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Inexpensive Party Decoration In Transparent Balloons Filled With Confetti

Your daughter’s birthday is only a few weeks away and you are lacking original party decoration ideas? Or is it your spring wedding that permanently occupies you because you aim for an atmosphere close to perfection? Okay, but you don’t want to declare bankruptcy in the meantime or compromise with the other festive elements, do you?

How To Make Your Own Transparent Balloons Filled With Confetti

Of course, they will not be inflated and you will have to look for a party store to fill them with helium. This is why we advise you to make your own transparent balloons filled with confetti which are in fact elementary. Here, below, all the materials you will need for this project, namely: balloon, confetti, wire, and ribbon.

How To Get The Most Out Of Transparent Balloons In Party Decoration

There is probably no need to explain that the whole process is to put the multicolored confetti in the big transparent balloons. Therefore, we will only share with you the tips that you can use to do this. First, you can either buy a packet of ready-made confetti or make it from a few sheets of tissue paper and a drill.

Use Them As An Absolutely Eye-Catching And Inexpensive Birthday Centerpiece

Keep in mind, however, that the second option will not save you too much money and can be tedious at the same time. Second, if the throat of the balloon allows, use a jam funnel to more easily introduce paper washers inside. You can fold them gently to make it easier, but be careful not to crease them too much.

Finally, and this is very important, be sure to touch each round of confetti with your fingers before inserting it into the sphere of the balloon. The purpose of this somewhat bizarre step at first glance is to generate static electricity. Thereafter, it will allow the confetti to stick on the walls of transparent and clearly visible balloons. Instead of simply falling and stacking at the bottom.

Final Touch And Thematic Decorating Ideas

All you have to do is fill them with helium and enjoy them as a super original party decoration. Oh yes, we almost forgot to mention that you can also decorate them with drooping tails in the shape of washers, pennants or ribbons in the same colors as their filling in order to make them more neat and attractive.

In addition, the filling itself does not necessarily have to be made up of classic confetti – it can be thematic. For example, for a DIY decoration for Valentine’s Day, fill your giant transparent balloons with small paper hearts in red and pink and surprise your darling by offering them.

Transparent Balloons With Alternative Engineering Fillings

Then for a super special occasion like your wedding, nothing like sparkling gold and silver! Fill the large transparent balloons with gold or silver glitter. You will surely have a glamorous decoration in the Hollywood style! Chic tip: match them to the cutlery material, the decorative edges of the table service, etc.

Pop Them During Birthday Games And Admire The Smiles On The Faces Of The Little Ones

So that your reception is redecorated with the most romantic decoration. Your loved ones have ever seen, orient yourself to a cozy filling that makes you dream. Whether or not they belong to a flamingo. These feathers tinged with pale pink are straight exits from a world of magical wonders.

Filling In Purple Petals And A Lush Green Braid On B-Day

Whatever the age, a child’s birthday party simply couldn’t do without balloons! Whether transparent or opaque and multicolored, small or giant, helium or ordinary, these fun inflatable spheres are mandatory. And for the surprise to be complete this year, try a combination of the variants listed like the one below.

An Admirable Jungle Of Greenery For A Flawless Nature Decor

Transparent balloons filled with delicate greenery are currently causing a sensation on social networks, photo sharing sites and blogs dedicated to marriage, and this is no coincidence.

Instead Of An Ordinary Thread, Use An Ivy Stem Also For The Tail

Bachelor Party Decoration In Transparent Balloons Filled With Flowers And Leaves

Take The Opportunity To Tweak The Sweet Buffet On A Little Girl’s Birthday

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