filter mat – depending on its height. The plant types are selected. Succulents, mosses, and other ground cover plants need between 3 – 6cm, herbs, and low flowers – between 7-12cm, taller flowers from 12-14cm substrate height.

Rooftop Gardening – an overview of different variants

Mosses, succulents, and ground cover now adorn the minimalist houses. A beautiful lawn on the flat roof can successfully replace or add to the missing garden – because often the buildings with a hillside are green and blend in harmoniously with the landscape. Higher plants are perfect for the garden house, for the garage, or the city villa. They attract birds and butterflies – great for families with children. Flowers and hedges, even trees traditionally decorate the roofs of the skyscrapers in metropolises such as New York, Beijing, Tokyo.

Flat Roof Garden – roof with plants

The roof terrace with plants is supplement by a green fence to create a green oasis in the city. The white paint clinker bricks are used for the facade as well as in the interior and combine beautifully with the different plants and tropical trees. The interior is modern, with wooden floors and ceilings that follow the parallel stripes of the roof. The large windows offer a view of the green garden and provide natural daylight throughout the house.

Rooftop Farming

Rooftop Gardening in a family home

Beautiful Roof – lawn on the roof 

Roof Garden Grass


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