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10 Fascinating Open U-Shaped Kitchen Ideas For Your Home Decor

The U- shaped kitchen is among the owners’ favorite designs because of its functionality and flexibility. It fits well in small studios when you have three adjacent walls or a small corner. It fits well in large open spaces when you develop an open L kitchen by adding a bar or a central island. Ideal for food preparation, with plenty of extra storage space and often a dining area. The U- shaped open kitchen in the living room or dining room is the perfect solution for those who like to combine the practical side of the food.

U-shaped kitchen and successful business triangle

One of the major advantages of U-shaped cooking is that it allows us to effectively implement a successful business triangle. But what exactly is the triangle of activity? This term refers to the three key elements of any kitchen. Their layout and the distance between them: the stove, the sink area, and the fridge. For successful U-shaped kitchen design, be careful that the three sides of the triangle of activity have approximately equal lengths. The passage between the 3 points is unobstructed and that they are not too far apart from one of the other.

Small attic U-shaped kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen can be perfectly adapted to small spaces. A lengthy design abounds in bright colors. The smooth, shiny surfaces can optically expand the space and make it airier. Metro tile with beveled edges, stainless steel appliances, and lacquered white cabinets are perfect for this purpose. For the U-shaped kitchen with a window, the designers recommend fitting the sink in this area, as the hobs are not appropriate because of the greasy spatter and the escape of heat.

U-shaped kitchen opens to the dining room and living room

How to transform a riquiqui room into a functional kitchen? Admittedly, the layout of a space that is only a few square meters is not easy. Due to lack of space, we can not fit all our electrical appliances and storage furniture. We must, therefore, opt for a compact kitchen that exploits every corner of the narrow room. In addition, the closet layout must not encroach on the floor surface. So, it is better to move towards tall wardrobes and small closets.

Wood and white U-shaped kitchen of contemporary design

This U-shaped kitchen is the ideal compromise between modernity and tradition. The storage cabinets in white snow bring brightness and spaciousness in the space while the glass credence has the mission to awaken the atmosphere. Ditto for solid wood wall cladding and flooring, which make the decor even cozier.

Do you want to add a punch to the woody interior of your classic kitchen? So, think about changing some of your storage cabinets for a range of tonic color furniture.

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