Relaxation Area In The Garden! The 5 Keys To Creating A Pleasant And Intimate Space

Revolutionize the exterior of your home by highlighting your patio or garden! This is an opportunity to set up a relaxation area in the garden and create places where you can spend moments with family or friends. Draw our ideas to magnify this space and give character to your interior.

Do You Want To Create A Relaxation Area In The Garden? Consider Installing A Wooden Deck

Because we like the warm look of wood, but also because it is fast and practical, we install a wooden terrace to optimize the space and have a pleasant place to enjoy the long summer evenings or mild mornings of spring. Wood gives a lot of aesthetics to the exterior of your home.

Very pleasant, this material is light and reduces the risk of slipping that can be encountered, especially with tiles. The wooden terrace is also very simple to maintain and easy to dismantle if necessary, unlike concrete or natural stone. In order for it to harmonize with your home, you must succeed in finding the right balance between the dimensions of the building and those of the terrace. Also select the size of the wooden slats, but also the treatment of the wood and its color.

Create Gray Areas

To set up a relaxation area in the garden and take full advantage of your outdoors, it is advisable to install shaded areas to enjoy the sun without being suffocated by the heat. With temperatures rising more and more in summer, you will enjoy protecting yourself from the sun.

It is very easy to make and there are different possibilities such as a wooden pergola or even the provision of shade sails in a few seconds. This type of sail is available in different materials and different colors. Very trendy, the sails are fixed on a tree, a pole or even on a wall. It is also possible to create a bamboo canisse to give a very summer atmosphere. On the other hand, if you want a durable installation, it is recommended to choose a pergola rather than the canisses which resist weathering less well.

To Properly Arrange A Relaxation Area In The Garden, Consider Accessorizing It With Natural Furniture

If you want to give elegance to your home and garden, forget about the plastic furniture that is too common and not very warm. Prefer rather a furniture made in a pretty wood and associated with trendy fabrics.

Outdoor Table And Chairs

It is the essential element to dress your terrace and have the possibility of taking meals during the summer. If you like to receive, opt for a large table or with an extension system, to adapt the size to the number of guests. You can, therefore, take advantage of space by storing extensions when they are not needed.

Choose a table made of rot-resistant wood treated against weather and UV. There are tables in solid wood or with a rattan top and metal legs. Indeed, rattan is back in fashion and is associated with a more industrial spirit thanks to a contemporary metallic base. Make sure that the metal has been treated against rust so that the table does not deteriorate in the rain.

Sit Where We Like To Rest

Savor a moment of calm while listening to the life that animates your garden, thanks to armchairs and seats suitable for lazing around. We love nap time in a large hammock with macrame panels and long fringes.

For a semi-sitting position, consider the Acapulco loungers and chairs. Vary the styles by also selecting fabrics in noble materials and contemporary patterns in soft colors. And why not fall for an outdoor bed suspended by large solid ropes that you will install under an ancestral oak? Use all the small spaces in your garden and terrace. Also bring softness and softness with many cushions, a welcome pouf or a roller mattress.

Adopt A Soft Light

Enhance the exterior of your home with indirect or polished light sources, to create a relaxing space in the garden and create a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Outdoor Lamps

In order not to have to bring your lights every night, choose lamps specially designed for outdoor use. Rather than a point of intense light, we advise you to multiply the lamps and to select softer colors in Zen shades such as water green, beige or even a delicately bluish shade.

The Use Of Solar Energy

If you have an ecological soul, opt for lights powered by solar energy. You will have the choice between colored paper lanterns, illuminated fun shapes or even more sober lighting. It is ideal for lighting a driveway or for highlighting a plantation or shrub. And if you like a warm atmosphere, we also put solar lights on the table to decorate the table of your guests.

Bring Nature And A Wild Touch To The Outdoors

To relax on your terrace, don’t forget to flower it or decorate it with green plants. This will give soul to your exterior and create a real harmony between the terrace and the garden. Do not hesitate to multiply the pots and to vary the plantings, in order to bring a natural impression.

And to give flavor to your kitchen, plan a corner to plant aromatic herbs. Even on the terrace, you can create small stair planting squares. No need to go to the garden to cut your fresh herbs!

Finally, for children, install a portico, a swing or a small place where they can make a cabin. It will be their refuge and they will spend many hours playing outside while inventing incredible adventures. A good solution to get them out of the screens!

It is not very complicated to imagine an outdoor space where you feel good. Instead, choose natural materials to have the pleasure of spending time there.

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