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Kitchen Windows Over The Sink For Your Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink

Decorating the sink area can be quite exhausting for many. Every housewife wants this to be perfect. The home sink area should look both practical and aesthetic. Therefore, a lot of time and attention devotes to the place where the kitchen sink is mounted. Lately, it has become all the more modern and is increasingly recommended by interior designers to place the kitchen windows over the sink. However, kitchens with sinks on windows have so many opponents as well as supporters. However, there is no doubt that manufacturers of kitchen sinks and accessories for the sink area are increasingly offering models attached to the window. Learn about the pros and cons of kitchen windows over the sink with the help of images.

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink

The kitchen is the heart of almost every home. Your decoration is, therefore, not an easy task. The interior of this room must be functional, practical, and cozy at the same time. There are many ideas for furnishing a kitchen – for example, one of them is to organize a sink area under the window. Many people notice the advantages of the kitchen Windows Over the Sink. Which are they?

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink

PROS – The Advantages Of A Kitchen Windows Over the Sink

If you put the kitchen windows over the sink, the kitchen gets an original and unrivaled design, which is particularly suitable for modern and minimalist interiors. The advantages of this solution also lie in the increased pleasure of doing the dishes or the general use of the kitchen sink. During daily household chores, you can enjoy the view from the window. The sink by the window also allows children who play outdoors to keep an eye on them and observe their surroundings. In such circumstances, routine activities become much more pleasant.

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink

The kitchen windows over the sink are not only aesthetic but also practical. Such an arrangement guarantees better access to daylight.

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink

Which Washbasin Should Be Install Under The Window?

The kitchen windows over the sink attract attention, so choose a model that is well presented and made from high-quality materials. Granite sinks are a good idea. The variety of shapes and colors makes it possible to adapt to the room’s style and the colors of furniture and accessories. Most sinks are placed under the window, which is equipped with a large drain plate. This solution works well in both small and large kitchens. In smaller interiors, the drain plate can be a natural extension of the worktop and provide a comfortable basis for preparing meals.

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink

If you choose to put a sink under a window, it is worth paying attention to the resistance to sun rays. These can harm sinks made from some materials, and this can lead to discoloration, for example. Granite sinks can be very helpful for this. They are made from the hardest material on the market and are resistant to mechanical damage, dyes, and chemicals, and UV radiation. The owners do not have to worry about losing their color if they place the sinks under the window.

Small Kitchen Windows Over Sink

The sink at the window in the kitchen requires the use of a suitable kitchen tap. If you plan a kitchen with a sink by the window, you should be sure that the fitting used does not make opening the window difficult. If you choose a model that goes beyond the windowsill, the best option is a tap with a pull-out spout. This model is very practical – it makes most of the work easier and enables quick and easy window cleaning.

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink

Interior designers recommend installing the tap in the sink at the window only when it is at least 20 cm away from the sink. This is a condition for the convenient use of the valve. However, providing such a space in a small kitchen is very difficult. It is, therefore, worth investing in innovative solutions. Small kitchens with a sink by the window are primarily dedicated to the above-mentioned folding models and the under-window fittings with a retractable spout. They have a standard height during rinsing. However, if you want to open the window, you can adjust the height, and this can reduce its height by three times. The use of special fittings enables the problem to eliminate the sink near the window and opening the window.

It is not necessary to think of a suitable tap when the kitchen window opens out. 

Kitchen Furniture And A Kitchen Windows Over the Sink

Contrary to popular belief, the kitchen with a sink by the window does not need any special furniture. You can easily choose the standard version from furniture stores or a fitted kitchen. The kitchen windows over the sink places in cupboards from 45 to 80 centimeters. However, it should be remembered that using the cabinet with the kitchen windows over the sink is only comfortable if the windowsill is at least 85 centimeters from the floor. When considering the sink’s arrangement under the window, special attention must be paid to the lighting. While access to light is unlimited on sunny days, the wash area may be under-exposed in the evening or on a cloudy day. So if a sink is built under the window, you should take care of light above the kitchen sink. The best solution is to use spot lighting with LEDs or halogen lamps.

A Kitchen Sink Under The Window And Heating

Many disagreements arise regarding the problem of kitchen windows over sink treatments and the radiator. Radiators are most often installs under the window. If you choose kitchen windows over the sink, the heater must remove from that location. The radiator needs another area attached to or replaced with underfloor heating. However, the use of such solutions requires planning already at the stage of the kitchen design.

Disadvantage Of The Kitchen Windows Over the Sink

Many people are not completely convinced to put the kitchen windows over the sink. The disadvantages of this solution include restricted access to the window and frequent pollution. The perceived disadvantage is also the problem when opening the window, which results from the often incorrectly adjusted fitting. The installation of the sink also includes the difficult installation of the heater under the window.

But If You Dream About A Kitchen Sink Under The Window   

All of the above obstacles easily remove. Free access to the window guarantees the selection of the right fitting, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Difficulty cleaning the windows easily eliminate by providing special accessories with extended handles.

With their help, even tall and difficult to access windows can be easily cleaned. The problem with the location for the heating is also easy to solve. You can simply install it in the cupboard under the sink. Just remember to cut openings in the countertop, be responsible for proper air circulation, or use the above solutions like underfloor heating.

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink

Today there are many solutions on the market that reduce or even eliminate the disadvantages of the sink under a window. Therefore, you should realize the vision if you dream of it and then enjoy the perfect kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Windows Over Sink

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink

Blind Kitchen Window

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink

Kitchen Windows Over The Sink


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