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Roof Window Covering and Skylights – Curtains, Curtains and Blinds

The attic layout, including the trim of the roof window covering, can be a real challenge due to the limited space and the inevitable slope. Whether you have a riquiqui skylight or an attic window that runs from the ground to the top of the roof, you will need adequate adornment. The good window dressing of the roof must be functional, aesthetic, and in complete correspondence to the shape, size, and type of glazing in question. Curtains and net curtains, as well as the different models of blinds, give us many decorative possibilities to choose from. The most suitable for our own unique architectural design. In the current article, we will explore all these options and give you original ideas on the successful decoration of skylights and windows in the attic. Some of the examples illustrated below can also apply even for the basement window.

glass window covering

Take Advantage of the Roof Window

For all those who feel afflicted by having to arrange their attic while coping with the many difficulties that this process involves, rest assured. Take things on the bright side and examine the sloping walls as a blank backdrop for the implementation of an art installation! The roof window covering offers the possibility of particularly original designs, take advantage of it!

window covering in white house

Blackout curtains and artistic sheers for the double-pitched roof window

Such romantic drapery, for example, would not be possible without the roof window. To fix the curtains and net curtains, you will need a second curtain rod in order to counteract gravity by installing it halfway up.

window covering double pitched

Fixing with two rods and curtains in colors to match the striped wallpaper

This artistic composition is possible with a single roof window, as well as in the presence of several skylights. In the second case, you can opt for both curtains and sheers and create a super romantic atmosphere.

fixing rod window covering

Window Covering Match the Bed Linen in the Attic Bedroom

In this regard, the thickness of the fabric of the set also depends on the number of windows available. If, for example, you only have one roof window, choose thin curtains that will allow daylight to enter the room.

window covering in red

Original ideas on the roof window covering – curtains, sheers, and blinds

If, on the other hand, you have several skylights, you can opt for a combination of sheers and blackout curtains, as normally they provide enough natural light.

Choose the thickness of the fabric according to the orientation of the attic, the size and the number of windows

Of course, this choice also depends on the orientation of the attic. If the roof window faces south or east in the summer, you will need to limit the effect of the sun’s rays a little. For this purpose, blinds and roller shutters are a good solution.

attic window covering

Roller Shutters and Blinds as an Alternative to Curtains and Sheers for Roof Window Covering

As far as successful sun protection is concerned, roller shutters have a major blackout effect. In addition, they offer good sound and heat insulation. It is the choice par excellence if you want to arrange a bedroom under the eaves. However, they may seem a bit extreme and have no major decorative value. The right intermediary between the curtains and the shutters is, therefore, the blind.

Boat blind in watermelon pink for the roof window or glazing in an inclined wall

Naturally, the vertical blind, with adjustable slats or ordinary strips, does not work for a roof window or a skylight. There are however many suitable options, such as the Venetian blind, the Roman blind, the pleated one, or the roller blind.

The boat blinds work equally well for the veranda, the glass roof, and the winter garden

The majority of the solutions presented in this article are intended for the roof window. You can be successfully applied to fit out other areas with extraordinary architecture. The glazed veranda and the winter garden, for example, due to their numerous glazing, also need dressing, especially in summer, when the heat inside them can become unbearable.

Remote-controlled blinds for great heights – a high-tech solution for kitchen 

For the hard-to-reach roof window, a practical solution is the remote control blind. With its help, you can easily regulate the amount of light in the room. By opening and closing the blind regardless of the height of your skylight or skylight.

Roller blinds in anise green harmonizing with the high stools of the central island

You can take things on the positive side and use the skylight trim to put a nice accent of bold color. Give their nuance to a design piece of furniture that you already have or to an aesthetic object of which you are particularly proud.

Choice of Color for the Roof Window Covering

The choice of color for the roof window covering, the logical approach is to select a color as clear as possible, if not white. The why: the attic usually is quite dark, and there is no need to darken it further. The only exception is when talking about the layout of an adult bedroom in the attic. There you can also opt for privacy and deeper tones, but still warm.

Bedroom 2 children in the attic with boat blind, custom storage and decoration in natural tones

A trio of white roller blinds in the Scandinavian attic with exposed load-bearing beams

Strong sunlight will discolor your roof window covering and may even destroy the fabric structure over time. Therefore, excessively saturated colors are to be avoided. If you want to save money and replace blinds or curtains as often as possible.

Roof window covering in a lilac awning for the teenage girl’s bedroom in the attic

On the other hand, please choose pastel colors such as powder pink, lavender, serenity blue, mint green, or pale yellow. Everything is fine, depending on the rest of the decor and how the room will be used.


Roof window covering with white fabric blind in the bedroom decorated in taupe

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