17+ Outdoor Summer Kitchen Grills For Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchen designs become an extension of the house outside of its walls. Homeowners realize the value of having a functional outdoor cooking space, especially when trying to maximize short-lived summers.

People are looking for a style more like an indoor kitchen with clean and functional storage. An outdoor kitchen is just as important as an indoor kitchen. It is at the heart of your yard, just like your indoor kitchen is the heart of your home.

Has the Popularity of Outdoor Kitchens Designs Increased in Recent Years?

For five years, the demand for outdoor kitchen has been growing, people are installing it to make the most of their summer season and even throughout the year. This trend is also remarkable among our neighbors to the south.

Advice for Those Who are considering an Outdoor Kitchen into Their Home?

First, planning, the outdoor kitchen has the same elements as an indoor kitchen. Following the design of your plan, plan the gas pipes, the water supply for the sink as well as the drainage, electricity, etc.

Second, the workspace must be well distributed, the cooking area, preparation area, etc. to have everything close at hand.

Finally the choice of devices, it is essential to have good quality and durable devices.

Why You Need an Outdoor Kitchen?

With an outdoor kitchen, people no longer come into the house, they spend the summer in the garden, with their family or friends. It’s a new way of life. The inauguration of the season gives rise to large, very convivial parties.

Pro Tips for Setting Up an Outdoor Kitchen on the Terrace

The outdoor kitchen is to be considered all open on a terrace or even covered between three walls or under a simple awning. It must be declared as a terrace, either in the building permit for a new house or in a simple prior declaration of work.

The right location

It should not be too far from the house because you have to equip the outdoor kitchen with water and electricity. In addition, think also of the back and forth trips that you often have to do at home to get this or that forgotten utensil. In principle, the outdoor kitchen is placed in the extension of the house as an extension or autonomous in the garden.

What size?

Do not undersize your outdoor summer kitchen, covered or not, if you plan to spend time there. “People have an outdoor kitchen made to overcome the lack of indoor space and feel free. In general, they plan big, in the 25 m²,”

This is a kitchen hidden in an enclave that is partially surrounded by natural rocks. These can also surround a pool, a garden, or another part of the outdoor kitchen, for example. The stone makes this otherwise quite typical design much more interesting and unique and probably keeps the kitchen away from home, which is a surprising element.

What equipment?

The more the outdoor kitchen will be equipped as inside, the more comfortable it will be. If you invite a lot, don’t omit the dishwasher! Just drain it in winter. If it is undercover, it will remain functional for the following season. People also ask for fixed cupboards to store the dishes dedicated to summer cooking and some even leave the fridge plugged in all year round. However, it is advisable to use a strong appliance that uses as little energy as possible.

But to make an outdoor kitchen worthy of the name, think of special water supply, power lines for lighting, oven, fridge, dishwasher, a drain for the outdoor sink. The pipelines must be buried.

What roof?

In terms of roof, the bioclimatic pergola is an attractive solution because its adjustable motorized blades allow you to take advantage of the sun or the shade at will. However, it is suggested to use a classic pergola with a polycarbonate lining: a waterproof and less expensive solution.





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