33+ Inspiring Outdoor Garden Sitting Area And Cozy Decor Ideas

Need advice on setting up an outdoor garden? We, therefore, invite you to pay particular attention to the current publication. Today, we have decided to tackle a very particular subject that drives most of us: how to transform the outdoor space into an oasis of well-being, modern, aesthetic, comfortable, and ultra-chic at the same time! In order to best respond to you, has combed through all of the 2020 decor trends! Minimalist, rustic, retro, boho-chic .. the modern garden is adorned with several different shapes and faces to transform our outdoor space. The proof in pictures!

Outdoor Garden Design And Original Decoration In 33 Cool Ideas!

Want to renew your outdoor decoration? We have prepared around forty good ideas to copy to liven up the outdoor space, whatever the line of decoration chosen: refined, luxuriant, sparkling, flashy …

Outdoor Garden Design And Artistic Decoration – Discover Our Favorites!

The layout of the outdoor garden is a matter of taste. So, we take things seriously and strive to create original decor that best reflects our personality! Many decorative accessories, voluptuous materials, fluorescent colors, bold combinations – everything is done to enhance your outdoor space!

Take Inspiration From Our Ideas On Designing Outdoor Gardens To Improve Your Outdoor Space!

The design of outdoor gardens is not a fixed concept, reluctant to new developments in outdoor design. Listen to your inner voice and dare all the novelties that tempt you to sublimate your garden!

Designing Outdoor Gardens

To successfully arrange your outdoor garden, we recommend that you define your specific needs. Before going around the specialty stores to choose your garden furniture, you must take the measures of the space you want to furnish.

Create a vibrant atmosphere and lively decor with our advice on landscaping outdoor gardens!

Then you can go to the next step: the choice of furniture and decorative items. If you are not very sure of yourself, we recommend that you contact a seasoned specialist in this area. Otherwise, you can simply grab decorative magazines that will assist you in the layout of the outdoor garden.

Outdoor Garden And Sparkling Decor In The Blink Of An Eye!

When we talk about landscaping, we are also talking about comfortable furniture. Yes, we emphasize the aesthetic aspect of garden furniture and we also estimate their capacity to guarantee optimal comfort.

Create Retro Decor And A Romantic Atmosphere With Our Landscaping Tips For Outdoor Gardens!

Take inspiration from our tips and advice to maximize living space. Even if you have a very small garden, you can try to transform it into a superb cozy nest, synonymous with rest and well-being.

Advice On The Design Of Outdoor Gardens In A Vintage Style!

If you do not want to take the lead with the development of the outdoor garden, we invite you to bet on furniture, both aesthetic and functional, which will also play a decorative role. By creative ideas? Take a look at the image below and shop around the decoration stores!

Discover All Our Subtleties For The Successful Planning Of The Outdoor Garden!

Do you want to create an outdoor garden in a rustic spirit? So, to carry out your project, you must first focus on the choice of furniture. If your patio is clad in natural stone, like the example in the photo below, we encourage you to stay in the same range of colors and materials. Use earthy tones and nuances close to the colors of nature. Ditto for the materials. Try to find garden furniture in solid wood, wrought iron, or other noble material, according to your choice.

Outdoor Garden Layout With Modern Kitchen

How about an outdoor garden design worthy of the name? What do we mean by that? Well, we cannot, in any case, speak of a good outdoor layout without mentioning the presence of an outdoor kitchen!

The aesthetic and functional kitchen at the same time – the key to the successful planning of the outdoor garden!
Compact, practical and functional, the outdoor kitchen should fit perfectly into your decor. Whether equipped with several high-end appliances or a small worktop, the outdoor kitchen will allow you to enjoy the lush beauty of your garden while you prepare your dishes.

Outdoor Garden Layout With Elegant Solid Wood Furniture Decorated With Flower Cushions

Do you want to create an elegant and refined decoration that will enhance your sophisticated furniture? In this case, we suggest that you decorate your sofas with several decorative cushions with exotic patterns, multicolored flowers, oriental arabesques, geometric figures, etc.

Design Garden Furniture And Raw Wood Fireplace Frame

The landscaping of the outdoor garden does not exclude the decoration of any piece of furniture that can help beautify your outdoor space. Where do we want to go? After choosing your decorative cushions, you should now think about decorating your dining table. If there is no room to install a large dining table, you can put a small coffee table or a side table. To underline the delicate elegance of the curves of the tabletop, we advise you to put in the center a pretty bouquet of exotic flowers, a vase filled with twigs, or a beautiful designer figurine.

Rustic-Style Outdoor Garden Layout

Need another smart tip on planning your outdoor garden? If you have enough free space, you can further refine your decoration by installing artistic poufs as well as exotic woven wooden stools around the table.

The Layout Of The Outdoor Garden Rhymes With Harmony And Functionality!

Do you like the rustic style and do you want to create a romantic decor inspired by the beautiful villas of the provinces? How about a chic country-style outdoor garden layout? Attempted? If you’re lacking inspiration, don’t hesitate to borrow creative ideas from the owners of this lovely vacation home.

Openwork Wooden Screen And Tinted Rattan Garden Furniture

The landscaping of a country-style outdoor garden is a relatively simple goal to achieve. You just need a nice table in raw wood or fossilized wood, chairs that go with it, and a comfortable sofa decided in snow white. If you are not a fan of immaculate white, you can easily replace the white sofa with a similar model wrapped in the softness of another pastel color.

Outdoor Garden Layout In A Minimalist Style And Refined Decoration!

How to create a simple and refined outdoor garden layout? In response, we invite you to take a good look at the example below. Solid wood siding, bay windows, and gray stone floors are the main features of this superb modern garden.

Design Chairs In Metal And Woven Wood And Ethnic Rugs Will Enhance This Modern Garden!

What if you could brighten up the too sterile atmosphere to cool the outdoor space a little? It is entirely possible, thanks to our practical advice on the development of outdoor gardens! Animate the sober decor by covering the floor with a few ethnic carpets, or another original accessory of your choice.

Outdoor Garden Design In A Contemporary Style And Natural Decor!

What are we doing to successfully develop a small outdoor garden? The answer is more than simple – we forget about bulky furniture, bulky items, and intense colors that add to the atmosphere. We focus on 100% natural decoration – solid wood covering, decorative pebbles, elegant furniture, and Zen accessories.

This Wall Decoration Is In The Form Of An Ornamental Wrought Iron Grid!

You have chosen your garden furniture, accessories, and decorative objects, and it is now the turn of the wall decoration! Have you thought about decorating the fence or privacy screen? If not, it is high time to remedy this problem. Dressing the interior of the fence or the screen of artistic creation is undoubtedly the best way to save space on the ground while invigorating the atmosphere and the decor!

Habitable Garden Chalet With Folding Hammock

Design advice: a few designer chairs with irregular shapes, a comfortable sofa bed, or a folding hammock that will allow you to take a nap in the sun! To avoid the harmful effects of UV rays, you can install a garden shed or a mini chalet, provided the characteristics and layout of the land allow.

The Egg Chair Offers Optimal Comfort!

Succumb to the charm of the organic allure of the hanging egg chair that invites itself into the modern garden to sublimate the outdoor decor and ensure maximum relaxation. Whether in summer, spring or autumn, the egg chair is an essential element for the success of the modern garden design. In addition, it can quite easily find its place inside the house, especially when the weather conditions do not allow its installation outside.

Outdoor Garden Design And Zen Atmosphere To Beautify The Outdoor Space!

Here is the reign of solid wood: from the floor covering to the benches, including the dining table, stools, and decoration. The straight lines of the rectangular table merge with the vertical wooden planks that dress the floor to magnify the natural decor that recalls the serenity of Asian interiors.

U-shaped Sofa Decorated With Decorative Cushions And Outdoor Fireplace

The creation of a minimalist garden is undoubtedly the solution par excellence for all those who admire this contemporary style. Create a welcoming cocoon and a friendly atmosphere with our landscaping advice for outdoor gardens.

Copy Our Ideas On The Design Of Outdoor Gardens And Create A Real Modern Eden!

To warm up the atmosphere and thus create a very convivial decor, we invite you to decorate your garden with an outdoor fireplace like it. Then, all you have to do is store your furniture all around, and voila!

Minimalist Outdoor Garden Design With Designer Furniture In White

The exterior design of the garden with a minimalist spirit is undoubtedly the dream of all lovers of refined design. What could be better than equipping your outdoor space with ultra-chic and glamorous garden furniture! The must-have of this season – garden furniture with masculine shapes decided in snow white! Don’t forget to complement your garden furniture with a matching color side table and a series of wave-shaped lounge chairs!


How About An Outdoor Garden Design Inspired By A Minimalist Design?

Undeniable and timeless, white adapts wonderfully to all styles of decoration and, more particularly, to the minimalist style. A serene and refined color, pure white remains one of the favorite colors of the French. It invades every corner of modern houses, from the living room to the bedrooms, to invade the outdoor space and thus give a modern and contemporary look to the outdoor decor.

Outdoor Garden Layout With Light Wooden Furniture

A beautiful modern garden where elegance and conviviality go hand in hand? It smells beautiful, right? A small green Eden that reveals its enchanting universe imbued with romantic sweetness: these are the words to describe the layout of the outdoor garden that you see in the photo below.

Outdoor Garden Furniture With Hanging Egg Chair

The layout of the outdoor garden is both aesthetic and functional. If you have decided to build an outdoor pool, do not ignore the precautions to ensure the safety of your family, especially if you have young children. Provide your pool with a protective barrier, which will also serve as a space divider delimiting the green spaces.

Exotic Garden Design With Designer Furniture In Yellow Color And Firepit

Exotic atmosphere and decoration with multicolored accents are the main characteristics of this magnificent garden bathed in sunshine! We love the elegant sobriety of the firepit counter which corresponds to the discreet beauty of the design stools, whose braided seats teleport us very far from the Parisian greyness!

Wild Vegetation And Natural Decoration For A Total Escape Of The Mind And Body!

Want a total change of scenery, without having to take the plane to go into exile far from the civilized world? Why not create a little piece of paradise right next to your house? Wild vegetation, decor devoid of any superfluous artifice, elegant furniture with minimalist lines … the choice is yours!

Outdoor Garden Design And Romantic Atmosphere – It’s Cool, Isn’t It?

With a good dose of motivation and a little elbow grease, landscaping an outdoor garden becomes a super fun activity! Two or three pillows on the floor, decorative candles, and a beautiful standing plant: these are the magic keys that will open the doors of paradise to you!

Solid Wood Dining Table And Matching Bench To Enhance The Rustic Decor!

No need to spend a large sum to acquire new garden furniture! Use wooden pallets and recycled furniture to build beautiful custom garden furniture. Garden furniture will give a strong cachet to your decor!

Outdoor Garden With Dining Area And Solid Wood Pergola With A Garland Of Light Bulbs

The layout of an outdoor garden with a beautiful dining room is the key to optimizing and beautifying the outdoor space. The decorative asset: a pretty garland of light bulbs that will give more flavor to your decor and thus create a tavern atmosphere!

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