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21+ Pool Designs For Small Garden Practical And Space-Saving

A garden with a pool is the dream of many homeowners. However, if the garden is quite small, it can be difficult to find the right model without sacrificing too much of the valuable garden. The Pool Designs For Small Garden with its small size should be enough to relax and possibly also for swimming, but at the same time leave enough space for plants, flowers, and a terrace. If you don’t want a simple exhibition pool, you can get inspiration from the following ideas and have a pool built for a small garden.

Choose A Pool Designs For Small Garden

Basically, you can choose the size of the pool for small gardens, depending on how much lawn and bed space you want in the end. The less garden you need, the larger the pool can be. You can also adapt to the shape of the garden to the new pool. A long, rectangular pool was chosen for this narrow back yard.

Small Garden Pool – A Few Plants

The owners of this house decided to almost completely transform the small garden into a pool. There is only one tree left from the former garden. This pool for small gardens offers enough space for swimming and can be crossed over stepping stones. The folding doors of the kitchen give you a perfect view and access to the pool.

Narrow Pool Designs For Small Garden

A narrow, long pool allows better use of the small garden. There is room for a fairly large lawn and dining area. The edge of the pool serves as a bench and thus offers additional seating. When planning, also consider the appropriate lighting of the pool for small gardens. This has a great impact on the atmosphere in the evening.

Garden In White

If you do not want to swim in the pool, you can also design such a square pool for a small garden and save a lot of space that you can not only use for flower beds and a larger terrace. In this way, space can also be left for a garden shower. The design with white color also looks oriental and exotic and makes the small area appear more spacious.

Raised Beds As A-Frame

Design such a niche for the pool for small gardens, in which you can install the pool rectangular or square. The frame consists of narrow raised beds that you can plant with lush plants to make the pool area more natural and cozy. The area in front of the pool for small gardens can be used for a lawn or a terrace. Depending on what you need and want …

Modern Pool In The Small Garden

Here you see an attractive idea with a modern style. The garden path made of stepping stone separates the pool for the small garden from the green lawn. It also leads from the house to the terrace with a dining table and benches. The rectangular pool is adorned on both sides with wood and white decorative gravel.

Small Pool On The Terrace

Raised beds were designed for planting this outdoor area. The rest of the garden also serves as a terrace and pool area. The small garden pool has steps and a bench in the water where you can relax in the cool water. The gray floor of the terrace fits perfectly with the turquoise tiles of the pool. All of this transforms the small garden into a feel-good paradise.

Pool Designs For Small Garden With Island

If space permits, you can of course also consider larger swimming pools. Here the garden pool is located directly on the covered terrace. An eye-catcher is undoubtedly the pretty little island, which is planted with trees and lawns. The gray tile border also shows the blue pool perfectly.

Use Practically Little Space

When it comes to the pool for small gardens, you are sometimes spoiled for choice. Since the plot of this house was very small, you had to choose between the garden and the pool. As can be seen, the choice fell on the pool. In such cases, sufficient greenery can also be provided with well-planted tubs, pots, and boxes. Despite the rather long pool, there is enough space above for a dining and seating area with a fireplace.

Small Garden With Pool

A small pool for the garden, as mentioned, can be designed in any shape. This variant is reminiscent of a fountain and is particularly pleasant in the garden. The pool also serves as a decorative element. It is framed by various plants and ornamental gravel, while a waterfall ensures a pleasant and soothing splash.

Exotic Flair

If you live in a mild climate region, you can plant the area around the pool for a small garden with tropical plants and create holiday feelings. If you are not so lucky, you can still use potted plants for a pool design that is brought into the house in winter. Whether for the modern or Mediterranean, rustic or classic style – plants give every pool a certain charm.

Small Pools For Small Gardens

You will quickly find that a small pool is enough to get the necessary refreshment in the hot summer. Adjust the small garden pool to your liking and you have an outdoor area that can be as relaxing as a large garden. The only thing that is important is thorough planning.

Round Pool Designs For Small Garden

This idea for a pool for a small garden is extremely original. Like the hammock in front of the bedroom, it can be reached via a bridge or a wooden walkway. The pool has a round shape and is made of concrete. The shady location ensures that the water always remains pleasantly cool so that the best refreshment is guaranteed throughout the summer.

Simple Pool

It doesn’t have to be anything special to get its benefits. This small garden pool has a rectangular shape and a small seating area, while the rest is for swimming. The only special feature is the three waterfalls that protrude from the retaining wall of the raised bed. The garden pool is surrounded by bright natural stone tiles.

A Lot Of Wood

A garden is also omitted in this example. The pool for the small garden is located directly on the spacious terrace, which was chosen instead of the greenery. Instead, palm trees in pots provide green. The terrace and the pool area are decorated with lots of wood for the floor. The roof was also made of wood. A natural and cozy atmosphere is created.

T-Shaped Pool Design For Small Garden

This pool for a small garden can be entered on two sides via built-in stairs. The middle area offers enough space for swimming. The rest of the back yard is divided into different areas, including two for lounge chairs and a dining area with a roof. Brick is used as flooring for this rustic Mediterranean outdoor area.

Long Swimming Pool

A long and narrow pool is the perfect choice for a small garden pool that is also narrow. It can extend in any length and still offers space for deck chairs, tables, or other areas and furniture on the other side. The long pool is a variant of the square pool for those who value swimming.

Lounge With Pool

This pool for small gardens separates two lounge areas. Both the seating area and the area with the deck chairs are furnished with rattan furniture. This gives the otherwise oriental-looking outdoor area a modern touch. The small space is used optimally and promises complete relaxation in your free time.

Rustic Design

Here you can also see a very long pool for a small garden with an equally long lawn. The edge of the pool is made of weathered concrete and adapts to the Mediterranean house with a rustic flair. The narrow garden can be used to relax perfectly, although there is no shortage of pretty greenery.

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