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15 Large Corner Sofa Living Room Decoration Ideas For Home Decor

Properly layout your corner sofa, the centerpiece of the show

True living room, the living room must be arranged with care. So when it comes to installing a sofa, it is necessary to think carefully. Against a picture window, near the fireplace or facing the TV, discover your living room in your living room.

1: Facing the bay window

If you have a picture, it would be a shame to deprive yourself. Nothing better than being comfortably seated in your sofa facing the view. Indeed, having your corner facing the bay window, you can read, meditate or admire the view. So you are lucky enough to have a window, a real source of natural light, do not hesitate a second and place your corner sofa facing it.

2: Near the chimney

If you have a fireplace in your living room, have your sofa ready by this pleasant source of heat. What’s more comfortable winter snuggling on a couch under a plaid, by the fire with a hot drink? Install your sofa to create a small cocooning area near the fireplace. To be sure, the moments of relaxation while warm … Attention, however, to keep a reasonable distance between the sofa and the chimney.

3: Against the stairs

If the staircase leading to the upper floor of your house is in the living room, you can place your sofa against it. This allows you to stay in a corner, especially if you have a little space in your living room. In addition, it is possible to make a living on the surface. Gain space and design effect guaranteed! Clever, no?

4: In the corner of a small living room

Indeed, if the space of your living room is rather small but you want to install a wide corner sofa, the best trick would be to place it against the wall, preferably in an angle of your room. Perfect for entertaining friends or family, the sofa is a true ode to relaxation. If you have a small living room, no need to deprive yourself if you have it correctly.

5: Back to the window

Another idea to place your sofa in your living room: back to the brightness. Highlighted, your sofa is the centerpiece of your living room. The brightness of your room is a significant element in the layout of your sofa. Back to the window, you will enjoy a maximum of natural light.

6: Against a wall

For excellent circulation in your living room, it is best to place your corner sofa against a wall. This frees up a lot of space and it’s easy to move around without cluttering you.

7: Against a bay window

A true source of natural light, the bay window is a considerable asset for a living room and the living room. Place your corner sofa close to it so that all daylight illuminates the room.

8: In front of the TV

The sofa is very often facing TV in most living rooms. Arrange your corner sofa at the right distance from the screen to avoid damaging your eyes and your well-installed TV evenings.

9: In the middle of the living room

If you have a large living room, install your large corner in the middle so that you can circulate around it. In the middle of the living room, your room in the blink of an eye! However, there will surely be small adjustments to make your living room comfortable around your corner sofa.

10: To cut the room

Today, the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room often only form one. The partitions have gone up and the space of these rooms has grown considerably. To close or delimit the living space in a large living room with building partitions (sliding door or wall), the idea here is to place your large corner sofa so to cut the room. Thanks to its angle, the sofa closed the room and delimits your sitting area. It allows you to arrange your room according to your preferences. And to avoid seeing his back, opt for a row of plants behind, a long storage unit or other decorating elements.

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