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Outdoor Pool That Enhances The Look Of Your Garden

During the summer months, you dream of a garden paradise and an outdoor swimming pool. Is there anything better than relaxing on a lounge chair by the garden pool where you can sunbathe? Today, we are going to give you some excellent examples of the outdoor swimming pool. Let us inspire you with the superb photo gallery of the outdoor pools and garden lounges!

Modern Garden With An Outdoor Pool Of Classic Design

Having a nice arrangement around the pool is very important both for the aesthetics of your garden and for your comfort when you go out to sunbathe or swim. There are many ideas for growing around a pool. Surround the pool with greenery or create a chic and practical beach with tiling or wood? This is perhaps the first question to ask, and therefore the first answer to give. It will also be necessary to think of shading solutions to avoid sunstroke. A pergola, a shade veil or even a parasol will do the trick. Do not hesitate to arrange the space around the swimming pool with a comfortable lounge to enjoy good relaxation by the water.

The pool lighting should not be overlooked either. In addition to creating a very decorative effect at dusk, this element is ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere for your romantic evenings. Garden lighting is also very important, as it provides more security outside at dusk. Finally, we adopt a beautiful decoration to make the pool a unique piece. Giant buoys, decorative figurines, plants in planters, small waterfalls, etc. – There is something for every taste!

Large Garden With Outdoor Pool Decorated With Cool Mosaic

The mosaic of blue and white roses makes this pool even more irresistible. The sand-colored stone beach is highlighted by the fine mosaic and the fresh color of the lawn.

Exceptionally Shaped Outdoor Pool

The contemporary swimming pool is not only rectangular or oval. Experiment with different geometric shapes, as well as with asymmetrical shapes. Thus, your outdoor space will have a modern and interesting appearance. Nearby you can organize a dining area, barbecue facilities, and a seating area.

Wood Or Stone Pool Terrace

The wooden swimming pool beach has a natural charm and makes an optical link between the swimming pool and the environment. Wood must be specially treated so that it resists water and humidity well. Pressure-treated wood or composite wood is most suitable for this purpose.

Swimming Pool Beach In Stone Slabs

Stone slabs are a suitable choice for the bathing beach. Whether it’s sandstone, slate, quartzite, travertine, limestone or granite, they are a popular choice that can last for generations. Each of these types of stone has a special character that can completely change the atmosphere of the garden.

Garden Design With Pool In Light Gray And Turquoise

Sometimes the sun’s rays are so strong that it is undesirable to sunbathe. It is, therefore, necessary to plan the construction of adequate sun protection. For swimming pools in the immediate vicinity of the house, an awning or a shade sail will be the right option. For the swimming pool located in the center of the garden, a pergola will provide the desired shade. The pergola with blinds will provide sufficient shade in the garden. It can also be decorated with climbing plants.

Ultra-Modern Garden With A Furnished Terrace And Large Infinity Pool (Before And After)

Do you live in a beautiful house with a breathtaking view of the sea? You might as well complete this paradisiacal landscape with a royal swimming pool! It’s up to you to choose its shape and design depending on the layout and shape of your land. The infinity pool is undeniably the best option to enjoy the beautiful view that emerges from the terrace. However, there are many other models that can do the trick. There are several things to consider when talking about pool construction. Landscaping, the design of rest areas and outdoor furniture are among them. It is therefore up to you to consult the opinion of a specialist before making your choice.

Stylish Pool In The Garden With Comfortable Lounge Chairs And Abundant Vegetation (Before And After)

The arrangement of the space around the pool is a point of great importance to which we would like to draw your attention. Like the other elements of your outdoor space, the pool deserves special attention. After choosing its location, it is worth thinking about the small details that will contribute to the creation of its aesthetic appearance. So you have to be concerned not only with the quality of its performance but also with its appearance. Be sure to choose the right wardrobe that must match the characteristics of the terrace. Opt for a coating capable of blending into the decor and don’t forget to decorate its edges well. Decorative stones, stones, crafts, the arsenal of towers is not complete.

Swimming Pool With Composite Wooden Beach, Ornamental Grasses And Buddha Statue As Decoration

As long as we are talking about decoration, this is the perfect time to talk about the importance of decoration accessories. As you suspect, we choose them based on the style applied. For a Zen atmosphere, we opt for a Buddha statue and we multiply the objects that exude Asian tranquility. On the other hand, minimalist spaces will hardly appreciate the accumulation of Zen objects. In this case, it will be necessary to consider the creation of a decor devoid of artifices.

Hedge Next To The Classic Garden Pool

To praise the characteristics of this outdoor pool would be totally useless if we do not give pride of place to its greatest asset: its beach. Accumulating the functions of a traditional beach and a functional terrace. This space is also embellished with a beautiful line of potted plants and a comfortable chaise longue. Surrounding your pool well is probably the best way to successfully design any outdoor space. The idea of ​​stinging? Forget the classic fences and opt for a privacy screen planted like this green hedge that preserves the terrace of curious neighbors.

Green Plants And Trees Act As A Green Screen Next To The Outdoor Pool

Above, another alternative to the traditional viewing screen. If you do not want, for one reason or another. Decorate your outdoor space with a fence or a green hedge, opt for a breeze view composed of trees and green plants. As cool and pleasant to see as the green hedge, this breeze view will bring just the right amount to your outdoor space without stealing the show at your outdoor pool.

Garden With Swimming Pool, Contemporary Sculpture, And Vegetation

The exterior layout of this architect-designed house is no less spectacular than its interior layout. See for yourself by carefully examining the photo below. Equipped with a rectangular swimming pool, the house has a beautiful composite wooden terrace which finds a sidekick elegant. We are talking, of course, about his twin sister located on the other side of the swimming pool. A kind of beach that seems to reflect the refined forms of the aquatic basin. We like the paved pontoon which gracefully connects the two rest areas.

Beautiful Swimming Pool With Submerged Beach

Revisiting the layout of a vast green site is nothing but a delight for the eyes and the mind. Just by admiring the landscape above, we immediately receive a new energy boost that stimulates our creativity. Thus gives us the motivation to transform our outdoor space. This is probably what happened to the inhabitants of this architect’s villa who bought themselves a superb swimming pool with a submerged beach.

Hedge Next To The Rectangular Inground Pool (Before And After)

Modern Pool With LED Lighting And Glass Walls

Narrow And Elongated Outdoor Pool With Waterfalls And Composite Wood Deck

Beautiful Outdoor Pool With Exceptional Design In The Contemporary Garden (Before And After)

Modern Outdoor Pool, Green Wall, And Wooden Slat Accents

Terrace With A Beautiful View Of The Garden Pool

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