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Patio Wood Furniture For You To Upgrade Your Patio Furniture

The days are getting shorter, the evenings are getting cooler, and the leaves are falling off the trees. Autumn is here. With the beginning of the cold season, rain, cold, and frost threaten. So plants and raised beds, fences, gardens, and patio furniture made of wood need some attention again to survive the winter. After careful cleaning of the wooden surface, care follows. In this article, we reveal how to winterize the patio wood furniture.

Wooden Patio Furniture Lacquered or Oiled?

Years ago, the patio furniture made of wood was mainly made of lacquered softwood such as pine, beech, or spruce. The moisture and UV radiation damage the wood glaze, and it becomes porous and unsightly over time. Year after year, you had to sand down and repaint the top surface. The wooden furniture for outdoor use has lost its popularity. Today, most garden owners choose garden furniture from resistant types of wood such as teak, cedar, Robinia, or bamboo. They contain essential oils that naturally protect the wood, making annual treatment much more manageable. Nevertheless, all furniture made of wood should be clean thoroughly of dirt and grease at the beginning and the end of the gardening season.

Outdoor Patio Furniture In Winter 

The surface is treated with an oily care product after cleaning if there is no softwood or holy wood. The wood must be dry so that the impregnation with oil absorbs properly. The wooden furniture is then stored in the garden shed, basement, or the attic. The appropriate storage location should be dry, but not warm or dusty. Every piece of furniture should be well covered, but not airtight. The wood is thus optimally protected against dirt, dust, and vermin. In general, the following storage recommendation is optimal:

  • protected from UV radiation
  • stored dry and frost-free
  • well ventilated
  • not strongly heated 

Clean Patio Wood Furniture

Despite placing the garden furniture in a dry and frost-free room, cleaning furniture before winter is necessary. Due to the temperature fluctuations and the alternation of dryness and moisture, a silver-gray patina forms on the wood often cracks. This does not damage the lo wooden furniture thoroughly before winter. Natural wood is first wiped off with a damp cloth, and stubborn stains are removed with a gentle cleaning agent or a light soapy solution. Bleaching agents are excluded when cleaning wooden surfaces because they change the color of wooden furniture and can leave unsightly stains.

It is best to use natural soap. It contains vegetable oils which, in addition to the cleaning effect, also enable regreasing. In addition, there is no need for microfiber cloths when cleaning wood, because they remove the natural oil from the wood. It is advisable to use a simple cloth made of cotton and a brush or sponge for the stubborn stains. It would help if you scrubbed in the direction of the grain. Otherwise, the wood can be damage. After washing, you have to dab the detergent with a dry cloth so that it does not remain on the wood.

Maintain Patio Furniture Made of Wood 

The dirt and patina cannot always be removed without leaving any residue. After cleaning, the wood often fades and loses its shine, since the cleaning agent more or less dissolves the natural oils contained in the wood. Patio furniture made of wood, which has been exposed to the weather for a longer time, is so grayed out, or the surface has become so rough that only sanding helps. To do this, use sanding paper with a coronation of 100 or 120 and work without high pressure. The sanded particles must now be vacuumed off and wiped off with ink. If the graying is too strong, you can also use a special hardwood power cleaner. Always wear gloves. After cleaning, the wooden surface needs a “refreshment” with care products.

After cleaning, treatment with a maintenance oil is necessary. There are both colors, pigmented, and colorless oils for wood. For the colorless care oils, it is essential to know that they do not offer protection against UV radiation, so they cannot affect the graying. The care products used should generally not contain any solvents so that the natural wood preservation is not damaged. The oil is best to apply with a brush or cotton rag and polished out after a few hours. This increases the impregnation effect after the treatment. Unique, WPC care products should be used when cleaning WPC boards.

Renovate Damaged Wooden Patio Furniture Before Winter

Small cracks in the wood can inevitably arise through use, under high stress or through fluctuations in temperature and humidity, due to UV radiation and others. Over time and through the water that later penetrates it, the cracks tear open. The wood can also attack fungi. Therefore, it is advisable to act immediately, even with small cracks. There are special filters for wood used outdoors.

The cleaning of patio wood furniture and the application of a care product should not only be carried out before winter but two to three times a year. Basically, the procedure for winter patio furniture is the following:

  1. First, clean the wooden surface thoroughly
  2. Allow wooden furniture to dry for at least one day, 48 hours is recommended
  3. If necessary, touch up with filling compound and sandpaper
  4. Treat with impregnation, two successive coats
  5. Cover

Lacquered garden furniture is generally more maintenance-intensive. If the paint is undamaged, you only need to sand it lightly once a year, wipe it off and then apply a thin layer of new paint. But if the glaze has peeled off, you have to remove it completely and apply a new one on the dry wood.

Winter Patio Wood Furniture: care tips

When cleaning, it is particularly important to free the wooden patio furniture from all screws, hinges, screw connections, handles and etc. If this is not possible, you can take a piece of paper tape and possibly protect the metal elements.

In addition to the patio wood furniture, the planks on the balcony or terrace, the garden house, and the fence or the privacy screen are itself expose to the weather all year round. The annual cleaning and maintenance generally apply to all wooden elements outdoors.

Winter Patio Furniture made of wood: The effort is worth it

Without a doubt, frost and wetness have a very negative effect on the appearance and durability of garden furniture. If you have winterized the wooden patio furniture properly, you will be delighted if it will be taken outside again next year and shine with a fresh shine. It will make your patio attractive.



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