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Top 30 Kitchen Splash Back Ideas For Your Dream Kitchen

A star element of our homes, the decoration of the kitchen deserves special attention and folds according to the desires and preferences of the owners. Today, is also focusing on a specific part of the gourmet piece whose creations are endless! Yes, it is, in particular, the kitchen splashback, which has the capacity to transform each space in an original and contemporary way. And if you want to change your look, you’ve come to the right place because we have 30 kitchen splashback ideas for you, also showing you the most popular materials and colors. Discover our selection and choose the style that best suits your requirements!

Optimal Splash Protection For Kitchen Walls: The Important Role Of The Backsplash!

Why choose a kitchen splashback? Has this question ever crossed my mind? So, if your answer is yes and if you believe that a kitchen without a credenza is an optimal solution that works well, think again! Located between the worktop and the tall units, the backsplash provides protection for the ideal kitchen wall. In addition to providing the structure of the space, this type of covering kitchen wall offers many decorative advantages. Read on and discover the best trends that never cease to amaze us.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas: The Most Popular Materials And Colors

Need a great kitchen decorating idea? Modulate and sculpt your space by inviting a splashback of modern and personalized cuisine while enjoying quality and durability! Tiles, stainless steel, marble, wood, paint … you are spoiled for choice. Focus!

Kitchen Idea With Magnetic Splashback

The magnetic wallcovering has made a real revolution in the world of creative interior design and more particularly in the modern children’s room. But recently, he invites himself into the gourmet room to bring him originality and personality. Whether it’s a magnetic backsplash with a total look or a magnetic kitchen table in accent, you will undoubtedly benefit from a personalized and trendy decor. Write down your recipes of the day, your groceries and even hang some photos!

Panel Or Wallpaper For Kitchen Splashback?

Do you have an artist’s soul and want to liven up your space with a patterned kitchen splashback? Why not opt for a self-adhesive kitchen backsplash to change your look like your shirts? Whether it’s pretty creative designs or simply an imitation tile or a wooden panel … you have a wide choice to design trendy decor!

Self-Adhesive Mosaic Credenza

When we look at decorative splashback ideas, let’s take a look at another example of sticky designs. The self-adhesive glass mosaic offers a wide range of patterns allowing you to personalize the gourmet piece based on the design of playful and original patterns.

Practical tip: the stainless steel mosaic credenza is an excellent choice combining practicality and aesthetics!

For your information, black and white mosaic tiles offer a contemporary and upscale atmosphere. Enhance the look with a few designer pendant lights and enjoy a decor straight out of the catalogs! Whether it is a self-adhesive kitchen mosaic or as such, the original design is 100% guaranteed!

Need a gray kitchen splashback idea? No problem? The adhesive kitchen mosaic will give it a contemporary and original look!

Chevron Tile Credenza

The following original credenza idea glorifies herringbone tiling with an exceptional ability to energize any dark space! Monochrome or colorful, this type of kitchen wall covering promotes simplicity and is an excellent choice because it adapts to all styles. Do not hesitate to play with the shades and patterns to create an unusual graphic credenza.

Slate Credenza For Artistic Souls

Like the magnetic backsplash, the slate wall covering allows all the daring in terms of personalized creative decoration. Relatively inexpensive and eye-catching, the natural slate backsplash has become super popular and for good reason! Let’s take a look at the example kitchen splashback above, which covers all the walls and blends perfectly with the industrial spirit of the room.

And how about adopting slate imitation tiles as a kitchen splashback? A trendy coating that has invaded the bathroom and which is gradually starting to appear in other rooms.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas: Imitation Brick Tiles Or Not?

When it comes to adopting a brick credenza, we find ourselves in a dilemma: false self-adhesive brick or raw material? Generally, it depends on you. But if you are bored easily, we advise you to opt for an adhesive brick backsplash to be able to change your look by hand.

Refined decorating tip: a white brick imitation tile will bring freshness to your space while allowing you to integrate colorful accessories. For your information, briquette imitation tiles are among the splashback kitchen ideas adopting a subtle look.

Original Splashback Idea With Mirror Effect

How to enhance the feeling of space in the gourmet space and at the same time benefit from an original aspect? Our editorial team offers you a decorative kitchen idea that is out of the ordinary: its majesty, the mirror backsplash! Also, be aware that regular maintenance will be necessary to avoid stains.

Decorated Glass Kitchen Credenza

Our kitchen splashback ideas continue with a proposal that you couldn’t resist! Do you prefer to adopt a personalized credenza? If your answer is “yes”, how about a kitchen glass splashback with a unique pattern?

However, if you are not a fan of colorful decorations and prefer the subtle design, minimalist glass wall tiles are a perfect option.

Why Dare The Stainless Steel Wall Covering For The Kitchen?

Elegant, practical and offering protection for an optimal kitchen wall, the stainless steel backsplash is a perfect and very popular solution. In addition, the arrangement of a kitchen with stainless steel backsplash is super easy because you can integrate any type of shelves and organize your decorative items.

Self-adhesive stainless steel backsplashes or imitation stainless steel tiles are also two solutions that deserve our attention!

The Marble Splashback Creates A High-End Interior!

A noble material par excellence, marble creates an unrivaled sophisticated atmosphere! Renowned for its resistance, its beauty and its ability to bring a certain elegance to space, it has been invited for years in the gourmet room like an elegant credenza in marble. The white lampshade creates a feminine, refined and luminous decoration while the credenza in black marble breathes an incomparable aesthetic and never goes out of fashion!

However, don’t let the high price of this noble material discourage you. The credenza in imitation marble is also a solution not to be overlooked.

Is The Wooden Kitchen Splashback A Good Idea?

When it comes to adopting the warm material par excellence in the gourmet room, the ideas for splashback cuisine are literally endless! Allowing for many chic and trendy combinations, wood invites itself with lightness. The credenza in light oak is one of the most popular choices because it brings an unequivocal natural touch to space. Think of a glass panel to protect the surface of the wood.

Credenza In Painting

Our kitchen splashback ideas are far from over! Let’s examine the credenza of the paint, the design of which varies according to our desires, preferences and interior style. Whether it’s a bold kitchen splashback in a bright color or something more discreet, painting is one of the simplest and easiest solutions to customize.

Modern Kitchen Credenza Inspired By Azulejo

Azulejo-inspired kitchen cement tiles represent a colorful paradise decorated with different geometric or figurative patterns. If you are looking for a graphic kitchen splashback idea, Azulejos are made for you. Provided you don’t dare to look too colorful, the kitchen splashboard is a good compromise.

With its originality, the adhesive cement tile frieze allows you to give life to your monochrome splashback.

Vintage Kitchen Credenza

The vintage style also finds its place among our splashback kitchen ideas. So do not hesitate to go back to the past to adopt a kitchen splashback decoration that infuses a spirit of yesteryear into your space. What’s more, such a look turns out perfect as a black and wood kitchen splashback.

Idea Original Splashback In White Lacquer

Need a kitchen splashback model embodying timeless elegance? So bet on white lacquer splashback whose simplicity harmonizes with all styles of interior design and guarantees a clean design.

Modern Plastic Kitchen Credenza

Yes, our kitchen splashback ideas encompass all available materials including plastic. Hygienic and super easy to clean, the plastic kitchen splashback lasts a lifetime!

Removable Kitchen Credenza: A Very Practical Kitchen Wall Covering!

Take a look at the kitchen splashback photo below, illustrating a super practical idea that works particularly well in limited spaces. Yes, the backsplash panels are removable and slide to reveal integrated shelves.

Credenza In Kitchen Tiles: Revamp Your Space In Style!

The kitchen and the cement tiles, it’s a love story that lasts! Allowing it to be installed literally everywhere, this type of coating allows all daring and offers many trendy combinations. Create your custom tile backsplash by playing with the shape and size of the tiles. Whether it’s a kitchen tile mosaic splashback or a large format tile splashback, you will no doubt find your favorite design.

Hexagonal Tiles For A Star Kitchen Splashback!

Hexagonal tiling is an integral part of our kitchen splashback ideas and promises to bring unparalleled dynamism to the gourmet room. Consider favoring the white marble splashback to achieve a refined look.

Credenza Cement Kitchen Tile

The cement tile kitchen splashback offers colorful combinations that invigorate the space in an original way. If you are tempted by this idea, we recommend that you confide in a specialist in order to avoid possible missteps. If not, the credenza adhesive tile is also an alternative worth considering.

The colored cement tiles are super versatile and can easily be incorporated into a white and wood kitchen splashback.

Kitchen Tiling Ideas: Ceramic Wall Mural With Splashback

Nothing like a custom credenza, right? So, let’s continue with our kitchen splashback ideas with a ceramic fresco whose colors are in full harmony with the work plan.

Black And White Checkered Kitchen Tiles

Checkered kitchen splashback tiles are a simple yet dynamic way to embellish a gourmet room. Bet on the classic combination of white and black and add pops of color here and there. Thus, you will benefit from a black and white credenza right in the trends.

Beige Kitchen Credenza

Let’s take a look at three out of the ordinary kitchen backsplash ideas that allow us to design a unique space for cooking in style. The beige kitchen splashback, for example, represents a sober look intended for the conception of refined designs. However, do not hesitate to add a darker shade as shown in the kitchen splashback example above.

Red Splashback Kitchen

Unlike the neutral beige color, red is a bold shade often favored for the creation of a splashback for the black kitchen. And if you are wondering what credence for a black kitchen, this is a rather “risky” idea. Because, in the end, it is better to animate the monochrome look with a bright shade! What’s more, decorating an all-white kitchen also requires a touch of bright color such as red.

As long as you are there, the orange kitchen splashback is also one of the bold kitchen splashback ideas that can embellish any type of interior at once! What credenza with black worktop so that your kitchen does not look gloomy? An orange credenza, of course!

White Kitchen Splashback Idea

But what credence for a white kitchen? Thanks to its immaculate appearance, white blends with a wide range of colors and thus allows the creation of spectacular and daring designs. And just like red and orange, green is also a kitchen splashback color that should not be overlooked.

Traditional kitchen splashback ideas: the white splashback kitchen is a classic and simple look but endowed with timeless elegance!

Kitchen Black Credenza

Kitchen splashback ideas cannot do without the classic that crosses the ages without aging: black! Whether it’s a chevron tile backsplash or a brick imitation tile, this timeless shade revitalizes any type of kitchen.

Gray Credenza Kitchen

Like black, the color gray is a classic that never ceases to seduce us in terms of interior design. Making a real fury in the kitchen, the gray invites itself in the role of a credenza personalized to perfection!

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