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Plasterboard Living Room Decoration To Change The Walls And The Ceiling Of The Living Room

Today, special attention is paid to each corner of the foyer, requiring a new decoration or a touch of color. However, very often we tend to neglect the original projects concerning the transformation of the ceiling and walls. But once well dressed, they can quickly become the focal point of the house, emphasizing the individual character of each room. In our article of the day, we will present some good ideas of plaster false ceilings to consider for the living room. Concentrate on the plasterboard of the living room decoration and say goodbye to the boring ceiling and the sad walls!

Living Room Decoration In Plasterboard: Why Dare A Plasterboard Ceiling/Wall?

To change the white ceiling or give a boost to the walls, there are several colors, materials, and patterns to consider, depending on the preferences and tastes of each buyer. You can choose between wood, fiberglass papers or plasterboard, commonly known as plasterboard, to give your living room a more modern look. As far as the plasterboard ceiling is concerned, it is quite simply a suspended ceiling. Relatively easy to implement, it has several advantages to note. In addition to adapting to many supports and situations, it has the potential to conceal the defects and irregularities of your walls and ceilings in a jiffy.

Much more than a simple element of the house, the ceiling is now an integral part of interior decoration. The plasterboard decoration is therefore perfect for camouflaging heating or water pipes, as well as electrical conduits in your home. You can integrate lights, such as recessed spotlights or another type of integrated lighting. A false plasterboard ceiling also allows you to play with the volumes of the living room by creating differences in levels. It is particularly practical for delimiting the living space of the open kitchen.

How To Put The Plaster In Your Living Room?

In renovations as in construction, the plaster offers good thermal and sound insulation. Simply insert insulation into the plenum (the space between the false ceiling and the raised support floor) when installing the plasterboard. That said, the plasterboard is a great solution for beautifying a damaged ceiling or abandoned walls. By installing a false plasterboard ceiling in your living room or bedroom, you should not demolish the existing ceiling. Just hang it on a reliable structure to support its weight. To do this, there are several types of suitable fasteners.

As we have already mentioned, the installation of the plasterboard is quick and relatively easy to implement. Whether it is placed on the ceiling or on the ceiling, it does, however, require an expert technique, often overlooked by interior renovation enthusiasts, in order to avoid unsightly marks on your new coating. But once correctly laid, the result is more than satisfactory. It only remains to cover the surface of the filler and then the paint. In addition, coatings such as wood and wallpaper are equally suitable.

Ideas To Enhance The Living Room Decor In Plasterboard

Contemporary coatings, such as plasterboard, allow several decorative boldnesses. Experiment with colors and shapes to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Depending on your wishes, you can enhance the plasterboard in the living room decoration by building front and side shelves. A beautiful partition or a practical corner unit for your personal belongings. We opt again for the plaster to facilitate the installation of the lights. In short, everything is allowed with a plasterboard!

Certainly, the most frequent use of plaster is for the creation of niches on the walls and on the ceiling, where you can display your favorite decorative objects or create pretty sources of light. In the case of limited space, the determination of the different living spaces is essential. We again put on the plasterboard to create a suspended ceiling just above the seating area. In addition to providing an impressive visual effect, this idea energizes and personalizes the room. Another original way to separate the different parts of the small interior is the installation of a low plasterboard partition between the living room and the dining room. Giving an intimate and pleasant atmosphere to the living room has never been so easy and economical!

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