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Best Pool Remodeling Ideas For You To Enjoy This Summer

The renovation of a swimming pool generally occurs when one of the components of the swimming pool becomes defective. And for this purpose, you need some pool remodeling ideas.

Questions About Pool Remodeling Ideas?

Does the hydraulic circuit no longer provide good filtration in the pool?
Are beaches aging more and more and are they unsightly?

It is then time for pool remodeling.

Filtration Units For Pool Remodeling Ideas

When we talk about renovations, we immediately think of important work. However, some products from the pool allow you to get a makeover without ending up with a huge site in the garden.

Pool Remodeling Ideas

Thus, the filtration units can be installed at the same point on the edge of the basin. They include the entire hydraulic circuit, the filtration pump, the projectors, and the filter media and can be installed on almost all swimming pool structures. They have the enormous advantage of not having to take up all the pipes buried around the edge of the pool in the event of a leak.

These filtration units are mounted on the structure and ensure the filtration of the pool. Minimal work for maximum efficiency!

Causes Of Pool Remodeling

A leakage problem is also a cause of renovation. There are 2 main categories of waterproofing coatings. Those which are independent of the structure such as 75/100 th and 150/100 th coating or reinforced and those which depend on the structure (plasters, paints, and tiles).

Pool Remodeling Ideas

The average lifespan of a 75/100 th thick coating is around 10 years (*). The reinforced liner, more resistant because it is thicker. It has the advantage of being able to install on all supports. Tiled swimming pools will however require recertification at the level of joints and missing tiles and the installation of a felt before installation.

However, it is not necessary to have a leak to change your bootie. A simple desire for novelty can be at the origin of the replacement of a liner whose aging color is no longer up to date. The lining is the most economical waterproof coating.

Is The Pool Waterproofing To Be Redone?

In the aesthetic register, we find the change of coping and paving. Loose or worn copings, an aging pavement, encrusted with pollution tarnish the appearance of your pool.
In the area where the garden and the swimming pool are living rooms in their own right, just like the house. A contemporary or traditional paving stone revives the general radiance of your exterior.
The total or partial renovation of your pool is therefore largely achievable without having to consider an endless project.

Before And After Pool Remodeling Ideas

 Before And After   

The best time for a renovation is winter. Since you can then enjoy your new pool and its surroundings as soon as the time comes.

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