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5 Things To Consider For A Modern Living Room Decor Ideas On A Budget

1: We start with the sofa

If you had a design in the living room, it would be him, without hesitation. To arrange well its living room, it is this way of determining the position of the sofa and what it faces: TV, chimney, window? Contrary to popular belief, the sofa is not necessarily stuck to a wall. On the contrary, even, it can be used to structure the space, to separate the rooms between the living room, dining room, corridor or even night space in a studio. In any case, to properly organize a lounge, we always favor the sofa, even limiting the number of furniture around.

2: The layout is adapted to its use

In the living room, there is usually a sofa and a coffee table. For the rest, everything is possible! Some others, others around the fireplace, others still need a workspace or a play area for children. In other words, to properly develop a living room, we define the spaces to predict according to his lifestyle. The question to ask yourself: what do we do in the living room? Those who like to receive will need extra seating and a sofa bed, or a bar or a dresser on hand. Those who work there will need a small office with a light source and a chair. If children play in the living room, storage for toys is ideal. Toddlers, carpets and clear spaces are required.

3: We boost the brightness

If there is a room where it is essential, it is the living room, which should enjoy the light of day for as long as possible and compensate for its disappearance in the evening. We did not find a bad bedroom! With the exception, we place the sofa near a window to enjoy its brightness. There is a good decorative light ceiling or a floor lamp designed to brighten the evening, supplemented by auxiliary lights to warm the atmosphere, and warm light bulbs rather than white. Does the room lack light? We choose light colors on the walls, we space the furniture and we think of the mirrors! They enlarge the space and reflect the light, to give a good boost to a living room too dark.

4: We choose the soil well

Since by definition, the living room is a place to live, it is better to avoid white carpet or fragile floors for an optimized layout. Tiling is preferred in warm areas, parquet for the cocooning atmosphere. Note that PVC floors today offers beautiful imitations at low prices, with different thermal or acoustic qualities as a bonus. In any case, we would like to use a more intensive way of avoiding crossing the road. In use, it is easier to change carpets than a complete floor.

5: We do not neglect the atmosphere

A well-appointed living room, it is also a living room in which to live … Clear, a cozy atmosphere that resembles its inhabitants, and which passes by all the small accessories rather than by the big furniture. Great readers swear by books in the living room, lovers of cocooning by plaids and cushions, fans of vintage by the mottled furniture, etc. Do we summarize it for you? Adapt the layout and decor to your tastes that you like, playing on colors, paintings, cushions, curtains or extra lamps, for example. A few memories, potted plants, two or three photos, and the living room comes alive.

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