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12 Wonderful Large Laundry Room Ideas To Makeover Your Laundry

Embarking on excellent large laundry room ideas can help create fabulous laundry space to make laundry work less annoying. The biggest advantage of having a spacious utility room for laundry is that you can use it for other purposes as well.

For instance, you can have a sewing machine in the room. In addition, you can store other cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners, mops, sundry tools in the same room.

Ideas for Large Laundry Room

  • You can have full-length cabinets with folding doors in the room along either side of the washer and dryer for stacking laundry baskets. In addition, include overhead closed cabinets with shelves storing essential laundry supplies, including detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, etc. 
  • Pull out laundry hampers with cabinets can also be used. Besides, keep separate baskets for different categories of clothes depending on the type of wash required. For example, white clothes can be set aside in a basket assigned for this purpose. Similarly, clothes that require dry cleaning can be placed in a separate basket.
  • Depending on the space and your needs, you can get a rack with drying shelves a stainless steel coated metal drying rack.
  • Ideas for a well-planned out large laundry room also include proper overhead, as well as wall, mounted lighting. 
  • If your washer and dryer are not at a convenient height, you can consider having a built-in pedestal to keep them at a working height. 
  • Large laundry room ideas take advantage of the fact that you can install a countertop there and use it as your work table for functions like sorting clothes, pre-treating stains and so on. You can also put flower vases or small plants on it. 
  • To make the laundry room organized, you can keep open shelving unit in it. You can stack towels, bed sheets, cleaning baskets, and various other items in this unit. In addition, you can install a free-standing ironing board and keep hangers near it. 
  • Set aside a box or drawer for keeping small items like buttons and yarn supply. 
  • If there is plenty of space, you can decorate the area by keeping a few art pieces on the shelves or floor. 
  • Decorating the room with wall sconces, frames, wall clock, and a mirror is an incredible large laundry room idea to make the area delightful and pleasing. You may also have a message board on a wall where you can put important instructions or sticky labels.
  • You can place a comfortable chair and a long coffee table in a corner and use this space for folding clothes. Furthermore, keep a CD player in the room to make the task of doing laundry less tedious.
  • If you cannot have a sink in the room then arranging for a large basin at a corner is one of the most popular large laundry room ideas. However, make sure the basin is far away from the door.

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