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18 Fascinating Laundry Room Ideas On A Budget That Are Practical

Best laundry room ideas focus on creating a pleasant and functional area for doing laundry work. For instance, if the room is small, you can look for ideas to make it appear more spacious by stacking the dryer on top of the washer.Plus, you can utilize the space behind the door for hanging clothes, rubber gloves, etc. so that there is enough space to move around.In case the room is large, you can include an ironing board, sewing machine and even a gift-wrapping station in the same room. Besides, you may combine the room with the bathroom or utility room.

Ideas for Laundry Room Improvement

  • Make sure there is sufficient artificial as well as natural lighting in the room. Ideally, your laundry room should have at least one window, preferably near the sink.
  • Moreover, you can install under cabinet lighting. Laundry rooms that are located in the dark basement can have with motion-sensing lights.
  • Choose impressive storage solutions in the form of modern, aesthetic overhead cabinets, floor cabinets (preferably with drawers), shelves, and cupboards.
  • It adds to the beauty of a laundry room design. The cabinetry material can be wood, metal, veneer, or melamine. You can also build wall-mounted pine board shelves.
  • Working in an unorganized area is invariably troublesome and time-consuming, not to mention frustrating.
  • Thus, keeping the laundry room clean, organized, and de-cluttered is the most important prerequisite for improving a laundry room.
  • Improving the ambiance of the room can help a great deal in increasing the efficiency of the room and converting it into a delightful rather than dreaded area. This is particularly true for basement laundry rooms.
  • You can consider using light wall colors such as light pale pink, sunlight yellow, turquoise blue, or sage green.
  • Laundry room ideas for decoration focus on picking an interesting theme and decorating the room accordingly.
  • Large laundry rooms, in particular, have immense scope for decoration using items like picture frames, artwork, sconces, potted plants, Feng Shui crystals, and laundry room accessories.
  • In case you have open shelves instead of closed cabinets for storing laundry room supplies, you can hide the clutter with the help of beautiful curtains.
  • You can also select appropriate laundry room organizers, especially laundry carts and sorters. In addition, you can keep adorable wicker baskets instead of pale plastic ones.
  • Plus, get an elegant wall-mount drying rack. Do not forget to add a trash bin and a “lost and found” box or drawer for storing orphaned socks, coins, etc.
  • If you have a small laundry room with no space to keep a separate table for folding clothes, you can install a countertop above the washer and dryer to create a smooth surface.
  • Another idea for laundry room space utilization is to place a pull out hamper or a narrow sliding cart between the washer and dryer.
  • Those of you who have trouble bending while loading clothes in the laundry machines can consider placing the machines on a pedestal to increase the height to a convenient level.
  • When choosing a utility sink for the room, determine the size based on your needs. For example, those of you who have pets may prefer to have a larger sink area for bathing the pet, too.
  • Installing backslash and floor tiles featuring beautiful patterns is a great tip to enhance the appearance of a dull and monotonous laundry room. You can also place throw rugs on the floor.

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