19 Charming Pond And Water Garden Ideas For Beautiful Backyard

Water Gardens Ideas are both beautiful and peaceful. They can be a big undertaking and can take considerable time, effort and money. Water gardens can be as simple as a small pond or can expand to include large fish ponds and waterfalls. The size and style of water garden you choose will depend on the size of the area you have, the amount of money you wish to spend and your own personal taste. Water gardens require a considerable amount of upkeep so they are not for everyone. Carefully research and consider all aspects of water design ideas for a water garden prior to beginning the project.

Small ponds can be a lovely addition to an existing small garden. You have two options when putting in a pond. A shallow pond can be achieved by digging a shallow hole and lining it with a rubber membrane.  While this method is more cost efficient, it can sometimes be unreliable and will require replacement much sooner. A stronger, longer lasting way of adding a pond is to purchase a prefabricated plastic insert. These come in several shapes and sizes. When creating a pond that is level with the ground it is best to keep plants and flowers to a minimum to avoid them blocking the outline of the pond. Small potted plants placed around or near the pond is a better choice.

Larger ponds can look great as part of a large garden or as a focal point in a yard. These can be constructed in much the same way as smaller ponds. A natural fed pond may also be an option depending upon your properties resources. Small to medium sized fish can thrive in a larger pond and add to the attraction. Large ponds are often used to join or blend two or more parts of your garden or yard. Adding stone pathways, benches and even a fountain give you increased options and variety while adding to the charm of your water garden.

Not everyone has the room or the desire for something as elaborate as a pond. If you are looking to add simple water feature to your garden there are several smaller scale options available. Adding a small free standing stone fountain or waterfall to your garden or patio adds to the ambiance and can often give the desired sound of water. A bird bath is another popular choice for those with limited space.

Get creative with your water garden design ideas. Choose a shape that not only compliments your garden or yard but is also bold and pleasing to the eye. Add colorful potted plants or plant low flowers around the outline of the pond. Join your pond to gardens, pathways, patios or trees. Offer a place to sit and enjoy the tranquility of the water garden. Whether you desire a small freestanding fountain or are planning a waterfall flowing into a large pond surrounded by lush gardens, take the time to carefully plan your water garden. Expert advice is recommended when planning a water garden.

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