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13+ Magical Christmas Tree Decor Ideas With Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

From mid-November, we are starting to take a closer look at the ways to prepare for the end-of-year festivities. This includes ideas about gifts, the Christmas menu and, of course, about the creative variations of decorating one’s interior. We spend hours and hours on the internet in search of delicious recipes with exotic ingredients, artistic ideas to fold towels and so embellish the table and, of course, unique decorating ideas for its interior and exterior. This year, we propose to bet on the pine cone tree, as an alternative to the classic Christmas Tree. So, discover without further delay what we are looking for in our photo gallery! Let’s see what’s an artistic Christmas tree in 2019.

DIY Christmas: Pine Cone Fir Tree In A Few Original Models To Imitate

After thinking about the criteria for choosing between a natural and an artificial tree, it is a good time to address another relevant question. What to do when we live in a studio and we do not want to do without festive decoration? In fact, when the surface is limited to one of the most important things in the world, the prospect of giving up even half square meter to place seems ridiculous. Do not panic, a sacrifice of this kind is not necessary, because of the fir tree.

Why A Fir Tree?

Among these natural elements to transform into a pretty Christmas decor, we immediately think of pine cones. It must be said that to find, we must only go in the forest and bend down to pick up! And the ideal period for that is certainly now. With a few Christmas decorations, you can make so many things, such as a Christmas wreath, DIY garlands, rustic suspensions, even a small Christmas tree: this idea will make a very nice centerpiece. Demonstration below.

Pine Cone Tree – Mini Version

The materials needed for our first DIY are obvious. In addition to a few pine cones, you will also need green paint and lots of small felted wool balls. Also, get some DIY glue. Let your little ones paint themselves and then glue the felt balls into the interstices of the pine cones. Finally, add a sequin tassel at the top of each mini pine cone tree to further beautify the design. Let’s dry and that’s it.

Pine Cones And Corks To Decorate The House DIY Way

To decorate your home easily and cheaply, we put it again on pine cones, but this time, combining them with corks. Some brushstrokes of green paint, some hot glue and you get a DIY Christmas decoration very natural and trendy at the same time! Although using hot glue is not suitable for children. This part of the tutorial is strictly reserved for you.

Materials To Buy:
green / golden / silver / white paint
1 brush
hot glue gun
small decorative wooden stars

Steps To Follow :

With the brush, paint the pine cones with green paint. Apply hot glue to one of the cork stoppers and glue it over the pine cone. Then take a little star, put some glue on it and stick it to the top of your mini fir tree. Repeat with the rest of your pine cones and create a small forest of festive trees.

A Very Natural Christmas Tree Made Of Several Pine Cone

For this next fir cone, you will need:
several pine cones
polystyrene cone
hot glue
painting (to choose)
light garland (your choice)
Christmas balls (to choose)

In our opinion, the most suitable pine cones for this are those of Scots pine. So run quickly to pick them up before the first snow covers them. No size or shape will be neglected! Once the materials are provided, take the polystyrene cone and start up the pine cones using the hot glue gun. Proceed from the top to the bottom of your pine cone tree. For a sublime effect, stick the smaller ones at the top and the bigger ones at the bottom! Let dry and decorate as you wish. Bright garlands, Christmas balls or edible decorations. We leave the choice to you.

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