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Unique Living Room Wall Decor Ideas For White Interiors

Often you find the white living room boring and even impersonal. In reality, the white wall paint is the ideal background for a bunch of original and multicolored decorations. We present you with ideas for wall decoration in a Scandinavian style living room that fits perfectly into this “simple but elegant” type of interior.

Living Room Wall Decor – What Ideas For A Scandinavian Style Interior?

The Nordic style can be enhanced with a touch of color – paintings, works of art, posters, magazine covers, and photographs. Eclecticism is welcome here, as its intense colors harmonize with the white and neutral atmosphere of the Scandinavian living room. Scatter colored cushions and hang a photo of the same color on the wall behind the sofa. Simple but elegant, have you thought about it? And vice versa, if the furniture is in color, bet on the tables and accessories in black and white. Take a look at our photo gallery and discover the world of accessories. Multicolored decorations perfect for Scandinavian style interiors.

Living Room Wall Decoration – A Single Painting Or Several?

  • Hang a single painting or several paintings, this choice depends on the dimensions of the living room and your personal preferences. The following tips will help you make the right decision:
  • Hang the painting 70 cm / 1 meter on the wall behind the sofa. Such a table can decorate the walls of the small living room and even the interior of the spacious living room.
  • Optionally, a set of three tables, each with a maximum size of 50 cm. Are the right choice for medium salons. Such decoration is suitable for eclectic interiors and even kitchens.
  • 5 tables or less than 50 cm. will embellish the walls of the small living room.

Small Elegant Living Room – Original Art Set That Brings A Touch Of Color To The Interior

Romantic Touch In The Mediterranean Style Interior

Simple And Elegant – Modern Rustic Style Living Room

Modern Living Room Wall Decoration, Yellow Pendant Lamp And Red Chair As A Colorful Accent

White Living Room With Original Painting Hanging On The White Wall, Red Cushions And Fireplace With Rustic Charm

White And Very Elegant Living Room With Black And White Accents And “Green” View Of The Garden

Living Room With Parquet Floors For A Welcoming Atmosphere And Accents In Blue And Red

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