Kitchen With Central Island And Dining Table For Your Convenience

Adding a Kitchen with central island and a 2-in-1 dining table is a great way to perfect your kitchen without cluttering it. Thanks to the numerous articles that we have devoted to it, we already know the many advantages of the beautiful kitchen island designs as such. But when you add a bar, a lunch counter, or a simple extension, of course, its benefits multiply even more. So let’s see what options this fascinating piece of furniture can offer us and how to make it work with us!

As you can conclude by examining the collage above, both are very aesthetic and probably just as effective. Therefore, the choice between the 2 depends on the layout of the available surface, the suitable arrangement of the cabinets and worktops, and most of all – it is a question of personal preferences and particular style that you give to your kitchen.

Kitchen With Central Island And Dining Table Ideas

Variants of the central island with an adjacent dining table

This center island dining table in length is frankly excellent since it can quietly accommodate up to 9 people! The extension is clad in the same veneer used for the island, which makes the overall design perfectly homogeneous. Anyway, the marriage of wood, white, and gray in interior design looks super sophisticated!

Kitchen With Central Island in Rustic Style

Here is another kitchen with a dining area based on the same basic principles; however, the atmosphere is completely different. Once again, we associate gray, immaculate white and wood, but this time – massive and raw. Thanks to this robust table highlighted by the pure and elegant background, the rustic-chic decor is successfully established.

Of course, a central table island in snow white and wood does not necessarily have a rural connotation. In the example illustrated by the image below, the combination of blank backdrop, shiny piece of furniture with solid wood extension, richly textured solid floor, results in a rather Scandinavian and 100% aesthetic decoration.

The same chairs will go just as well in an industrial style context. The central table island combining matt black and “tiger eye” wood ideally counterbalances the polished concrete’s freshness. But another feature of this design is even more curious than the textures used and the allusions created.

This is the perpendicular arrangement of the dining table with the island. Usually, the extension follows the same direction as the basic structure. However, such an original interpretation is also possible. It’s almost useless to mention it, but the orientation essentially depends on the precise kitchen’s architectural conditions.

Kitchen Island Chairs And Table In Various Materials And Styles

Okay, the extension’s orientation is subjective, but it’s only the wooden tray we’re talking about. What about other materials and combinations of materials suitable for this attractive and practical structure? And the other styles of decoration that could be enhanced with this or that piece of furniture? For example, can we use a central island rustic table and put it together with vintage furniture? Discover the other examples in photos and decide if the answer is “Yes, indeed!” or “No, it doesn’t work!”


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