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23 Narrow Balcony Ideas: How To Turn The Defected Layout Into An Asset

The days of spring are finally here. What a better opportunity for young and old to go out on the balcony and enjoy the sun! Even though it is a very small balcony, this corner is very important for the whole family, including pets. It is, therefore, necessary to organize it in an aesthetic and practical manner. But what to do when it comes to a narrow balcony, for example? It is a challenge that stems both from the too limited space and the difficulty of finding suitable furniture. However, this task is not impossible. To assist you in your search for ideas, presents twenty projects that will inspire you for the development of narrow balconies.

Very often, old buildings have narrow and long balconies, which are really difficult to fit out. In most cases, these corners end up being abandoned in favor of the rest of the apartment. However, building a narrow balcony is not always an impossible task. To get the most out of the corners of a balcony that is not deep enough, just think about how you envision it.

Narrow Balcony Layout: Where To Start?

For the development of a narrow balcony (as for any other project of development of the zero), it is essential to have a plan and to identify the key elements of his project. Layout, furniture, decoration, plants and flowers, flooring – every detail has to be taken into account. In addition, this plan gives a precise overview of how all the elements will be integrated, so that you can quickly correct and change what you don’t like. The plan is essential, and it should not be overlooked!

What Balcony Floor?

The narrow balcony also deserves an aesthetic and modern flooring. There is no shortage of ideas and everyone can take advantage of the variety that manufacturers offer. The floor covering is an important element that contributes to making your balcony a pleasant and beautiful space. There is, for example, a very good quality synthetic turf leaving the impression of being on the ground floor. This type of coating is ideal for those who dream of a piece of greenery on their balcony. Another good idea would be to install a grid. Very elegant, this flooring is also very well suited for outdoor use. Those who prefer tiles can simply put a small decorative rug to make the space more comfortable.

And The Wall Covering?

To refine the decoration of the balcony, many people rely on the wall covering. There are many variations: tiles and mosaics, PVC paneling, bricks, stone, decorative PVC panels, etc. On the aesthetic side, it is enough to combine floor and wall coverings.

Narrow Balcony Arrangement: Which Furniture To Choose?

If the narrow balcony allows, you can set up a small space there to take your meals or to relax and enjoy a good read. As space is limited, you need to choose the right furniture. Nowadays, the range of garden furniture is really impressive, which considerably facilitates the arrangement of the narrow balcony. There will be no problem finding a small square folding table, placed either against the wall or against the railing. One or two folding chairs will also be essential.

The Balcony Screen Should Not Be Underestimated

To arrange a balcony inviting to relax, it is out of the question to neglect the projection. To preserve his privacy, it is necessary to install a panel, a screen, a cane or even an artificial hedge. Another idea would be to plant a perennial climbing plant that will play both a functional and decorative role.

Narrow Balcony Decoration With Hanging Plants

Anyone who loves plants and flowers and cannot do without them can create a vertical or hanging garden to display all of their plants. Green walls are also a great idea to bring more greenery to the balcony in a smart and creative way. Besides green plants and flowers, aromatic herbs are also perfectly suited for growing in pots on the balcony. Many people start growing vegetables, fruits and citrus fruits.

Anyone who does not plan to have their meals on the balcony can afford to set up a larger and more comfortable chair, accompanied by a very small table for a cup of coffee or a wine glass. If space allows, you can also install a vertical shelf to store planters and flower pots, gardening tools, etc. A beautiful grid or decorative carpet will complete the look.

Having a narrow balcony does not mean depriving yourself of decorative objects. On the contrary! By being creative, you can have it all, even on a very small surface. A plant ladder is a perfect solution for small balconies. This intelligent storage allows you to stack several planters without cluttering the narrow balcony. It saves space and can even afford to place a small table with two suitable chairs.

Sometimes the only decoration needed on the balcony is a set of planters. Whether perennial green plants, flowers or citrus in pots, the vegetation will make the balcony more welcoming and more beautiful. Just choose original planters that will bring an extra touch of originality.

Consider Practical And Space-Saving Storage

Having to arrange a narrow balcony is above all to think of space-saving storage. If possible, we choose folding balcony furniture that we can easily hang on the wall after use.

If it’s a continuous balcony to build, the challenge becomes even greater. It is a very narrow and wide balcony, part of the old buildings. In most cases, it is difficult to find suitable garden furniture. We must therefore abstain. It is always possible to place a pair of stackable stools or two poufs that must be brought after use. As for decoration, we can simply afford a few space-saving flower pots. Such a narrow balcony, however miniature, is a treasure to be appreciat and not overlook.

To arrange a narrow balcony by transforming it into a corner of beautiful greenery, you do not need much. The table and chairs are not necessary, but they will allow you to sit at ease in your little green corner. It’s the plants that matter most, so we don’t skimp on their quantity. Flowers, green plants, succulents, aromatic herbs or vegetables: there are no limits. Of course, there must be a space to be able to water and fertilize them easily.

Narrow And Closed Balcony With A Minimalist Character

You can take care of the atmosphere on the balcony to spend pleasant moments even at nightfall. The garlands of light bulbs for the outdoors and the red lanterns are particularly original to decorate the balcony and make it comfortable. You can also add candles or even a candle diffuser for essential oils.

If you prefer to close the narrow balcony by diverting it from the apartment, you can take advantage of it in different ways. For example, space could be used as a winter garden or even a reading corner provided that suitable heating is installed. If it is a reading corner, the ideal would be to think of an enveloping armchair or a comfortable bench.

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