23 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas And Designs That You’ll Love

From the first sunny days, we start spending more time outside. Playing with the children or having a barbecue with our family and friends are just a few ideas for spending pleasant moments in the great outdoors. And the idea of ​​creating an outdoor kitchen on the terrace tempts you? You will enjoy your meals there and then enjoy them with your family, for example. presents a nice article on the subject, so settle in well and let yourself be tempted by our proposals.

Outdoor Kitchen With Sitting Area

If you wish, also integrate a relaxation area in your outdoor kitchen area. Also, think of a nice sofa together; the dining room is also very practical if you have it right next to the kitchen; so when you are done preparing the food, you will immediately serve it on the table!


Outdoor Kitchen With Dining Area

As for the different ways of preparing food, choose different tools. A barbecue, an oven, or a grill, you decide according to your personal preferences. Also, add a refrigerator that will ensure the flawless freshness of your drinks during the summer months.

Corner Sofa With A Hammock For Maximum Comfort In Your Outdoor Space

Half-Round Sofa For Your Perfect Relaxation After The Meal

The seating area is also an element that will undoubtedly complement your outdoor space. Yes, you have to decide for yourself if you have enough space to get this pleasure. Just admire the photo above! You have a comfortable sofa with a rounded shape and a fireplace in the middle. How about spending a few moments installed in such comfort? The covering of your space is also an element not to be overlooked. Stone remains one of the preferred materials, so don’t hesitate!

Wooden cupboards to store your kitchen utensils!

And if you think it is too early to think about the layout of your terrace, take into account that it is a long-term investment, so it can be a bit expensive. Doing the math and planning ahead is essential if you want to have a great outdoor kitchen in the summer!

The Parasol Will Provide You With More Shade During The Summer Months

Outdoor Kitchen Around The Pool: Isn’t It A Good Idea?

Once the good weather returns, the dining room settles in your garden and becomes the favorite place of relaxation for the whole family. In addition, your terrace is transformed into an additional and infinitely customizable lounge where you and your loved ones can spend your sweet little barbecue evenings. So if you like the idea of ​​an outdoor summer kitchen, you’ve probably come to the right place. Stone design, built-in barbecue, central island with wooden dining table … zoom in on the essentials to create an outdoor corner dedicated to good food and long moments of family relaxation. Do you already feel the attractive atmosphere and smells of your grills? Then you are on the right track!

Outdoor Summer Kitchen, The Must-Have Of Any Self-Respecting Outdoor Space!

The outdoor kitchen, also known as the summer kitchen, conquers all modern gardens when the sunny days return. And as soon as you hear about the approach of the summer season, you immediately think of grilled meats and steaks, which are simply essential when eating out! In this context, the kitchen becomes a place where you start to spend the majority of your free time. A place dedicated to relaxation, but also too tasty and warm moments offering several possibilities in terms of location: in the continuity of the house, on the terrace, or even in front of the swimming pool to take full advantage of it in hot weather. It is up to you to choose from the range of choices available. However, a good dose of inspiration will not be refused!

Why Build An Outdoor Kitchen? Focus On The Benefits!

Before letting you browse all the contemporary examples that our editorial team has carefully selected for you, zoom in on the essential benefits of having an outdoor kitchen. Arranged outside in your garden, backyard, or terrace and making a real boom in the field of exterior design at the moment, the outdoor kitchen very appreciates not only for its aesthetic side but also for its practical aspect. Thanks to such an arrangement, you no longer have to shuttle between the indoor kitchen and the garden furniture. In addition, meals that you prefer, but that you intentionally avoid preparing because of the smell, are now allowed!

Key Points To Consider Before Installing An Outdoor Kitchen

After reviewing the benefits of outdoor cooking, there are a few important points to consider before you begin. So, even if the different models of kitchens are endless, the pitfalls when buying and fitting out are not to be overlooked. As for the location, mentioned above, know that it is of crucial importance for the success of your project. In other words, if you have a garden shed or a small garage that you no longer use, then you have no excuse for not succumbing to the charm of the outdoor kitchen. If this is not the case, you must absolutely consider installing an adequate shelter to protect your equipment from the weather. And in this context, a designer wooden pergola will be perfect.

Another important detail to take into account before starting is the surface necessary for the realization of such an exterior arrangement. So be careful not to miscalculate the surface of your terrace or garden. Generally speaking, the minimum surface area requires for fixed installation is around 10 square meters. Below this essential minimum, it is better to opt for a kitchenette designed in the form of modules. Made of pallets, stone, or concrete, the modular mini-kitchen has everything to please. Besides its size, it has all the advantages of an indoor model. A great way to give your outdoor space a boost, it will certainly make you want to spend all your summer weekends on the barbecue with your loved ones.

What Are The Essential Elements Of An Outdoor Kitchen?

As we have already mentioned several times, outdoor kitchens are quite compact and therefore do not differ from the interior fittings that you know. So, for maximum comfort and autonomy, let’s focus on the essential accessories for each summer kitchen. Depending on your preferences and needs, it can easily accommodate a barbecue, a board, a wood oven, and several storage spaces for your utensils and dishes. For those of you who prefer functionality, note that gas appliances are the most practical and easiest option to connect, unlike electric models. In addition to the cooking spaces, your outdoor kitchen area must also have a sink to wash your hands easily.

Basically, the layout of an outdoor kitchen is highly dependent on your space. However, the basic idea is to transform your garden into a real living room that opens to the surrounding landscape. Discover now the rest of our design models in pictures and take full advantage of outdoor life. Aesthetic and functional, compact, and comfortable, our ideas are for all tastes and all spaces.

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