27 Navy Blue Kitchen – Different Ideas To Give Character To Your Kitchen

Impossible to resist the color blue! Duck, classic, navy, turquoise or pastel, she invites herself into the most unexpected pieces to create the atmosphere we dream of. Perfect to give character to the interior, a vintage note or to nod to the maximalist style – this year, we dare the kitchen in navy blue. And not to be mistaken, we associate it with white, gray, black, wood or even marble! Focus!


Ways To Invite Navy Blue In Your Own Kitchen

Although in the kitchen we always choose beige and white, blue is emerging as the new black in the world of contemporary decoration. Trendy, timeless and evocative of travel, it has several reasons to be appreciated! Its many nuances allow it to slip into each room. Long reserved for neutral tones, the kitchen also succumbs to the charm of navy blue. Here’s why invite him into the gourmet room!

Choosing the color of your kitchen is not an easy task. Because basically, reorganizing the gastronomic room every year is simply unthinkable. And if white is one of the most preferred options, it lacks the character to infuse the room. The black and wood duo, meanwhile, remains a risky choice, especially for limited areas. This is where the navy blue comes in. Long confined to living rooms or bedrooms, it now dresses the kitchen, without sparing the dining room.

Tomatoes, spinach, carrots, oranges, lemons, eggplant … what food reminds us of navy blue? A raw mackerel, perhaps? Well, not exactly! Cold and refreshing, this color recalls the ocean and can be very thickening in the gourmet room. However, kitchens dressed in this color do not always rhyme with success. To avoid the suffocating effect, we combine the materials, we decline the blues and we play with the accessories!

Navy Blue To Break The Boring Side Of White Cooking

To create depth in the small white kitchen, we dare navy blue. Praised for its chic and timeless spirit, it makes it an essential shade of fashion as well as decoration. To make it work, we associate it without hesitation with light tones. A central island in navy blue and a few matching cupboards will add freshness and cheerfulness to white cooking. Combined with warm woody tones, this deep blue instantly becomes the star color of the room. Besides, it will find its place very well in the Scandinavian style kitchen.

Play With Colors And Materials

While white cooking is often boring, blue cooking can be too stuffy. To avoid the monochrome look and give a kind of lightness to the room, we enhance the blue facades with patterned tiles and open shelves. In the large kitchen, a central island with a color matching the walls is installed. Finally, we combine wooden furniture with stainless steel elements to give the room the perfect balance between cold and heat: a kitchen piano, a sink, a hood or a worktop with matching backsplash… they all dress up Stainless steel!

Adopt The Tone-On-Tone Blue

In general, the tone-on-tone decoration is often considered a true symbol of elegance in design. However, it can be a bit special, especially if adopted in a dark color like blue. So, to master the art of tone-on-tone decoration in the kitchen, you must know how to use the different shades of blue (azure, blue-gray, sky blue, duck blue) while avoiding the monochrome look.

Yes, you understand that! It is no longer a question of marrying the color of your cupboards with that of the curtains, but rather of creating a “camouflage” effect, very suitable for small kitchens. With the tone-on-tone blue decor, excessively voluminous furniture and the impression of clutter disappear. Finding the balance between the color of the walls, furniture, and decorative accessories can take time, but the results are worth it!

Accessorize The Navy Blue Kitchen

In addition to light wood furniture and stainless steel appliances, accessories can also enhance the kitchen in navy blue: porcelain dishes, glass vases, natural branches, paintings, small pots of aromatic herbs and vintage lamps. You probably don’t think about it right away, but household appliances such as the hood and the piano can very easily become one of the essentials in decorating your kitchen. Available in blue, they guarantee a good mood in the gourmet room.

Use The Ceiling

Whether it’s a blue kitchen or not, the key to successfully decorating the gourmet room is to find the right balance! Admittedly, the visual impact of beige and yellow is not as strong as that of navy blue, if applied correctly in the room. Fans of blue can dare the total look. For the others, invite the color with some furniture. They will be more beautiful in the middle of a gray kitchen. Sidewalls, stay in light tones. If, moreover, the gourmet room wants to be higher, do not hesitate to give a marine touch to the ceiling!

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