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30+ Modern Terrace Decor Ideas For Home On A Budget

A modern terrace covering protects your favorite outdoor space from rain and sun. The patio coverings are not only available in different designs, but also consist of different materials. Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages that you have to consider when planning a modern terrace for your home. We’re going to show you some of the most popular materials today. The ideas and combinations are numerous. A stable wooden construction can be combined well with a plexiglass roof, while an aluminum pergola looks good with a wooden roof. The sun sail has also established itself as a modern alternative to awnings.

Modern Terrace Roofs – The Right Material

There is really no “right” material for modern terrace cladding. However, it is important that it fits the overall picture of the house. Imagine the canopy as an extension of the house roof. There are some materials for building a roof for the terrace that is well suited for this due to their properties. Wood, aluminum, and steel are mainly used for the construction of the terrace cladding, and the roof cladding is then made of plexiglass or multi-wall panels made of polycarbonate. However, every material has its advantages and disadvantages, which is why personal taste is often decisive.


Modern Terrace Covering With Slats

A pergola with rotating slats is a practical solution if you want to regulate the sun protection and ventilation yourself. When closed, it also protects the terrace from rain showers. The slats are mainly made of aluminum and are therefore considered to be completely weatherproof. They repel the water and protect the floor and garden furniture. So you can sit outside regardless of the weather and spend a pleasant time with the family.

Modern Terrace Covering With Awning

The awning is increasingly being selected for modern terrace cladding. Many of these awnings offer 97 percent protection against harmful UV rays without completely blocking the light. These awnings can stay outside all year round. They are reminiscent of the shape and function of an umbrella, but they are much larger and can protect a larger area from the sun’s rays. In addition, an awning requires almost no floor space on the terrace floor and takes up little space. This variant for roofing the terrace is very suitable for modern gardens and creates a wonderful holiday feeling in your own outdoor area.

Modern Terrace Decor With Plexiglass Roof

The same material that was used for the old-fashioned greenhouses also serves as a terrace covering. Plexiglass panels can be mounted on a wooden or metal frame and sealed with special fasteners. They let the light through, but not the harmful UV rays. So you can sit comfortably under the sun on the terrace without fear of sunburn. A disadvantage of the clear plexiglass roof can be observed when cleaning. The plexiglass panels are mainly contaminated by rain and the leaves of nearby trees and are difficult to clean.

Modern Pergola With Rotating Slats

If you are looking for a suitable sun protection decision for your modern garden, simple models with a clear design are recommended. If you have chosen a pergola, you should adapt the color to the furnishings and the color scheme of the terrace. Neutral colors like white, beige, gray, or even black are often a good option if they match the facade of the house. The pergola can be designed with rotating slats for better protection from sun and rain. With elegant curtains, you can keep your patio away from the prying eyes of your neighbors and make it a retreat.

Free-Standing Shade Sail

The freestanding shade sail can even be stretched over a large area and is therefore considered a good variant for the terrace covering in the large garden. If the construction is firmly connected to the ground, the solar sail is considered to be particularly wind-stable. This sun protection is available in different shapes and colors and can be easily adapted to the terrace design.

Wooden Pergola And Wrought Iron Furniture

One of the most popular patio coverings is without a doubt the wooden pergola. It fits almost every garden style and can be built depending on the shape and size of the garden. A wooden pergola without an additional roof does not protect against the rain but ensures good ventilation of the terrace. In addition, the wooden panels of the pergola form a penumbra through which only part of the sun’s rays can pass. The wooden pergola can be wonderfully combined with wrought iron garden furniture and gives the outdoor area a natural flair.

Freestanding Wooden Pergola By The Pool

The pergola is not only suitable for the terrace of the house but is often built on pool terraces. A pergola is a visual highlight at the pool and offers a certain amount of shade when the sun’s rays get too strong. Below you can either place the garden loungers or create a cozy living room outdoors.

Aluminum Structure And Wooden Slat Roof

The terrace roofs often consist of a combination of materials and not just one material. This ensures more stability and large contrasts can also be set outdoors. Since the support structure plays the most important role for a pergola, more stable materials such as steel and aluminum, which are known for their durability, are often chosen. Aluminum constructions can then be optically combined with wood and ensure beautiful garden design. If the terrace is also protected from rain, the PC multi-wall panels are used. They can be installed directly above the wooden slat roof, let the light through and protect against the weather.

Sun Protection And Play Of Light

Aluminum Structure And Fabric Roof For Sun Protection

Pergola With Extendable Awning

Wooden Slatted Roof And the Metal Structure

The Beautiful Zen Ambiance On The Terrace

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