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Paper Napkin Folding Ideas To Try For Christmas Table Decoration

The cloth napkins are not only ideal for folding and carrying multiple cute figurines. The Napkin Folding Ideas are endless and furthermore, such a project is not only fun but very easy to achieve too. In our gallery, you will find several original ideas of napkin folds suitable for any occasion and season. We have prepared step-by-step photo tutorials for you that will greatly facilitate even beginners and absolute novices!

Paper Napkin Folding Ideas to Decorate the Breakfast Table

As the holidays approach, it’s not just the dining table at dinner that you want to decorate nicely. In order to surprise your family and loved ones, start your day by decorating the breakfast table with napkins folded in original and attractive shapes. Don’t panic, the majority of the designs pictured below only take a few seconds! Such a napkin can adorn not only large plates but also saucers accompanying the coffee cup. This will make your breakfast even more special, especially if you serve it to your sweetheart in bed!

Wing-shaped paper towel folding and other easy ideas

In principle, just like cloth napkins, paper napkins can be nicely shaped and the result is just as impressive. It can even be said that in some cases the figurines created when folding paper napkins become even more delicate and attractive. This is the case, for example, with the bird of paradise. The instructions for a folding napkin in the shape of a bird of paradise, you will find them below, among the rest of our many admirable proposals.

Bishop’s hat in a few easy steps

As you will see for yourselves, the majority of our tutorials use plain white towels. But this is only for better visibility of edges, fold lines, and so on. If you use towels in various colors or patterns your figurines will become even more beautiful and interesting. In addition, you can easily adapt them to a particular occasion, depending on the color palette and the designs used. For example, for Christmas, you can buy napkins in green and red or gold and silver depending on the theme of your decoration.

Napkin Folding Ideas in Diamond Shape Pocket 

A diamond-shaped folded napkin that doubles as a cutlery pocket is super easy to imitate, even in seconds, and will wow your diners at the same time. The photo tutorial above is pretty clear on its own and any further explanation would be pointless. So follow the steps and make your own gems that will embellish the festive table in an unparalleled way. Decorating Tip: If you have impressive silverware, be sure to highlight it even more by using a napkin in an intense dark color which will create a contrasting backdrop.

Easy roll towel folding – wrap cutlery in style

Roll up a little roll and present the cutlery as a little paper-wrapped bundle and another simplistic, quick, and super charming idea at the same time. Keep in mind that in order to perfect your design, you will also need a napkin ring that will put the final decorative touch. But that’s okay, given that it’s another super easy item to make at home. Even from completely free natural materials, depending on the current season.

Do-it-yourself napkin pyramid: level of difficulty – zero

Take a look at all of the folding variations in the following gallery. Some fairly basic, some well-crafted, and choose the ones you find most suitable for your own occasion. Specific situation, and decorator abilities.

Folding a French Towel 

Easy Napkin Folding Ideas in the Shape of a Fan 

Follow the steps “to the letter” and you will not be disappointed with the results

Simple, but elegant pouch to try at all costs

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