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Lounge Bar – Layout And Decoration Ideas For Any Space

The layout and decoration of the living room are issues that do not cease to interest contemporary owners. And while some additions are functionally essential, there are also additions that outright evoke luxury and splendor. With that in mind, setting up a lounge bar seems like a really good idea that will immediately enhance the style of your space. While providing you with a stylish tasting nook where you could chat with friends or just simply. contemplate the void.

A lounge bar is actually not something exclusive for those who like to relax with a drink in hand. Whether you like branded whiskey, vodka-based cocktails, or a nice glass of red wine after the long day at the office. Adding a counter for the preparation and tasting of drinks is simply a choice. logic. Let’s see some original ideas on its layout and decoration in various styles in the contemporary living room!

Original Ideas On The Contemporary Design Lounge Bar

Here is an open concept apartment of contemporary design that makes the most of the development in functional areas. We have an elegant living room in close-up. While in the background we find the dining area on the right, the bay towards the kitchen in the center, and of course the lounge bar on the left. This strategic location of the counter, high stools, and bottle storage shelves is super practical being near the kitchen and social areas at the same time.
Then, we discover another modern space that opts for the contrast of textures sought in successful furnishings and decoration. This is the frankly brilliant fossilized wood coffee table highlighted more by the relatively sober background. The lounge bar with sliding doors at the back is diametrically opposing in terms of style and materials used. This aesthetic dissonance energizes the decor and truly represents the epitome of the so-called modern rustic style now popular.
The lounge bar pictured above is another good example of a mixture of relatively antipodes styles. This time it’s a successful marriage of modernity, classicism, and exoticism, expressed by the overlays and decorative objects. The matte graphite cabinet doors, the niche dressed in white marble, as well as the mirrored backsplash, form a magnetic and attractive whole that should not be underestimated when decorating the contemporary living room.

Solid wood lounge bar on the background of white moldings and paneling

We arrive at a real classic in living room furnishings, namely: the combination of white and wood. Whether you go for country chic, cottage or rustic chic decor, you won’t go wrong with it. This solid wood living room bar integrated into a wall niche matches perfectly with other furniture in the room. It is advantageously equipped with a wine cooler and bottle racks, which clearly reveals the owners’ favorite drink.

In fact, the wine rack and the electric wine cellar are options that are already available in several sizes. This makes them perfectly suited even to the smallest spaces where one could hardly fit a lounge bar. For example, the space below the counter is ideal for building a compact but equally functional wine cooler. For its part, the bottle rack can adopt several cunning shapes to satisfy even the most demanding oenophiles.

A Lounge Bar to Structure the Small Space into Functional Areas

But the merits of the lounge bar are not exhausting with the storage of bottles and the consumption counter. You can also use it as a space divider in your modern design studio apartment. With its help, you can easily structure the areas of your interior without partitioning and therefore without further cluttering the space. Unlike the classic partition that goes from floor to ceiling, or almost, the lounge bar lets light in 2 directions and does not block the view.

Being on the subject of limited space, your living room bar doesn’t have to have a classic shape. When space does not allow for larger installations, adding a display case or wall shelf is absolutely sufficient. They will allow you to proudly display your collection of rare spirits or old wines while sparing the surface of the ground. As for the tasting – you can always use the armchairs, the sofa, or the seats in your dining area.

The chic, mobile and compact sideboard as an alternative to the classic lounge bar

Then, we offer you a space-saving alternative to the classic lounge bar, in particular: the chic and super practical sideboard. Originally, it was a mobile piece of furniture used mainly to facilitate the transportation of crockery from the kitchen to the dining room and vice versa. It also made it possible to serve several dishes at the same time and logically to quickly clear the table. Nowadays, it is used more often as a functional element, but also decorative, in the arrangement of our rooms.

Removable, space-saving, and attractive, the sideboard successfully replaces the lounge bar itself and does so with plenty of style and sophistication. Obviously, it does not offer places to sit, but its beauty, small footprint, mobility, and old-world charm make up for this “disadvantage”. Installed next to the living room sofa, near your favorite reading armchair, or in another corner of the living room, it will immediately catch the eyes of all your guests on you or provide you with a nook of refuge whenever you want to enjoy the silence, your favorite drink in hand.

A Lounge Bar Inspired By Luxury Spaces

Finally, we would like to share with you some ideas on the lounge bar inspired by super luxurious exclusive designer restaurants, penthouses, and hotels. Whether you have a loft of hundreds of square meters, a prestigious bar, or a gourmet restaurant frequented by celebrities, the good news is that you can always borrow some idea and adapt it to our own specific architectural conditions or our budget. planned.

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